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  1. Let me start by giving you a short summary of myself and my situation. I joined he Army when I was 19 going on 20. I was in excellent shape and health, and have I spent the last 34 years in the military and my body has broke down on me more ways than I care to think about. while on active duty I went to the doctors multiple times for knee pain in both knees. Back in November of 2015 my unit was conducting a 12 mile ruck march and my knee's gave out on me twice during the march, resulting in my falling. I went to the ER and a Line of Duty (LOD) was completed, and my LOD was approved for both knees and feet. I had surgery on one of my knees and have constant pain in both knee's. I have had a cortisone shot in my knees as well as the Synvisc shots which has not helped. I have submitted a claim to increase my disability which part of the claim was for both knees and feet with arthritis, I sent in the paperwork from active duty from going to the doctors for knee pain as well as the approved LOD, he claim was denied stating not service connected. I resubmitted it with additional documentation and it was still disapproved stating not service connected. So my question is I have always been told as long as you have documentation in your medical file it should be approved. Since I have submitted the documentation from active duty for bilateral knee pain as well as my approved LOD, I'm just trying to figure out why it would not be service connected. any idea's why it would not be approved. or was I just giving bad information to start with?
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