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  1. Good news. Apparently the audit is done. I just received the remaining retro-active pay. Glad their calculators work.
  2. Howdy, Here's an update on the insurance. I applied and VA denied. Said I was not healthy enough. They based on the fact that I "had" prostate cancer in the past, evidence of too much fat in my blood, and that I had a DVT with pulmonary embolism after a flight returning from the Philippines. They said I can appeal the decision. Still thinking about it. I received radiation treatment for my prostate cancer over two years ago and so far no signs of it returning. None of these items are connected to any of my rated problems. I need to do some research on all of it.Luckily I have a Metlife po
  3. Howdy All, I recently was bumped up to 100% from 90% after most of my NOD was ruled in my favor by the higher level review in the legacy process. So this is definitely not a complaint. The NOD approvals made my effective date 29 Dec 2017. The back pay was supposed to be for around 28 months. Then like 2 weeks later after I received the decision I received retroactive pay. Unfortunately it was only for about 15 months. I submitted an IRIS request about it. So now they are doing an audit. The original claim that I filed the NOD for bumped me from 40% to 90% effective 29 Dec 2017. So they t
  4. My appeal will be at the BVA/Law Judge level. Some folks have said you don't need a lawyer at that level. But my appeal deals with an earlier effective date roughly 10 years in the past. So I feel I need a legal eye to make sure I don't miss anything especially since common sense has no real effect in issues with the VA.
  5. Howdy All, I am considering going with a lawyer to appeal the NOD denial of moving my OSA effective date. I have read the VA allows them to charge between 20% and 33%. By chance is there an average I can expect? Also any recommendations on possible lawyers?
  6. broncovet what life insurance is it. I just looked at eBenefits and the S-VDI is like $0 a month for me. I did not see anything that was listed as free.
  7. The knowledge shared here on HADIT is superb. Thanks to all the folks here like Berta, Broncovet, and Buck52 for the knowledgeable advice that has been provided. The VA low balled me on several issues over the years. And outright denied many of my valid claims. Thanks to the advice and resources provided here I resubmitted valid claims and then submitted a NOD for what they either denied or low balled. The folks here helped me connect to Dr Bash for my NEXUS letters which helped put me over the top and definitely helped me get my sleep apnea granted. I also heard of "ASKNOD" (Alex Graham) her
  8. Howdy all, The VA DRO denied my claim for an earlier effective date for my sleep apnea. They originally denied it in 2008 but granted it in Nov 2019 secondary to my GERD. I was rated for GERD in 2001. So I had it in 2008. I have attached the 2008 denial, 2018 approval, and the NOD SOC. All of my medical files and the medical articles and VA Citations referenced were in existence in or before Jan 2008. The only new items were the NEXUS letter from Dr Bash and a few extra buddy letters. The original denial states that my medical records show no diagnosis or treatment and only isolated compl
  9. Howdy All, Mostly good news. My VSO emailed me the SOC. But when she logged into VBMS she also found a rating decision letter. Basically they approved everything on my NODs except the challenged effective date for my OSA. They did not increase my existing 10% rating for each knee due to my meniscus being ruptured in both but they actually added a separate rating for each knee for instability so I effectively got my increase. They even granted my bilateral upper radiculopathy that they originally said I had to file a new claim for. The RO on the decision stated it was in fact a CUE and ap
  10. Thanks broncovet. I spoke to my VSO on Monday morning. She said she would get me a copy and email it to me some time during the day. Unfortunately that did not happen. She had just started working from home so it is possible she might have some technical issues. But an email stating such would have been nice. I really try and always look at things with the "glass half full" attitude. Unfortunately it is really hard to do that when dealing with VSOs. I am on my 4th and they all seem to have the same approach. Make the vet continuously beg for their assistance. I also spoke to VA via their toll
  11. broncovet I see on the VA.gov website that I have a choice to remain in legacy or move into the AMA process. To move into the AMA I have to submit a VA Form 10182 vice the VA Form 9. Anyway that is the way I read it. Am I correct in this understanding?
