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  1. Thank you for clearing that up for me. It gives us hope that when RO denies a remand, the BVA may still grant! Congratulations!
  2. Air1, First of all......Congratulations!!!!!! But I'm confused. In your original post, you showed a denial letter for TDIU from the BVA in August. What happened between August and Now that you received 100% P&T?
  3. acesup, The crickets are even louder at my house. Next week marks 11 months since BVA grant. Ours is at the Atlanta VARO. So knowing it is a RAMP VARO, what does that mean for us? It's very frustrating! The only good thing we got out of our WH hotline call was that the rating letter was written on March 30th. The only good info we have received from our VSO is that the VBMS system says "rating decision complete". We know our percentage because the judge granted maximum benefit for migraines (50%). If the rating decision was complete on March 30th, why has it not been implemented in his monthly compensation and retro sent?
  4. Thank you Broncovet for responding. We have NOT received anything since March 7 and that was the BVA decision packet. Back in October 2018, we made a WH inquiry, the man on the phone spent a good deal of time reviewing the decision packet on the phone with us. He said that he was opening a ticket and was going to "escalate" the inquiry to his supervisors and that we should hear back within a week. We waited a month and then called back and they had no record of our previous inquiry and basically said the exact same thing that our IRIS responses have said. "Your grant is being reviewed at your regional office and there is no time frame that they can give us". This is our second BVA grant. The first time was for SC on migraines and PTSD. From BVA grant to Retro and implementation, it was 14 months........so I don't know why I expected this to be any different EXCEPT in the current grant, It was for increase on migraines to the maximum percentage (50) throughout the appeal period (back to 2005) so the rating was set by the judge, so I thought it might be quicker the second time around......... That's what I get for thinking!
  5. Hello Hadit friends. It has been almost 11 months since our BVA grant on March 7, 2018. We have filed numerous inquiries and a couple of WH hotline calls. We also reach out to our VSO occassionally (about every 3 months). She always makes us feel like we are bothering her......Anyway........ Our last inquiry was in November. Below is her response..... Your current appeals status is listed as “Rating Decision Complete,” pending authorization. On March 30, 2018, the VA implemented the Board’s grant decision. Once the VA has authorized your claim, you will be notified by the VA by mail. It is a process. One that I cannot supersede. So, the judge granted the increase of migraines to 50% on March 7. Apparently it went immediately to the VARO and they wrote a rating decision by March 30, which is super quick........so WHY do we still not have the correct disability rating or retroactive pay? Any thoughts? Also still not movement on the remand portion of this appeal . (TDIU)
  6. Hey Dukesters. I was just wondering if you had seen any movement on your grant yet?
  7. One more thing. This is the 2nd time we have been through this. The first was from a denied claim back in July, 2005. In this one, the BVA granted SC for Migraines and PTSD. The BVA granted both in March 2010. Then the VBA did not complete it's part (had to do the actual rating) until May 2011. 14 months went by before the grant was implemented and we received the retro. Now, mind you, in the first case the VBA had to do it's own review to determine the rating. In the CURRENT grant, the judge increased his migraine rating to 50%, so the VBA only has to implement that order.....no review necessary..... and we are at almost 11 months.
  8. Hume, We are still waiting too. No implementation from BVA partial grant back in March 2018. No movement on the remand from that order either. We have made 2 WH hotline inquiries. The last one was in October. Still nothing. All the inquiries to Peggy have been exactly the same. I do an IRIS inquiry every month, but nothing has changed yet. WE also started a dependency claim last july (very simple to verify that she is still in college) and they have not settled that either. Peggy says that it will be settled when our Grant is finalized. Just waiting.........
  9. I think it's a glitch in the system. My . husband's page says the same thing.......Same dates and everything.
  10. I hope you see progress quickly! I have also seen posts where the grant was implemented quickly, but I have not seen many that were implemented quickly that also had a remand. I was hoping, just like you, that our grant and increased rating would be in the 1-2 month timeframe that is estimated on Vets.gov. But again, they have not increased my husband's monthly compensation yet......and that was over 9 months ago. But I have seen 3 posts recently where a grant was implemented fairly quickly. I think it depends on the RO and how much backlog there is at that RO.
  11. Vetranwife, That is exactly what I want to find out......my husband's appeal for increase in migraines was granted on March 7, 2018. That grant has not been implemented yet (no increase in rating or retro). We also had a remand for TDIU. We were told that the remand is at the AMC. We are almost at the 10 month mark since the grant. The reply above from toddt..........he says his remand sat for several years until he filed a Writ of Mandamus. That is so discouraging! But he did get a payment for his grant prior to that.
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