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  1. Thanks to Gastone and broncovet for the quick replies. I know I am eligible, but entitled? That is the next step I guess and is up to t he VRC, so that is why I want to be able to explain how my service connected disabilities will make a future in this specific part if IT (hardware and travel with physical challenges) vs the software development, software defined network and cloud technologies (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc...). So, hope someone out there might share a sample rehabilitation plan and what they look like, and/or someone that has experience with Voc Rehab when they already had a job. Also if someone has their own story of using Voc Rehab to get Technical IT certifications. Thanks all! John
  2. I have a 50% rating from the VA. I will have my first meeting with my Voc Rehab counselor in 4 days. I already have a job, but I plan to argue underemployed but it might be a stretch. I need to get some technical certificates to stay competitive and try to get a remote job (work from home) where I can control my work environment like a standing desk, etc.... I work in the IT industry. Does anyone have a sample PPT or word document plan to present to the VA counselor? I read Ben Krause's site and he suggests that you go in prepared with a PPT or Word plan that shows your reasoning and your proposed plan. Anyone out there have an example? Thanks, John
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