  12. broncovet my NODs were in legacy. The statement in VA.gov says I can appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals or I can request a hearing by a VA law judge. It does tell me I have to do it within 60 days. I will definitely do that. Just not sure which way to go with it Board or Law judge. Hopefully you all can shed a little light on that question. As for my VSO until the COVID-19 shutdown she would normally respond with in a week. Unfortunately she did not respond to an email I sent about 2 weeks ago. Not sure if they are actually working or not. I plan to call both her and the VA 1-800 n
  13. Howdy All, Just checked VA.gov and the VA has issued a Statement of the Case (SOC) on my NODs submitted last June 2019. The boiler plate state is as follows: "The Veterans Benefits Administration sent you a Statement of the Case on April 9, 2020. The Statement of the Case explains the reasons why they couldn’t fully grant your appeal." eBenefits shows no changes in my granted disabilities yet so no idea if anything was granted or not. The problem is that I am in the Philippines and can't get any mail from the US due to the COVID-19 shut down over here. I have my mail sent to my FPO mail
  14. I just received the same email. Seems as if the VA can't decide why they removed them. Also I worked in the Federal government for 15 years. If the new form is approved and authorized by the VA secretary then it can be released for public consumption. They are just BSing us on "it will take a year". If the private C&P contractors can use them but we can't then that makes it easier for VA raters to side with their contractors and deny our claims or give us a reduced rating.
  15. Thanks for the responses. I am filing a new claim but will continue pushing the NOD. My new question is it stated in law or statute that if during the claims process the VA finds conditions that could possibly rate service connection that was not originally filed for, the VA will “invite” the veteran to file the claim on the claims form. Reason I ask is that my private DBQs, NEXUS letter, and even the VA nurse examiner's DBQs lists bilateral upper radiculopathy as present. If it is written in statute or official guidance it might qualify as a CUE. Just looking at all angles.
  16. Howdy all, I submitted a NOD for several reasons on my last claim decision. One of the items was that they did not grant upper Bilateral Radiculopathy connected to my neck injury that they approved. I did not originally request it on my VA claim form but it was listed on my independent DBQ, medical documents provided, and my NEXUS letter. I specifically notified the VA examiner about it also. The VA just sent me a letter stating that I have to submit a new claim for it since I did not originally claim it. The VA should have asked me during the original claim if I wanted to add it from wha
  17. That sounds logical. The question I would have about that is if the Sioux Falls office is already looking at it would that not stop it? Would they not then send it to the Manila office to actually review and rule on them?
  18. Howdy All, I'm retired and living in the Philippines now. My legal stateside address is in Sioux Falls, SD. Has anyone on here used or interacted with the VA office in the Embassy in Manila, Philippines? I currently have two legacy NODs in the system. I believe they are being reviewed by the Sioux Falls VA Regional Office but not sure. I figure it will be better to leave them alone and not change my legal address to over here yet until they approve or deny them. So just curious at this point.
  19. Thanks for the info. RAMP supposedly died when the AMA took effect in Feb 2019. The VA's website specifically stated that NODs for decisions before that date are to follow the legacy process. I filed my NODs in June 2019 well after the cutoff date. You are correct in that there is an ongoing debate as to if we actually had a choice of which path to follow. So my NODs are now with the DRO in Sioux Falls. The VA Regional office that provided the original decisions was in the Roanoke, Virginia Regional Office. If I'm lucky I will actually get a fresh look at my claims. Only time will tell. My cla
  20. Howdy all, Due to my last VA decisions being just prior to the Feb 2019 cut off date I had to file my NOD (notice of disagreement) via the legacy process. I filed it in June 2019 and the VA received it on 10 Jun 2019. They ignored it for about three months or so telling me I used the wrong forms. After several emails, phone calls, with VA personnel they conceded I used the correct forms and sent it to my new regional DRO based on my new address in South Dakota. VA.Gov says it is currently being reviewed. The new screens don't give any estimated completion date now. It does say it will ta
  21. No I did mean when should I see that I have a claim submitted in the website. I know it will take some time for them to even start reviewing it. Does it go from the national intake center to the Regional RO here in Virginia before it is actually scanned to the website?
  22. Thanks for all the input. Maybe my question was fuzzy. How long should it take for the VA to scan and upload my appeal documents in the the VA.Gov website and show that they have at least received my appeals?
  23. My decision was prior to 19 Feb 2018 so I have to go legacy. I know it will take years but I'm just curious how long it takes them on average to upload the docs to Vet.gov
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