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  1. Just got the lowdown on the 1151. Don't think it applies to me though. I did get a couple of golf ball sized brain tumors removed about ten years back and they nicked a nerve leaving the left side of my face numb. The VA outsourced the operation to a big famous hospital and paid for it all so I didn't complain. Probably should have.
  2. Ok, just faxed my NOD out with a copy of the EKG that clearly states I had a heart attack back in 2013. Yes Berta, I was an In country Vietnam vet. The docs ascertained that I had a heart attack in 2013 or before by looking at my EKG. don't know how they read them, but that's why they make the big bucks. I'm not familiar with the 1151. Yes, Buck I know I was playing it pretty close to the wire, but was debating whether I wanted to rock the boat as I was very pleased to get the 100% disability and everything that comes with it, although I would trade it all for good health. Thanks Berta and Buck for all your advice and assistance. Heaven has a place reserved for you both!
  3. Thank you for your quick response Buck. To answer your questions, I filed my claim for the heart ischemia in January of '17. They went back to April of 2016, the date of my first stress test as the payment starting date. I am already receiving the special monthly compensation with housebound benefits effective April 2016. What method would be best for filing a claim? Should I use the Notice of Disagreement form or go through my VOS? Thanks for the tips on sending the forms.
  4. I was recently awarded 100% disability, and the effective date went back to when I first took a stress test to evaluate my heart problems, 12 months earlier. My question is: while looking at my EKG, both my cardiologist and my primary care provider commented that it showed that I had a heart attack as far back as 2013. Should I file an appeal as to the effective date using the EKG that clearly states " Inferior infarct (cited on or before 10-May-2013)"? I don't want to appear greedy, or "rock the boat", but don't want to walk away from money on the table if it's there. Thanking you in advance for any help on this.
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