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  1. hello, sorry on late response,, claim in and they are listing it as proximately to the concussion tbi.(secondary aggravated service connection, which has a TBI section but doesn't mention my specific injury) Proximately definition states , at the same time but a different injury) ( She did google it and stated that head trauma is a cause and that I displayed no symptoms prior to the accident, and symptoms of the syndrome after the accident).. looks good to me but I'm a rookie at this..... no symptoms prior to car accident,, symptoms after. claim in ,,cp exams completed,, now waiting but curious
  2. yes started directly after the accident,, had cp exam,,,looks like they are going secondary service connection,, what ever that means,, written that its in proximtal of the tbi.... right now waiting,, read the report,,, confusing for me..
  3. Agree and that's what I've been told about order, Retro pay back to retirement ,, Only way I can imagine it, If they took the vertigo as a informal claim that was tagged to the TBI and not rated separately,( I believe claim would then still be considered open) don't know if that is considered a cue ,, but irrelevant now.. now that I have a objective diagnosis and surgical repair. Don't know how they look at that situation. I believe I will get SC, can only guess on percentage,, claim date I'm thinking ,, they went deferred yesterday and a request to VH for something, opinion or CPexam. so I'm hold right now..
  4. Provided good info on head trauma for claim(well excepted now) as a cause,,from UCLA and the people who study it,, Head trauma will aggravate a congenial condition.(ratable).,, All symptom's started and documented at the time of a vehicle accident ,, Hello, the SCDS was never rated or diagnosed, (subjective vertigo and nystagmus noted twice in ADMR) not known about at that time, Most symptom's of my TBI were subjective and were considered psychosomatic,,NOT... believe I have the SC documented well. I have a vertigo tied to TBI as a residual..
  5. Have same condition, yes vertigo is considered a residual of TBI,, and you can claim it as a residual on a va claim, must try to have some sort of diagnosis,,, I had for equilibrium problems 20 years and finally got a diagnosis of superior canal dehiscence syndrome. which had been causing my equilibrium and dizzy,, and was not part of tbi syndrome (IMO),,TBI causes the FOG,,,But ear conditions can cause the fog also,, something to be aware of.. ..I have a claim in now for it.. research the type of dizzy you have so you can relate it to doctors better ,, many types from spins to feeling off.. each with a different name. Describing correctly to doctor helps ,,, and all are not fun at all...good luck
  6. will try and keep this short and simple if possible. 2000 was rated for a TBI (SC) 10%, my vertigo was considered a residual of it, No diagnosis for ear disease; just Hearing loss and tinnitus (most symptoms listed as psychosomatic). 2017 diagnosed with a rare condition SCDS. (not discovered until 1998, and still not known in medical community. Ear disorder.. Surgery to repair and now have residuals if not some of original symptoms. VA claim in now for the SCDS and vertigo residuals of surgery,, any chance of them relating my original vertigo symptoms to the ear disease and giving me retro back pay from my retirement claim? unusual case. there was no way for me to got diagnosis at that time because of the rarity of the condition. thanks
  7. got my curiosity going, I had symptoms of the syndrome noted in my CP back in 2000 ,, wonder how they are going to look at it. wasn't diagnosed till 2017... patience and see what happens,, claim is still in.. Read the reg says to file a NOD for earlyier date after the SC is approved.. so waiting for that point... funny thing for me the syndrome wasn't discovered until 1998 and wasn't even know about,,, wondering if that has any weight in the decision.. something about evidence available at the time,, lol,,,, was there but cant proof something that wasn't know about.. patience on my part now..
  8. hello, I misquoted myself,, the vertigo was attributed to TBI,,10 percent ,, but was objectively seen at CP in 2000. hole was found in 2017. never ck for before correctly. And the syndrome was only discovered in 1999, so no one knew about it and that the hole would cause such symtoms. .. All VA records are put on new claim. Lots of residuals ,, balance vision, nystagmus, fatigue, hearing loss, more tinnitus,,rated for that already.... still healing from surgury.. CP exam was written up very well for me from what I've been told.. so waiting now for claim to finish and see where I stand
  9. bring up the issue of getting tested for superior canal dehiscence,,,, push the issue ,,doctors don't know crap about it, its rare, ,, drums beating in ears is a type of tinnitus, yoiurs is an old post ,, and I hope this gets to you,, I had the crap for 20 years before being diagnosed. asked for high resolution ct scan after I heard my eyes move. true,,, doctor still thought I was nuts.. but had it and fixed ....another symptom is dizzy when lifting or straining.. good luck.. and the computer screen moves or the words move on the page is one that I had.
  10. these are the cases that i need to look at. i was seen for symtoms but because it was so new and rare i never had a diagnosis. I'm going to look and see if there is something like this where the diagnosis came way later and they connected it to the symtoms while in active duty.. feel that's my best hope on an earlier established date... but i have to find some good ones.
  11. The hole was discovered in my hear in May2017,,symtoms of the disordered around 20 years and documented.in ADMRs and my CP exams at retirement. the vertigo they can attribute to the ear thing now and should get a 30 under vestibular disorder, if they go meniers Syndrome,,, that could be 60 to 100. (wish) have all the symptoms of meniers but its SCDS. and a syndrome is a different thing then a disease, but I haven't found that noted anywhere. Its a rare condition SCDS and doctors don't know about it.. the syndrome was only discovered in 1998, CPs were in 2000 for retirement. hopefully that may help me. Google ,, I can hear my eyeballs move,, that's how it was found and diagnosed.. Residual symptoms from the surgery, vertigo, vision, reading, nystagmus bad, fatigue. hearing balance off, little bit of memory stuff going on,, its only been six months.. still finding out things...have copies of all records,, was all done in DOD facilities so they can see it and look at it for the claim. CP in July all things noted,, heard that it was a well written CP exam in my favor. but haven't seen it.. still in gathering of evidence of claim. They waited the six month requirement after surgery for the CP which is good I figure. Should be rated well for the CP exam (present state of disability) I hope, ,but as far as the established date going back, I'm holding my breath.. would be nice one,, and it would be the truth,, had a rare condition that was just discovered and Doctors didn't know about, all symtoms reported at the time match the syndrome> ADMRs they didn't know about the syndrome and things were written off as other things.. so no am wondering if they will go back and put it right. holding breath, getting blue,,,lol....date to finish claim is Oct 19 or so..
  12. hello, I'm a good example of this and haven't received an answer to yet... long story short... car accident in active service,1998, all symptom's and complaints documented in ADMR cp exam in 2000. ear disease had tinnitus, hearing loss and vertigo. Vertigo attributed to TBI. just 10% for vertigo. dizzy for 20 years, tested periodically and nothing found but chronic dizziness noted. .2017 diagnosed , finally,, with super canal dehiscence syndrome. 20 years of symptom's explained. 2017 filed a claim for superior canal dehiscence, the labeled it as peripheral vestibular disorder on the claim. Feb 2,2018 Surgury repaired dehiscence,(hole) lots of residual symptom's. . All noted on a CP exam in July 2018. Would like retro pay to the time of the accident or retirement, when medicial evidence showed the symtoms, but have been told that the reg statement: when entitlement arose or claim filed, which ever is later will do me in for retro pay.. I'm waiting now on the claim to see what happens..
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