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  1. Not sure if this will get answered. But here is my question. I have been rated 70% for PTSD (non-permanent) and bipolar as non-service connected. My main issue with me mentally is Bipolar and the PTSD just sauce for the goose. Both are affecting my job, my marriage and just about everything else. Do I need to request an eval for Bipolar or will that request open me up for a re-eval of my PTSD? I want to show my bipolar service connection. I have 14 months of depression, bipolar, PTSD diagnosis when I was in the Service along with two hospitalizations (4 days, 24 days) along with suicide
  2. Just got 100% but not P&T. What is the process of converting over and how long will these disabilities last until they need to recertified?
  3. Gumpbox - I have 27 years in so there would be no board just retirement. I am getting everything looked at and going back to have other items documented again. What do you think about the mental health claim? Can I put in for PTSD given the circumstances and also the PTSD is non-combat related. I think that is two strikes against me. Or the other tactic would be to put in a claim for Anxiety Disorder as this has been diagnosed by a shrink and 2 LCSWs with about 80 pages of notes to back it up and they are all military. Note that the "misconduct" is administrative in nature.
  4. I am still active duty. Having a number of mental health issues due to my health (heart arrhythmia) and the results of an IG Investigation. No charges but substantiated claims and my next rank that I was selected for was removed. My record now has me as a FTS (fail to select - basically passed over) and I have put in to retire (27 Yrs, 1 mo). I am seeing a military shrink and military therapist, each weekly and have been doing so for the past 6 weeks. Lots of paper in my record and a variety of diagnosis - PTSD, MDD, but mainly anxiety disorder. Question: Should I ask to have more
  5. Hamslice - thanks. The shrink is a navy doc and the therapist is a navy LCSW. I have about 8 months left till terminal and will see these two weekly. Also the shrink has prescribed lots of drugs. And paperering... yes. I have been going in for everything that I can find in my record to the smallest degree to get evaluated and tested. Have had 3 MRIs and have another coming up. Lot of x-rays and physical therapy twice weekly. Another question - what if I get better between now and my C&P exam? Will I then be cured and not be eligible for a disability rating based on that co
  6. broncovet - I still am in now. Shrink has said PTSD but changes his diagnosis a couple of times over the past several sessions. So, I have NOT seen a VA doc yet and my question was really about should I put in a PTSD claim for my Benefits Before Discharge. I do have multiple docs saying Anxiety Disorder. Do this get any rating?
  7. Third - Yes. Investigation removed my promotion and placed me as a fail to select to the next rank (officer). The incident occurred over 10 years but the investigation from the IG was completed last year. The stress of the investigation is part of my mental health issues, but is the sole stressor for PTSD. My health has really gone down hill over the past 18 months. I am seeing a shrink and therapist. diagnosed with MDD, anxiety and PTSD. My MDD is really from the health while the anxiety is from the PTSD.
  8. Have a question. I was investigated by the IG. No charges filed, but were substantiated. This ended the career. I have developed several mental health issues because of this. Long story on the investigation that I do not want to get into but looking for advice. 1. Can I put in for PTSD on this? 2. Or should I put in for MDD/Anxiety? This condition has led me to a couple of suicide attempts, and massive other health issues. I am seeing a shrink and therapist weekly. This issue will affect the rest of my life and all future employment opportunities. The investigation was
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