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  1. Gaston, thank you for your response. My non-VA (choice) Cardiologist hasn't commented on it he said genetics and bad luck, I have not seen a VA cardiologist but there is a lot of literature on the net about heart issues related to Sleep Apnea. I'm not a fan of my current Cardiologist, he told me that I should see what my levels of inflammation are but wont put it in the notes to the VA can action it. I am expected to stay on Plavix for 1 year and statins and BP meds for life I had sleep assessment indicating mild CSA from while I was active duty 2005, I also have other sleep
  2. OK, I'm gathering my info to take to my doctor. Anyone seen a heart attack tied to Sleep Apnea before? Thanks again!
  3. Broncovet, Thank you for your response, I am starting to do more research as your points on the spouse benefit are significant to me regardless if I get much of a rating now. One concern I have is I don’t want to lose the rating I have, is there a risk to that? I had not been using the CPAP nightly until 2 years ago when I started putting it on every night but normally rip it off. 8 months ago VA replaced my CPAP (which was also the first time I went to them regarding my sleep apnea) and this one tracks how many hours I use it and I don’t reach the 20 days in a 30 day period with
  4. Hello all, I separated in 2007 and was awarded 80% for a number of things (listed below) after awards I have never made another claim. Since I got out I've used the VA for some care for my eyes and CPAP gear but not for everything as I have private insurance. Last month on Dec 21st I had a heart attack at 37 years old (turned 37 2 weeks before on Dec 11th) with 1 each 100% blockage requiring a stent. I was not on cholesterol or BP meds and I receive no disability for any cardio related issue. I had an electrocardiogram and my heart looks great with 100% function and my non VA cardiolo
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