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  1. can I take a break from checking my claim til tuesday? I'm a bit OCD. monday is a federal holiday. safe to assume va benefits office got a 3 day weekend and I need to enjoy life?
  2. is it absurd to request A &A for migraines rated at 50%? I can't find anything anywhere where a claim has been requested for A & A due to migraines. The 50% for migraines “very frequent completely prostrating and prolonged attacks productive of severe economic inadaptability.” but migraines maxes out at a 50% rating and isn't a 100% rating as required for A&A on a single rated condition? thoughts requested, not trying to go on a fools earned, input appreciated.
  3. I don't even read C&Ps anymore or care for anything except my decision letters.
  4. They have to have been reading mines because I've said some very specific things related to my claim and they added the contentions. So I'm implying that it's not completely "useless". neither have I had my claims slowed down due to submitting them, and I submit a lot. lol
  5. I always use statement in support of my claim to be specific about what I'm claiming. I've never had a problem with them.
  6. on ebenefits/vets.gov it's requesting a VA Form 21-4142a. What does this mean? should I have received something in the mail? I've had a C&P with VES at the beginning of the month. I have sent the VA all evidence I had prior to this and this is my most recent claim in 5 years. Do I need to fill out a VA Form 21-4142a and leave the provider information blank??
  7. I want to piggy back. I'm on several psych meds and heart meds from the VA and I also have this same issue...What exactly would a C&P do? would I have to show my johnson to a doctor? the burden of proof here is a little anxiety causing.
  8. I've got the same question...all my C&Ps are done....just waiting for VES to send the report and the decision... I'm 100 P&T, and still declared Unemployable but not receiving IU anymore. my percentages are 100% single & 60% combined. every half step should increase the smc level and if it's extra 100% move up a full step. I'm hoping for SMC L 1/2 but I'm expecting just SMC S
  9. I honestly wouldn't even worry about anything until after the decision...you can always file a new claim...I've had times where I've had C&Ps and I didn't even have to attend because they just reviewed my evidence...I've had times where they've done C &Ps for the same issue and one examiner recorded something different from the other.
  10. I'm aware that it cost money to keeps sites like this running. Since I've been out of the service this site has been a life saver. I feel I owe the owner(s) of this site a debt!
  11. I'm not ignoring you and I am thankful for your attention to my post. I just don't feel comfortable posting my decision letter..I do have paranoia issues, but you are helping me! I'm not trying to come off rude, my manners have gone out the window.
  12. she use to work at the VA was a top person..I think she left in 2015...but she made my local VA benefits office contact me and keep me in the loop.
  13. you have providing great information. yes I do believe I have a CUE and I did file for it based on SMC. I haven't really asked questions about it because there is soo much info hear. very helpful. My denial letter said they sent me forms 2 years go to get SMC and the fact I ignored it is grounds for denial...plus me not being incompetent, I actually am incompetent and need someone to handle my finances but I don't trust my family and I've lost all my friends.
  14. So in service I had an event that I mentally blocked out but was recorded, was seeing the base mental health and was under the care of a military psych and a therapist. my work performance deteriorated, I couldn't meet my PT times even though I was healthy and fit. but during the end of my service and my honorable discharge for "failure to meet standards" I was in mental health, I reported sexual harassment and assault, was put on 2 different antidepressants and prescribed benzos for anxiety. So I get discharged and I get nothing, I had to leave all my stuff at the base. So I file for social security and they find that I was disabled and unable to work the same month I got discharged? SO bam SSDI....I applied at the va and they rated me 70% for mental later that year....then I went to VocRehab people told me due to my SSDI and my condition(s) It wouldn't be possible to go about finding a job or even start school...so I apply for TDIU and it gets denied....then I email alison hickney for help and I get approved for 70% IU P&T for mental and backdated to discharge date. like, is this normal? also I didn't become "bipolar" until I was put on antidepressants, then to combat the bipolar VA put on anti-psychotics...but the original problem was anxiety....which I'm sure it is PTSD related to MST. Like these diagnosis and pills have been destroying my mind. My VA psych prescribes meds that interact with my migraine medications...like I just don't trust the VA I see my fight for SMC as I have all the evidence, but the white house hotline doesn't care, Alison Hickney is gone. I feel so alone. Like the stress.. I'm 100% for mental. I'm pending for migraines from 30% to 50% and I have a handful of 10% rated stuff.
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