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  1. Galen Rogers


    Berta thanks for the links. I did review the CFR and a couple of VBA citations on the GERD/IBS combining question. The CFR basically says they have to rate the one that is the worst since both are part of the digestive system. Part of the NOD I'm submitting will include a disagreement with the 10% rating for the GERD. My symptoms exceed what the 30% criteria is. I will upload the decision letter once I get back to the U.S. after my vacation here in the Philippines. First time back with the wife since 1984. Again thanks for the help as always!
  2. Howdy All, I just recently found out that the deferred items from my claim from Dec 2017 were finally completed. I actually fared better than I expected. They approved all of the deferred sort of. One was approved with 0%, my exercised induced asthma was combined with my sleep apnea, and my irritable bowel syndrome was combined with my reflux. My total rating went from 40% to 90% with the effective date of 29 Dec 2017 (so that will be 12 mos of retro back pay). Here is the final tally as it stands now: hemorrhoids 0% Service Connected 12/29/2017 plantar fasciitis, bilateral 30% Service Connected 12/29/2017 cervical spine degenerative disc disease 30% Service Connected 12/29/2017 allergic rhinitis 0% Service Connected 03/01/2000 sinusitis with retention cyst 30% Service Connected 12/29/2017 tinnitus 10% Service Connected 12/29/2017 thoracic outlet syndrome, left upper extremity 10% Service Connected 10/26/2001 thoracic outlet syndrome, right upper extremity 10% Service Connected 10/26/2001 gastroesophageal reflux disorder with irritable bowel syndrome 10% Service Connected 03/01/2000 obstructive sleep apnea with asthma 50% Service Connected 12/29/2017 complex tear of the right knee medial and lateral meniscus, popliteal cyst, and osteoarthritis (previously rated as surgical repair of medial meniscus tear, right knee)10% Service Connected 10/01/2001 left knee anterior cruciate ligament rupture with tearing of the medial meniscus with osteoarthritis 10% Service Connected 12/29/2017 lumbar degenerative disc disease, disc rupture Not Service Connected I am submitting a NOD on the lower back denial, the denial of my request to increase my right knee rating and the rating for my left knee, and the denial of my request to increase the rating for my reflux. I also need to research the combining the reflux and irritable bowel. I want to thank this site and all the folks who have posted on the various topics and especially all of you that have answered my various questions over the last couple years.
  3. My VA RO is also Roanoke, VA. SO guess I'll be waiting a while.
  4. Howdy All, I'm preparing to submit a NOD once I pull together the additional support items I need. My question is about how long are NODs taking now for the DRO review and either a concurrence or statement of the case to be accomplished?
  5. Galen Rogers

    IMO/NEXUS Service

    Thanks for the comments.
  6. Galen Rogers

    IMO/NEXUS Service

    Thanks for the response. What i need is an exam and report that say what my current condition is. I am challenging the rating they gave me (low ball). So I don't actually need a NEXUS letter. I already spent around $6K forn one that I submitted with my initial claim. That helped get it approved. I just need a current evaluation to help justify my request for an increased ratingand to refute the C&P nurse who examined me. All they have to do is examine me, look at the current MRI and then write what they find. Basically what they would do if I just went to them and said my knees are bothering me and want to know what is wrong. So I think I will just do that. My Tricare military clinic doctor won't do that. SO I will just go to an Ortho Dr. that I have never seen and get a second opinion.
  7. Galen Rogers

    IMO/NEXUS Service

    Thanks for the info. The problem I'm having is the Ortho Doctor who has seen me in the past won't do an IME for me or even just regular exam of my knees with a written and legible report of what he sees. All I have been able to find are doctors who normally do these exams for lawyers and charge $1500 or more for each item examined. It's quite frustrating. It could be where I'm at (Northern VA). So guess I'll keep looking. If anyone knows of less expensive options that still provide good documentation please let me know.
  8. Hi All, Has anyone used "www.valor4vet.com" for an IMO or NEXUS letter? I just ran across them and was wondering.
  9. Thanks for the responses. From everything I have read the raters try to not follow their own rules on what is and isn't pyramiding. There are DCs for the knees that you actually can be rated for at the same time. Everything I have read is that these claims never get rated that way and you have to file a NOD, get additional medical support, and then hope the next guy up who first reviews the NOD will follow the rules. If not then on to the BVA. They figure most of us will just give up and accept what we get especially since our VSO rep is probably pushing us hard to accept it. Navy04 good luck with your knees and eventually surgery. I'm 62 and looking at that for both knees but much sooner.
  10. My IMO for OSA provided references to medical articles that link OSA to different medical issues like sinus problems and GERD (Reflux). I also got a letter from my Sleep Doctor stating the the BIPAP machine was medically required. I also got lay statements from friends and family stating how long they have noticed my symptoms. I was lucky and the VA secondarily connected it to my GERD. If your Doctor writes a very well laid out IMO with strong medical logic backed up by medical articles why your TBI is more likely than not to have caused your OSA, you have a good shot.
  11. Not sure what you mean by "bilateral factor rating". They did give me 10% for each knee due to the Meniscus being torn.
  12. Thanks all for the comments. This VSO is really trying pressure me to back down. I got a second email today re-emphasizing why I should not file a NOD. Here's the email I received today. "Do you have a private doctor that you would be willing to go to to get a second opinion for the increase? Either way, applying for an increase will likely result in another exam down the road. But you should know of the risks associated with it as we are seeing many veterans applying for increase in turn being proposed to be reduced. As for the inadequacy of the exam, we can certainly make that argument, but you will need to go into greater detail as to what she did in the exam that rendered it inadequate. I see the statute you have cited, which is fine, but we need more details of your specific exam." Now I understand why so many vets get frustrated and give up.
  13. Berta, Thanks very much for the info. I'll check these out.
  14. I need some guidance. I want to remove my current VSO and revoke the POA I gave them. eBenefits has only allows you to change VSOs. It does not provide a way to out right remove one and not have one at all. I have read online just to fax a signed letter to the VARO revoking their POA and removing them as my VSO. I can't find any fax numbers for the regional office in Roanoke, VA. Can any one tell me how to do it?
  15. Thanks broncovet. The hip pain is caused by a combination of the bad knees and the ruptured discs in my lower back. I'll let the VA decide what to actually tie it to. The way I understand it radiculopathy can be rated separately and it won't be considered pyramiding. But I can only get it once for my legs and once for my hands/arms or can I only get it once for all extremities combined? That is probably a more precise question.

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