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  1. I agree, Just got off phone with my DAV/VSO definitely not P&T just have no RFE scheduled yet.
  2. I spoke to my VSO yesterday and she told me I have no RFE scheduled, also called Peggy and they said same thing. That's the part that I don't get
  3. There is not a letter on EBenefits that says anything about when to expect a review
  4. I just spoke with my VSO and he said I don't have any RFE pending, but I am definitely not P&T but I can request it. I don't wanna open my file back up if I don't need to. I am 44 Years old and was just rated 100% Oct. 2018 Bilateral plantar fasciitis 30% 4/9/2016 osteoarthritis both knees 10% 1/12/2015 degenerative joint disease r/Shoulder 10% 8/14/2004 hypertension 10% 8/14/2004 psoriasis 60% 4/4/2017 DDD,Spinal stenosis 20% 8/31/2016 IVDS(r.Sciatic Nerve) 20% 8/11/2010 IVDS (L. sciatic nerve) 20% 8/11/2010 MDD(acquired psychological condition to include depression and anxiety) 70% 10/05/2018 DJD r.elbow 10% 8/14/2014
  5. Va just sent a packet for chapter 35 benefits to my son. I am not P&T. Is there a reason they would send this or is it just formality
  6. I was just awarded combined 100% rating, but my award letter didn't mention if there was any future exams scheduled. Ebennies says I am not P&T. Where can I find out if there is any future exams scheduled?
  7. Where can I find out if I have a future scheduled exam, I was just awarded 100% but its a combined rating. It didn't mention one way or the other on award letter if the was an exam scheduled. Va letters on ebennies say No to P&T.
  8. I am service connected but 0%, I have just recently filed for increase
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