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  1. I am interested in seeing how this turns out...... 2 days?? wow. I hope it's great news!
  2. SPO, I am in the process of completing an IBS presumptive for my husband. We have tons of records supporting the diarrhea/abd pain, including 2 hospitalizations. Unfortunately, at one time one of his PCP's made a diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis without doing any tests (and this is part of the records I am sending). However, when he began seeing a gastroenterologist in 2016, he did the appropriate colonoscopy, stomach and intestinal biopsies and said there were NO signs of ulcerative colitis. I also have records of 2 other colonoscopies that showed "no acute process" from those hospitalizations. In the Lay statement, I refer to all this and emphasize that the specialist found no evidence of UC. My question is this, should I just not send those records with the UC diagnosis? As of now, I am planning to submit them because I believe they show his ongoing problems with IBS and ultimately (if they look at the records) they will see that UC was ruled out. Thoughts?
  3. Thanks Broncovet! I may have more questions later...... Unfortunately, we did not. My husband was still trying to work at the time and he just couldn't muster the energy to fight. I did not know much about the claims/appeals process at the time, so I didn't even know to appeal. I have learned so much from this forum and feel more prepared now with this great community behind me!
  4. Hello Hadit community. I am starting a claim for my husband for IBS Presumptive Gulf War. We filed a claim for this condition several years ago, in combination with several other gulf war presumptives that were all denied. So we are ready to try again after obtaining a good bit of medical documentation and diagnosis. We also have an appeal (in remand) still pending for TDIU. So my question is how to proceed. I have spend the last 2 years on the appeals board, so I'm not up to date. From what I've read, there is certain way to file if it is for a previously denied claim??? I also read that is you have an appeal pending, you have to use form 526 EZ. any expertise is appreciated. Thanks so much!
  5. thank you for responding JR Reihs! On the FERS application, HR officer did state that they could not accomodate or reassign my husband because his disabilities were so severe. OPM responded to that by saying that the HR officer was not his supervisor and therefore could not opine as to whether or not he could be reassigned!!!!!!!!! My mouth dropped open when I read it! As far as FERS, we are now at the appeal level and have been assigned a judge. In my rebuttal, that was one of the things that I addressed! My comment was something like: The HR officer opined that he could not be accomodated. That is his/her job. The HR officer gets their data from the supervisor, hence is qualified to make that determination" I am working right now on submitting a claim on one of his Gulf war presumptives, so thanks for that encouragement! I have also contacted a vocational expert (thanks Broncovet) and am sending him all paperwork for his expert opinion.
  6. Wow. I thought an IMO was much more expensive. I think we can swing that. Is Patrick Clifford someone that we could get in touch with? Does he have a website? Thank you Broncovet! I'm beginning to have some hope again!
  7. WoW! It was so refreshing to log in today and see such positive and helpful guidance! Thank you everyone. Berta, My husband did have to apply for SSDI in compliance with FERS retirement regulations. He was denied at all 3 levels. We just received that as well. We did retain an attorney for the hearing. I know it sounds awful that he has been denied at every level. But he is truly unable to work. He has other disabilities that we plan to file for (Gulf war connected) but we were advised to not file until his TDIU remand is settled, so we have not. I will definitely search the IMO forum tonight and begin that process. We thought that our PCP's letter would help, but apparently not enough and money has been very tight since he stopped working, so we did not do the IMO from the "get go". We have all private and VA medical records to date. In addition, the VES exams they sent him to found that he should be rated at 50% in stead of 30% for PTSD. The statement said they took those exams into consideration, but they did not increase his PTSD...... Broncovet, thank you for your response as well. I thought as you did, that SGE was based on salary, which has been ZERO since January 2018. So we will write a statement using their terminology against them. The final paragraph in his decision letter basically states that he meets the criteria and that medical records indicate his migraines have the potential to make him unemployable, but the denial was all about the fact that HR at his VA employer said he is still a full time employee.......... We are at the appeal level of FERS and have no lawyer (we cannot afford one). We have received correspondence from our judge with all of the things we have to do asap. We are definitely not qualified to do all that is required, so we thought about just dropping that and resigning the position. We have 30 days to respond with more evidence, or it will be sent back to the BVA for a final decision.
  8. Thank you for responding Johnny and Buck. We did send in a letter from his doctor stating that he is unemployable due to his SC disabilities (referenced in the next to last paragraph). Also, my husband has not worked since January 2018. He applied for FERS disability (and it is currently in the appeals stage, as it has been denied Twice). So the reason he is still listed as employed is because he applied for FERS disability. So they are saying that he is gainfully employed because he is still listed "in the books"......
  9. Hello Everyone. My husband received his SOC from the VARO on his remand. I have posted only the last 3 pages. The first few pages were just standard explanation of TDIU and factors that are considered for that disability, as well as a list of all the evidence we submitted. The last 3 pages explain the decision. I am confused because I know that veterans on this board have been approved for TDIU while in the process of applying for FERS. Any advice or comments are appreciated. Should we send in a statement from HR saying that while still listed as "employed", he has not worked since January of 2018?
  10. Thank you Pete! So many Veterans have been through this and it is awful. I am thankful for the encouragement and expertise on this site!
  11. Funny this came up today. We received a return call from the White House Hotline YESTERDAY. Over 2 years since remand. they stated that his SOC was. mailed yesterday and that he was DENIED! Waiting on letter. We are totally sick! Once we get the letter, we will know what we need to do, if anything. If we don't submit anything else, it will be sent back to BVA.
  12. Hey BroncoVet. You might have missed my earlier comment, but we got a White house return call this morning stating that his remand had been denied and an SOC was mailed today. We asked "why" it was denied and he said the reason was because he was gainfully employed............ Again...Not true! We just called Peggy to see what they said. She said that an SOC had been mailed on 3/11/20 and should arrive in 10 days. I know for a fact that they knew he was medically retired because there is a document in his CFile that we received mysteriously in January where the VA had done a deferred rating form for his TDIU. It states in the document that "VAMC treatment records indicate the veteran is medically retired from his VA Nursing Job"
  13. Thanks Shrek! I really needed that Pep talk! We have just called his former employer and they are drafting a letter stating that he has not been employed in 2 years. That should be here by Monday or tuesday. The SOC should be here about that time as well. The white house rep told my husband that he would have (30 or 60 days??, husband does not remember) to send additional documentation before it was sent back to the BVA.
  14. Well Update: UPDATE: My husband just got a call back from White house inquiry just a few minutes ago. The man stated that a decision had been mailed out from the Atlanta RO this morning and that his TDIU claim had been DENIED! The man stated that the reason for his denial was that he is currently gainfully employed!!!!!!! WHAT??? He has not worked in 2 years! The only thing I can figure out is that he is still listed as employed by the VA because he applied for FERS disability 2 years ago as well. Any insights? I am at a total loss! Denied FERS, SSDI and TDIU all in the same month! I am so discouraged!
  15. Pete, My husband does not qualify for hardship. He does not have a terminal illness (Thank the Lord) and is still able to get up and groom himself, but that is about it. According to va.gov, there are 151, 579 appeals on the docket and he has 18,000 in front of him. Another note.....we also contacted our VSO in Atlanta in February. She stated that the last entry in his file was the partial grant for increased rating on migraines. Nothing on the remanded portion.
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