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  1. I have my C&p exam with a physician assistant next week. Is this a good thing? I'm assuming it is because if the PA disagrees with anything I've claimed, I can just submit evidence of my civilian doctor's notes that agrees with my claims right? Since doctor opinion > PA opinion. Does the VA take the more credentialed opinion, or only when it is their own?
  2. Thanks geeky and bucky for all the great info. I filed my claim last night! So it is rolling now. Is the 1800 827 1000 number reliable for technical help? For the life of me I can not find where to upload supporting documents to add to my submitted claim.
  3. Gotcha. I'm going to submit this tonight or tomorrow morning and after submitting will gradually upload the statements of support and other documents. Thanks for your help sincerely. You've been of great support and a gold mine of information
  4. Thank you. So, after filing my Initial claim, THEN do I weave my story to the VA and explain to them what I think the causes were? Do I submit additional Statements of support for these separate from my initial statement of support for my initial claim?
  5. That's rough. Severe GERD is so bothersome. In my case I really don't know what caused my GERD. I just started to get it during service, had an endoscopy, and had to go to the emergency room a few times for it. So just by chance it started during service. I don't think being in the Army caused it at all... In this case, is it even contemplated by the VA to be service connected or not at all? For the Nexus statement, is this done as part of Statement in support form or separately?
  6. It says GERD with esophagitis, so I will put that as advised. For things such as GERD or other conditions, do I list what I think the causes are? If no then how will I prove service connection despite them being diagnosed in service? Or even something like my nasal polyp surgery (polyps from allergies) and allergies were PROBABLY caused my the extreme desert conditions I was stationed in.
  7. Golden, thank you. Do I necessarily want esophagitis to be secondary or do I want it to be its own rating?
  8. This is what I wrote now, should I shorten this or keep as is for the Statement of support? GERD with secondary esophagitis: diagnosed in-service on Nov 1 2016 (pg ___). My chronic GERD is severe (emergency room visits), spreads pain to my shoulders (pg ___), keeps me awake at night from chronic pain and prevents me from maintaining a healthy diet due to triggers which causes fatigue These night pains and fatigue has worsened my depression and constant fatigue.
  9. Regarding the statement of support: I have severe GERD and have listed it like this. GERD with secondary esophagitis: diagnosed in-service on Nov 1 2016 (pg ___) Is it also ideal at this point of initial claim application to list symptoms? I have read here that certain symptoms of GERD may result in a 30% rating. Or should I let me C&P exam decide this?
  10. Great advice. Should I be worried since my service medical treatment record is 1000 pages long? I don't want them getting frustrated searching through it and intended to list page #s to guide them during my initial claim
  11. By this do you mean submitting the typed PDF Supporting document that will list all my conditions? Will this be a reiteration of the conditions I have already listed on eBenefits. Also, would I still attach Exhibit A, B, C organizing my medical record with highlighted sections
  12. All your information is golden. That last post was extremely helpful as I was definitely mixing up initial claim with appeal. This is my initial claim and yes I am including a mental health disorder (bipolar and depression). My intent to file period ends in 2 days so I plan on submitting my initial application tomorrow. Can I always add things like supporting documents, medical records, and DBQs AFTER I submit my initial claim? I'm not going to go for a FDC or anything
  13. I finally backtracked it. I got my medical records through here and through form DD2870 https://www.wbamc.amedd.army.mil/Departments/PatientAdministrationDivision/MedicalRecords/ https://www.wbamc.amedd.army.mil/Departments/PatientAdministrationDivision/Documents/BlankDD2870.pdf
  14. It doesn't say copy from VA This is what my medical record looks like. Now that I recall, I requested my record from the hospital and it took months for them to send me this file. It is not labeled what it is called though. It has everything from dental record to pictures of my endoscopy to all doctor notes from all visits. Here's a snapshot of a few pages
  15. Yes this is my initial claim. I am claiming about 10 separate conditions that were diagnosed in-service. By one document do you mean one Statement in Support Form? Or do you mean a very organized and concise PDF file that supports all conditions claimed? The top it is just titled Medical Record and it is literally everything medical during my years of service. I retrieved it about a year ago by visiting some website and downloading it through this program called 'Blue Button'? My plan was to highlight parts of the 1000 page medical record and then guide the VA like Hearing Loss diagnosed (page 54).
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