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  1. I submitted my last peice of evidence. It is very strong. It’s feasibility letter from VA VRE that coincides from my counselor(specializes in voc rehab). I was pretty stoked to receive this today. I will post it once it’s edited so y’all can review it
  2. I went ahead and submitted form 5103 to my attorney. I didn’t know which box to check so I sent them 2 with each. Sorry about the meltdown. It appears I have 9 days left.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I printed out the info. The last post I posted. Does that look like the correct form?
  4. I received no 5103, I also emailed all my contact attempts for my employers to the attorney. My attorneys are out for Christmas and they don’t like me doing things without their consent.. which I can’t get until they get back. Yes, I have buddy statements for the rape. i have strong evidence on the IU minus the employment forms. I believe they rated me 70 percent based on being exacerbated in the service. I beiebe my RO is the North Little Rock office. I’m worried Im screwed. Ebennies moved from evidence needed from you to gathering evidence.
  5. The 5103 response form. It wants that too. I looked all over and couldn’t find the form.
  6. It’s rough. I’m broken with all the pills. The pills aren’t enough. I haven’t worked since June and I’m hoping I catch some kind of break. But it seems like when you’re chips are down it comes in I filled for SSDI also.
  7. So I really I have nothing to worry about on the IU claim with the form the VA sends the last employer. That’s a sigh of relief. Kinda bitter sw
  8. I contacted the employer to give them notice. The VA hasn’t got the form yet.My attorney said they haven’t got the form. They wanted her full contact info to get intouch with her...10 days down to the wire. It’s frustrating.
  9. The crappy part about My IU claim is that I have very strong medical evidence. But my attorney told me if we can’t get my previous employer to fill out that form... it would be denied.
  10. Thank you for the feedback. I posted my original C and P exam that he did the addendum on. He did the original C and P in 2017, which granted me 70 percent. See below: 2. Current Diagnoses ------------------- a. Mental Disorder Diagnosis #1: unspecified bipolar disorder ICD code: F31.9 b. Medical diagnoses relevant to the understanding or management of the Mental Health Disorder (to include TBI): none 3. Differentiation of symptoms ----------------------------- a. Does the Veteran have more than one mental disorder diagnosed? [ ] Yes [X] No
  11. Yesterday when reviewing my medical records I noticed an examiner did a C and P/DBQ addendum. Im currently 70 percent and submitted for an increase(12 months ago) and also filed for IU(2 months ago). I don't know what this nexus means and would like to know if the exam was for the IU or increase claim. This examiner did a table top review as I wasn't present for it. See below: Please utilize this form when responding to VBA requests for either addendums or clarifications of prior VHA examination reports. This Veteran was seen for a C&P examination in December, 2017. At that
  12. I don't know how well things went really. I received a SOC on the 22nd. A few pages into the document it talks about what the disabilities were appealed... It did include the bipolar, and PTSD. However, in the end of the SOC after all the legalese it just says "sleep apnea" denied and gives a short reason. Does this mean all the other disabilities were denied as well? It doesn't have other sections that discuss the bipolar, PTSD... I called the VA Hotline and they were little help. I called my attorney and am waiting. Just confused and really aggravated.
  13. I called the VA hotline last Friday and they said my claim(for bipolar) was at the Regional Office to be rated and that my notification letter hasn't been generated yet so it could be another a little bit before I receive my BBE. I'm thinking with the C and P being around Thanksgiving and them closing the claim on the 12/22 that it still will be a little while. This Monday is a federal holiday. I have been checking my AB8 and doing the ebenefits tricks to try and see if anything has been added in but no luck. I haven't put much faith in Ebenefits though.
  14. My lawyer is getting paid by me and I will owe him 30 percent of retro. I received one SOC a few minutes ago when the mailman arrived. They filed for 4 disabilities. It only talks about denial for one on the SOC that I received(sleep apnea, sleep disorder-- denied). But one that SOC that is all it renders a decision on.
  15. The Regional Office called me a few hours ago and wanted bank information. So... maybe
  16. I called the VA hotline to try and verify the status and they said they were sending a Statement of the Case. Can you get an award if a disability even with a SOC? I have filed on multiple disabilities but the Bipolar is what the examiner focused more on. I'm hoping for good news but am so discouraged with the VA rat race.
  17. I went on Vet.gov this morning because ebenefits totally keeps me in the dark. It said this: Your Appeal Has Been Granted by the Regional Office (RO) December 22, 2017 This means the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) RO has granted the claim you filed an appeal for. Your appeal is now closed.
  18. So I had a C & P appointment. I got an attorney a couple years ago after my claim was denied. My claim is for Bipolar, PTSD, and Depression. My attorney sent a NOD a little over 2 years ago and I was scheduled for a C & P appointment. The examiner that I had was the same examiner that I had on the claim I was initially denied on. He basically said "there wasn't anything wrong with me after the service". So I had my C & P appointment and the examiner pulled a note that described me mentioning taking anti-depressants prior to the military. I honestly forgot about this. I have attache
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