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  1. You mentioned you have been rated 70% for ptsd since 2011. Have you had any re-evaluations since filing for a increase? Has the va did their random c&p exam to see if you have gotten better since 2011?
  2. When the VA states that they can re-exam you due to “Evidence of change in condition”. I read that the VA can also order a re-examination at any time if there is new, relevant medical evidence that your disability has improved. what would trigger this exam? Say you see your doctor and she states in her notes that something along the lines of “doing better”. How would the VBA (Veterans Benefit Admin) know of this? Because are they not technically separate entities conspired to the VHA? Or is it a keyword that is inputed in notes or Medical records that get flagged by the VBA and then they send you to a follow up exam?
  3. When regarding getting another random re-evaultions due to a 2-5 year window. What do the VA mean when they state "Reexaminations, including periods of hospital observation, will be requested whenever VA determines there is a need to verify either the continued existence or the current severity of a disability". Cheers
  4. Thanks for the fast response. I guess my whole thought process is willntje VA examine me for a re-evaluation? Like i mentioned earlier, some people get them and some don’t regardless If they are P&T or not. That’s my whole concern. I lose a lot of sleep at night thinking if my benefits will be stolen from me.
  5. Thats great and good luck. from what I saw tinnitus is objective and cannot be tested for. So I think you should be good to go!
  6. All, Thanks for reading this. I have been trying to find all the information that I can about getting re-examined. So I thought I would start here and I did my research on here. I am rated at 70% for PTSD with Major Depression Disorder long with a few other claims that rounds out to 80%. Ill mostly be disscussing my mental health award and not the others Since the that is my highest rating. My benefits where awarded in July of 2017 as far what e-benifits shows. that was my backpay date. In my award letter that I got in the mail it states for all my conditions even tinnitus that "since there is a likelihood of improvement, the assigned evaluation is not considered permanent and is subject to a future review examination". First let me state that I am beyond grateful of my award and I do not wish to try to try to increase my ratings or bring any attention to my file or profile with the VA. I am content with where I am at. I go to the VA every two weeks for my 1 on 1 with my Mental Health provider. So I am knocking out two birds with one stone as far as getting my treatment and showing the VA that I am seeking treatment. Now...What are the circumstances of me getting Re-evualutated? Is it the luck of the draw and I might get randomly selected? I know plenty of people with lower ratings that are not TDIU or P&T that have been rated for over 4-5 years with no exams what so ever. Consider me being paranoid but I want to be Pre-emptive. Especially since my award letter clearly states that ALL my conditions "is subject to future review examination". When would the VA see that my condition has improved if it did? Would they get an alert from the VA Hospital that I am doing better? Or would it would it arise if i get selected for a review and they review my medical records? Like I said earlier im contempt at 80% and more than anything I just want to stay out of sight out of mind on the VA's raters radar and continue my treatment in peace.
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