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  1. Hello. Your case sounds very much like mine. My husband received his decision (by BVA) on March 7. He was granted an increase on Migraines and remanded TDIU. We have made several IRIS inquiries, as well as talked to his VSO multiple times. Here is what we know....His remand is at the ARC (same as yours) and his grant is supposedly being worked at the Atlanta RO. HIs VSO said that she can see that his grant was implemented on March 30.......but we have yet to see the increased rating in pay or retro. We have seen no movement on the remand (in ebenefits or Vets.gov). Its been 8 1/2 months since the grant. Based on my research on this forum and others, I think that they will not implement the grant until the remand is settled....but that's just a guess. Partial grants are supposed to be implemented before the remand is worked, but I've seen many posts which suggest otherwise. In addition, we started a claim in july for dependent compensation on our daughter in college. My latest IRIS inquiry was concerning the status of this claim (usually settled in a couple of months) . The IRIS response stated that the dependent claim would be awarded when the grant was finalized. SO...........the wait continues. I have seen some of these types of appeals (partial grant/partial remand) settled in 6 months or less and others go on much longer. I hope yours is settled quickly!
  2. Update to granted appeal: I emailed our VSO today (first time since August). I asked her if there were any updates to the granted appeal. Her response is below: Your current appeals status is listed as “Rating Decision Complete,” pending authorization. On March 30, 2018, the VA implemented the Board’s grant decision. Once the VA has authorized your claim, you will be notified by the VA by mail. It is a process. One that I cannot supersede.So the Judge granted the appeal on March 7......the VA implemented on March 30.........I'm confused. I thought implementation meant the rating change but we have not seen that yet. I guess the true implementation is when the VA authorizes it? Any thoughts?
  3. In my last Peggy inquiry ( a week ago) I asked about a dependency claim filed July 4 AND about the grant from March 7 that has still not been implemented. Their response was that the dependency claim (simple claim for child in college) was awaiting finalization of the March 7 BVA grant. So apparently EVERYTHING is intertwined. I'm hoping this means the BVA grant implementation is CLOSE??? in addition, if everything is intertwined, then the GRANT will probably not be settled until the REMAND on TDIU is finished............... 8 months still waiting.
  4. Kelly Severance


    Thanks Broncovet and Vetquest for your response. We have called IRIS twice. Both times they have said that nothing further is needed from us or the school. So when I submitted the last inquiry I got the "waiting on finalization of appeal granted March 7" reply. Ebenefits also says nothing needed from us or others. I just can't believe they are going to hold that simple claim when they have everything they need to close it until the GRANTED appeal has been promulagated....... We've had to do that claim every year since she started college and it has always been handled quickly. I just am HOPING that it means they are close to finalizing the appeal!
  5. Hello Hadit community. Many of you know our background. Here's the latest.....I filed an IRIS inquiry several days ago asking for the status of a dependency claim on our daughter in college. These claims usually take a couple of months. I filed the claim on July 4. Estimated completion on Sept. 5 (according to ebenefits). So 2 months AFTER estimated completion, I did the inquiry. Here's what it said: A review of our electronic records shows the dependency claim is awaiting finalization of the appeal that was granted March 3, 2018. It goes on to say that the appeal is pending reivew and processing.......etc, etc, same old, same old...... So I guess we will not be paid for a simple dependency claim until they finalize the granted appeal (on MARCH 3). This is so frustrating! We are hanging on by a thread financially! Even that extra $150 a month for our daughter would be a tremendous help! 8 months since appeal grant from BVA and no sign of any implementation..........
  6. Kelly Severance

    BVA Grant...Now What...

