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  1. Howdy all. I mailed my NODS in and received receipt confirmation. The VA received my NODs on 10 Jun 2019. I followed the Legacy process due to my decisions being prior to the 19 Feb 2019 cut off date for the new process. I have called the VA a couple times now. The NODs and supplemental claims show up in their system but are still not listed on VA.gov. First they tried to tell me that I filed incorrectly with the wrong forms until i reminded them of the guidance listed on the VA.gov website. They looked it, agreed with me and then added notes to that effect and said the NODs are being looked at. I have asked why they don't show up in VA.gov and they have no clue and send me to the Ebenefits help desk. Of course they state they have no visibility of VA.gov and I need to contact that help desk. I am unable to find any number or other contact info for them. Does anyone have the contact info for the VA.gov help desk?
  2. No I did mean when should I see that I have a claim submitted in the website. I know it will take some time for them to even start reviewing it. Does it go from the national intake center to the Regional RO here in Virginia before it is actually scanned to the website?
  3. Thanks for all the input. Maybe my question was fuzzy. How long should it take for the VA to scan and upload my appeal documents in the the VA.Gov website and show that they have at least received my appeals?
  4. My decision was prior to 19 Feb 2018 so I have to go legacy. I know it will take years but I'm just curious how long it takes them on average to upload the docs to Vet.gov
  5. Good Morning. I just filed my NOD about a week ago. Mailed it to the intake center and received notification and signed receipt by the intake center for it. My question is roughly how long does it take to show up on the website as received and in process?
  6. Hi Berta, Thanks for this info. I worked in jet fuel pump rooms, flight decks, flight lines and even cleaned tanks for years. I just found out that I have "axonal sensory neuropathy". I also have back and neck problems that cause problems in my arms and legs. More ammo for the fight.
  7. Howdy all, Can anyone provide a recommendation on a Dr here in Northern VA that will also do a real exam?
  8. Hello All, I've been having problems submitting questions via IRIS. I normally use Google Chrome. Everytime I would hit submit it would say pick a valid state. Finally the brain kicked in and I tried IE. Amazing, I was successful. Not sure if my google browser is configured wrong or what but if anyone else has issues, try a different browser.
  9. Now that it is after Feb 19 Vets.gov says that how you file an appeal depends on the date of your decision. For VA decisions we received on or after February 19, 2019 we are to use one of the three lanes. Add new and relevant evidence (file a Supplemental Claim) Ask for a new look from a senior reviewer (request a Higher-Level Review) Appeal to a Veterans Law Judge (request a Board Appeal) For VA decisions we received before February 19, 2019 we are to file a NOD. Here's the page: https://www.va.gov/disability/file-an-appeal/ Not sure how many folks this affects but I imagine there are a few of us.
  10. Sorry forgot to update profile after last decision. I have about 5 items that if I can get them through will add up to about 60 or 70 percent. I'll just have to wait to see what the NOD crap shoot does for me.
  11. I am at 90%. The NOD covers both knees, lower back and pain, tingling, & numbness in both arms and both legs. That still may not add up to 10% but I want it covered.
  12. Howdy all, I'm pulling all my support docs together for the NOD I plan to submit. I had requested an increase for my knee. Originally I was rated 10% for Meniscus repair. The decision came back changing that to 10% for reduced range of motion due to pain. I feel it should be rated at least 20% under DC 5258 (Cartilage, semilunar, dislocated, with frequent episodes of “locking,” pain, and effusion into the joint). My knee locks numerous times a week, hurts all the time, and swells up most of the time due to a bakers cyst that does not go away. The torn/dislocated cartilage and bakers cyst are both in my records and annotated on the most recent MRI. So would the locking, swelling and pain be symptoms that my personal statement supports or would I need the doctor to put it in his report?
  13. My claim decision came with a detailed description of what should have been paid and what was withheld. DFAS already paid me my retired back pay. Hopefully I will know for sure in a few weeks.
  14. I have a question for you all. The C&P Nurse examiner stated that my lower back issue was not caused by the fall from my truck and secondarily connected to my right knee since I waited two years to go to the doctor based on the date of the MRI she looked at. She completely missed my doctor visits and MRI (in my claim file and even personally given to her by me) 4 to 5 months after my fall and rehab of my left knee caused by that fall. She also stated she did not need to look at my doctors DBQs since she had to do her own. Would that be a CUE possibly?
  15. Thanks All. I just looked in "Vets.gov" where open claims are now listed. It shows I have one for the "AEW" retro pay. The origination date was 26 Jan 2019 and they have started reviewing it as of today. Some info is better than no info.
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