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  1. Thank input everyone. Has anyone the following: Receive VA disability for mental health with no VA treatment, and has never been called for a re eval by the VA?
  2. Oh I'm surprised us soldiers are the ones that request followups and not the VA.. If I am happy with the 50% rating for depression and don't want any followups, I just simply do not request a followup?
  3. Thank you Do they require documents from our civilian psychiatrist? Do they contact you randomly and then request a followup, and who gets to pick if it is telehealth or in person?
  4. The VA granted me depression at 50%... I am not really sure how since I was expecting at most 30%. My question is does the VA do followups for mental health conditions to decrease, keep same, or increase ratings?
  5. If I keep getting denied after submitting new Supplemental claims, and then finally it becomes granted months later - does the retroactive pay to back to the date of the appeal, date of their decision rating, or date of ITF? Once submitting HLR and after it has been reviewed completed, can I appeal again for the same condition with Supplemental?
  6. 2 questions if anyone knows: How many supplemental claims can we make when making our appeal for the same condition? So if VA denies condition, can we just submit new evidence from doctors seen every time over and over? When making an appeal is it for the entire claim (conditions a-z) or just each individual condition? This is because some conditions I want to submit HLR and some conditions I want to submit Supplemental claim.
  7. Is limited range of motion where knee can only straighten to 45 degrees really 50%? And rated separately? My VA claim for my knee pain was DENIED and I my knees legit clocks/pops hard at 45' and can not extend more than 45'. I always thought that was normal and did not mention it during CP exam however the physician assistant did measure it with the ruler device...
  8. They haven’t given a reason yet. I just see it ebenefits but haven’t gotten my letter yet
  9. I submitted for joint conditions such as: knee pain, ankle pain, lower back pain. However they were all denied but I was seen multiple times IN the army for these. My range of motion is normal however I have pain upon motion for all of them. Isn't pain upon motion regardless if it is mild granted 10%?
  10. Is it possible to have the 30% rating for flat feet decreased due to this C/P examiners notes on plantar fascitis even if the C/P exam isn't for flat feet?
  11. I have an upcoming C/P exam for 4 conditions which includes plantar fascitis. However the VA has already granted me 30% for flat feet (my claim has not been fully decided yet but they just gave me that 30% rating even though claim is still incomplete). I want to DENY being seen for plantar fascitis, while being seen for the other 4 conditions of my C/P exam. Is this possible? I am very paranoid that if the new examiner may indicate something about my flat feet (saying it is mild) and then the VA decreases my 30%.
  12. If submitting for an HLR for ONLY condition A in claim #1, can the senior reviewer decrease or revoke any % decision made by the junior reviewer for conditions A-Z for claim #1?
  13. Thank you! This answer is very helpful and helps kickstart my research
  14. Hello. For future reference is someone able to answer the following: If we appeal our initial VA claim based upon VA showing not service connected, are we able to file an appeal using evidence that we have already submitted IF we feel the VA actually did NOT look at the evidence previously submitted? in other words does the evidence for this type of appeal HAVE to be new? Or can we do some kind of appeal to have the original evidence reviewed
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