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  1. I think there was a new law passed in 2020 or 2021 that allows it to pass? I am not 100% sure since my wife is doing most of it through a lender. Should I be concerned that the VA sees this big home loan and decides to reopen my VA Disability file because they think I am making a lot of money? I am not worried about my home loan entitlements and am very worried about the VA reopening my disability file due to a large home loan like this... (very paranoid)
  2. Not sure where to put this question. Simply put, can a $2 Million dollar VA Home loan FLAG one's VA 100% Disability rating? Background: I work 1 day per week due to disability. My wife owns her own business and makes a lot of $ and that is how we can afford a home like this.
  3. If a veteran had a private insurance like Aetna, would the VA know this? I can see how they would know if a veteran had Tricare since that's connected with the VA. I have not been to any medical doctor since my C&P exams. Is this red flag or has no importance when the VA happens to audit my P&T 100% rating? Also, how often or routinely are these P&T audited? If there is no additional claims made (I have no intention of making another claim), does anything else trigger VA to look into a P&T veteran's file? Along with my MH, I am extremely OCD and paranoid Thank you.
  4. Very helpful, thanks. Do you know the answers to these Qs? 1. Can VA reduce 100% P&T rating if I never see a VA doctor and RARELY see my own primary care doctor? 2. Does the VA have access to things like: -Tax returns? -Medical records from AFTER military service, when I was seen by private doctors using TRICARE?
  5. Thank you, I'm aware of this. My concern is that one of my high ratings is Depression. I am paranoid that the VA will think "Hey if he is depressed but he is now in the Reserves, his depression must be getting better! Let's re evaluate him to see if we can reduce his rating" Is this the right train of thought to be worried about this? Doesn't this happen all the time?
  6. I have been granted 100% P&T and was rated this after I joined the Reserves. I am happy with my rating and do NOT want to lose it at all cost. The Reserves however gives my family great Tricare health insurance. I want to keep Tricare by being in the Reserves, BUT absolutely do not want to lose my 100% P&T by just risking it being in the Reserves. The Reserves does PHA's through LHI and I really don't want to risk anything at all. I am truly 100% P&T by having many many separate conditions but am so paranoid and untrusty of the VA because I know they will take it away at any chance they get. Basically I want to stay in Reserves for TRICARE for my family but am very paranoid VA will find a window of opportunity through my Reserve service/PHA and take away everything. 2 Other questions: 1. Can VA reduce 100% P&T rating if I don't even see a VA doctor and RARELY see my own primary care doctor? 2. Does the VA have automatic access to things like: -Tax returns? -Medical records from AFTER military service, when I was seen by private doctors using TRICARE?
  7. After reading all of this I will continue to be truthful with my LHI PHA. I am rated at 100% but with many many separate ratings. Nothing on the list constitutes being unable to serve in the army reserves according to the regulation (from what I read). Now regarding VA taking away % rating. Does the 5 year rule start at time they give you the rating, or time disability started in military?
  8. Sorry if this is in the wrong location - wasn't sure where to post. I have a very high disability rating from the VA and am also currently in the Army Reserve. I am due for my PHA and have to fill out a long medical question'd questionnaire by LHI, basically asking has ANYTHING medically bothered you in the past 12 months? How much of this does the VA have access to? Should I just click 'No' for everything so they don't question me being in the Army Reserves or kick me out? At the same time I don't want to answer 'No' for everything and then the VA sees it and thinks 'OH, okay he doesn't have any symptoms now according to this LHI questionaire? Let's reduce his %'
  9. Thanks. You're the first to suggest this and I will take this into heavy account. Everything from youtube videos to forum discussion suggests fight the claim even at 100% but it seems like it is case specific. In this case, I really don't have anything to gain....
  10. Very good points thank you all. To better understand the picture: -I am satisfied with 100% P&T -I do not qualify for SMC and even if I did I rather not wake up the giant to get this as I am good with P&T compensation -The claims that were denied I will not die from. One of the big ones I thought would be service connected was GERD So if I am satisfied with 100% P&T and will not get paid anymore even if I fought the extra denied claims - is there any reason from knowing this that yall would still recommend fighting the denied claims?
  11. I have received 100% P&T. However some very black and white conditions were denied completely. Should I still appeal the denied claims even though I am 100% P&T? (it has been over 1 year since my claims were denied). I have 2 fears: 1. VA will eventually one day reduce my 100% P&T randomly and I will regret NOT filing an appeal 2. I file an appeal for the denied claims and then the VA digs deeper into my 100% and 'changes' their mind and then reduces me. Basically I don't want to wake up the sleeping giant and would rather fly under the radar
  12. Thank input everyone. Has anyone the following: Receive VA disability for mental health with no VA treatment, and has never been called for a re eval by the VA?
  13. Oh I'm surprised us soldiers are the ones that request followups and not the VA.. If I am happy with the 50% rating for depression and don't want any followups, I just simply do not request a followup?
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