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  1. Update Everyone. We got our Retro this morning. Thank you Jesus! @treysnonnaI hope and pray you all get some relief soon. 11 months seems like a long time to wait on retro once your % has been updated from a grant! @25th Infantry for LifeI hope that you get your closure soon! We were told a variety of different things over the last 14 months. Have you tried emailing the BVA directly?
  2. Thank you Hollie! I don't know if they are sending the retro now or not. Ebenefits updated to the new percentage on saturday, but no retro yet. I've read many times that once Ebenefits updates, it's only a couple of days before retro.....but nothing yet......
  3. 25th, so your remand is in Prep, but nothing on your grant? Usually the grant is worked first. I wonder if they worked them together and "Prep for decision" is for both the grant and remand? My husband's migraines are awful too. Do you get Botox?
  4. Yes. It looks that way Vetquest. It says on the AB8 letter that the effective date of our last change to current award was Dec 1 2018. But we have been receiving the "OLD" amount for the last 5 months. So I'm not sure what that means.......... I do know that the judge granted the increase in migraines all the way back to 2005 AND under "Disabilities" on ebenefits, It says that the effective date for Migraines is 6/2005.
  5. Vetquest, Yes, there is also a remand for TDIU. No movement on that as far as we know.
  6. Hello Hadit friends! I am so excited! I logged into Vets.gov today and my husband's rating has finally changed. His migraine percentage was updated to 50% and overall rating to 70%. We have been waiting almost 14 months since the judge granted the increase on migraines. Thank you Jesus! I don't know how long we will have to wait on retro......but we are so happy to see this update!
  7. Comms.AMO@va.gov Here you go 25th. 3 others tried it last night and had a response this morning. I hope you get some relevant info on yours too!
  8. UPDATE: I saw a post on another thread with an email address for BVA inquiries. So I figured I'd give it a shot. So I sent an email explaining our appeal info (BVA grant for migraines and remand for TDIU on March 7 2018) and I asked for any information they could provide. I sent the email last night and got a response this morning. See below: Thank you for your inquiry. Your appeal was remanded by the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (Board) to the Appeals Resource Center (ARC) on March 7, 2018. In its decision the BVA granted issues (Headaches) and remanded another for development and adjudication(TDIU). Upon review of the electronic file a rating decision in reference to headaches has been completed. As such, the appeal status is currently listed as “Open”. Please note that after promulgation of this grant, development will be continued for the remaining remanded issues. An email has been sent to the Supervisor to initiate the grant for headaches. Thank you for your service to this country. I'm hoping that this is good news.....the part about sending an email to the supervisor to initiate the grant for headaches. Also today I received a response from IRIS from an earlier inquiry I made. Their response was DIFFERENT than any of the others.....it stated that they could not retrieve the appeal information and that they VARO would be contacting us directly regarding this info..........hmmm....could this mean someone might be working on it?
  9. That is awesome! Congrats! Remind me again when you received your BVA grant......Also, how did you find out? Did it show up on VA.GOV?
  10. Hey Aces, We are still waiting also. BVA decision March 7, 2018. Granted increased rating on Migraines, remanded TDIU. We've seen No movement. Hit the 12 month mark a couple of weeks ago (since BVA grant). We did make another white house call last week. They say it will be 21 days before we get a response. Very frustrating!
  11. 25th, Nothing here. I did see that Hume finally got an update on ebenefits for his new rating. He received his BVA grant decision on May 1, 2018. So that was good news! Keep us posted on your progress. I'll update when I see some too.......hopefully soon!
  12. Thank you for clearing that up for me. It gives us hope that when RO denies a remand, the BVA may still grant! Congratulations!
  13. Air1, First of all......Congratulations!!!!!! But I'm confused. In your original post, you showed a denial letter for TDIU from the BVA in August. What happened between August and Now that you received 100% P&T?
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