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  1. Hello to all here on the forums. I am writing to inquire if anyone has any good insight or perhaps even any suggestions about how to explore Agent Orange claims for children and/or grandchildren of veterans exposed to Agent Orange. My mother was stationed in Okinawa from 1974 until 1977. She and my father were both stationed together on separate orders there at the time. She was actually pregnant with me, and I was born there in July of 1978. My mom passed away from complications of Multiple Myeloma in 2012. While she never received monetary benefits from the VA, I do know that she was receiving medical care from the VA relating to her Myeloma diagnosis for at least 5 years post her initial diagnosis. I surmise it was their way of quietly handling her claim that she had been exposed to Agent Orange while serving. I am not even sure how to begin looking into claims on my behalf, however, my concern lies more so with my children. I have two who suffer from a laundry list of issues, OCD, Depression, Asthma in my older child, as well as an Autism Diagnoses and Severe Anxiety Disorder diagnoses for my youngest child. I myself struggle with some mental health concerns, as well, along with early onset Type 2 diabetes. I have been reluctant to pursue any sort of claim on my behalf, due to the fact that my grandparents, (also veterans who have served in in places like Korea,), were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in their late 60s. My diagnoses however was in my early 30s. Though, I can not say for certain that it may have some family link. However, with my children, I do have questions and concerns. We have no history or genetic dispositions for Autism in our family, and the fact that there are so many issues with both of my children, coupled by the fact that my mother was pregnant with me during the time she was in Okinawa, and it has been subtly acknowledged by the VA that she was exposed, leaves me unsettled. Any thoughts or suggestions on where I should start? In my son's case he requires a significant amount of care and supports due to his Autism. Thank you so much for your help or input!
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