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  1. Thank you for your answer Berta. I will check CHAMPVA handbook and update status when they charge this. Have a great day !!
  2. One more question, If they accept this card, how much we have to pay you think ? I am so happy with my 9 yrs son is getting better, but we worry about cost because we stay there whole day..
  3. Thank you Berta ! I don't think we bought my son's Champ VA Card. ( we totally forget to bring..) You think go there ask them first ? If they are don't know about Champ VA insurance and say not accept this insurance, We have to explain them right? Thank you again and sorry to bother you with too many question...
  4. Hello Fellow Vets, I have a question. I am a 100% disable vet. Yesterday, my son was sick and me and my wife brought him to Urgent Care near my home at 1:30 am. We stay there whole night and came back today. He took CT scan and X- ray. ( Doctor told us that he got Mumps.) Can you help me how to payment to this ? Champ VA insurance is the only insurance for me and my family. Thank you in advance. Jae.
  5. Thank you Buck52 !! I will visit to VSO office soon. Once I learn from them, I will post too.
  6. Thank you for reply my question broncovet !! My question is when day count start from for 5 years rule ?
  7. Hello ?I am a new person here. Thank you for your service my fellow vets !!I am 90 % combine service-connected vet.I keep go to va hospital regularly for my treatment. I think it is time for appeal.Specially my psoriasis symptom. (0 % now.)I keep go to hospital and keep issue shots. ( Enbral : is a systemic immune suppressive drug. I just changed shot from by weekly to every week.)I think I will get 60 % if I appeal. I use these medication almost 8 years.But I have a one question.I just heard about 5 years rule.People said under 55 years old vet, ( I am 38 yrs. )if I claim or appeal, they will open all my service connected symptom. And % is not secure if less 5 years from received date.Is that true ? So I have to wait ?If I have to wait, which date is correct date between effective date or letter received date ? (when i check ebenefis, effective date is 08-16-2013. But I received BBE on 07-22-2015.) My effective date is 08-16-2013. ( I got out 08-15-2013.) But received final letter date is 07-22-2015.Which date I have to wait from ?Please teach me.Thank you in advance.Have a good day.
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