    RMEvet08, You are very fortunate to have a contact at the VBA to move things along for you. We have been waiting 8 months TODAY for our BVA grant to be implemented. We have seen NO movement in implementing my husbands percentage increase or retro. I hope you have better luck. My husbands claim is at the Atlanta RO.
  7. We have been waiting a few days short of 8 months since the BVA granted my husband's increase in Migraines. It still has not been implemented (no rate increase or retro) and also NO movement on the remanded TDIU.
  8. Thanks Vetquest. I hope so! I truly hope that since 2nd inquiry response was slightly different that they are taking the doctor's letter into consideration. From everything I've read lately, it seems that all remands are being sent to ARC and that partial grants are not implemented until the remand is complete........ My concern is this, If they will not finish up with the implementation of the grant (increasing his overall rating to 70%), how could they grant the TDIU (on remand)? Because without the increased migraine rating, he does not qualify for the TDIU.
  9. Update: We did send in the letter from the doctor (stating that my husband is unemployable) to our VSO who uploaded the letter to the VA for his case file. I am assuming that it will be accessible to BVA, RO, and ARC. This was completed a couple of weeks ago. We have since done another IRIS inquiry. The response was slightly different, so I am not sure if it means anything......but this response indicates that the grant is being reviewed (instead of pending review) and that the remand is still being worked (see the first one above for differences)...so I wonder if they got the doctors letter and are considering it?? STATUS OF PARTIAL GRANTIt appears a decision has been made on a portion of your appeal. At this time, our records indicate the decision is currently being reviewed and processed at your regional office. No other action is needed from you at this time. However, if further information is needed you will receive notification by mail. We are sorry that we are unable to give you a timeframe for this final stage in the appeals process. We appreciate your continued patience. STATUS OF REMANDThe Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA) has ordered that additional action is needed on your appeal before making a final decision. Your record is currently located at the Appeals Management Center in Washington D.C. When all the required actions are completed, your file will be reviewed. If any further action or development is needed, we will contact you. If not, you will be provided a supplemental decision or Supplemental Statement of the Case (SSOC), prior to returning your appeal to the BVA for a decision.
  10. My husband is in Legacy. He received his decision on March 7. Increased rating on Migraines and remand on TDIU. His increased grant increased his overall rating to 70%. This has still not been implemented. He is also supposed to get retro back to 2005. No sign of that either. Ebenefits appeals status just says "remanded appeal". We are approaching 7 months since the BVA grant and No change in anything that we know of.
  11. No. We have not called again. We are at almost 7 months since the BVA granted the increase. Still no retro or implementation of new percentage. We have done 2 other IRIS inquiries. The latest info said the appeal is at the ARC in Washington DC and the Grant is at our local RO in the review stage. Very frustrating!
  12. That's what I thought. I guess I could send a copy to the ARC and the BVA. When we told his VSO about the IRIS response, she did not have anything in her system about it being sent back, but she told my husband to "wait" on the SSOC. That just didn't seem like the best move to me....Thanks Broncovet!
  13. This is just an update for anyone following our case. * Our most recent IRIS inquiry revealed that the grant is still at the RO "pending" review ; and the remand for TDIU , which is at the ARC, is being prepared to be sent back to the BVA for a final decision (which means it was denied again by the ARC). * My husband has filed for Medical Retirement and SSDI since the first post. * We finally got a letter from his physician stating that in his opinion, my husband is unemployable due to his SC disabilities. However, we are not sure what to do with this letter because his file is in transition between the ARC and BVA. * We are at the 6 month mark since the BVA decision and the grant on migraine increase has still not been implemented (and no retro). So that's where we are.
  14. Hello Hadit community, I received an IRIS response a couple of days ago regarding my husbands Grant/Remand from BVA. Based on the letter, my grant is being worked at the RO and is "pending" review. The Remand (for TDIU) is at the ARC, but is soon to be sent back to BVA for a final decision (which means it was denied, I think). The letter is below. My question: We recently (this week) got a letter from my husband's doctor stating that in his opinion, he is unable to work and unemployable due to his disabilities. Should we go ahead and send this in? If so, where? To the BVA, ARC or both? Or should we wait on the SSOC? Also, any other interpretations of the letter? Thanks for any help! Here is a portion of the letter: It appears a decision has been made on a portion of your appeal. At this time, our records indicate the decision is pending review and processing at your regional office. No other action is needed from you at this time. However, if further information is needed you will receive notification by mail. We are sorry that we are unable to give you a timeframe for this final stage in the appeals process. We appreciate your continued patience. A review of our electronic records indicates at this time your file is physically located at the Appeals Management Center, in Washington D.C.. Your file is being prepared and reviewed to be sent back to the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) for a final decision. Prior to it being sent to the BVA you should be provided a Supplemental Statement of the Case that will detail any new information.
  15. My husband just won an appeal at BVA for an increased rating from 30% to 50% on migraines. He sent in Medical records dating back to 2002. He had a DBQ from his neurologist as well. His are completely prostrating and debilitating and occur 3-4 days a week. His records showed all the medications the private and VA doctors have tried and all his prophylactic medicines he has tried to prevent onset. His first hearing was in 2009 (for which he received a 30% rating in 2011) and his second hearing was in 2017, for which he was granted the increase to 50%. He is no longer able to work because of them. That's the evidence we had. I would definitely get a neurologist statement or DBQ. Good Luck!

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