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  1. I can't find the intent to file form I logged on to my eBenfits to file an intent to file. The only thing I found was the actual claim form for when you are ready to file the full claim. I tried the search and entered "intent to file", that didn't take me to any form. I tried entering the form number and that took me to the pdf form but not the online form. Anyone know where to get to the intent to file on eBenefits?
  2. Why can't I find this list? I have searched and every link is invalid. Don't they want us to know? I need a current active list for the Marine Corp. I'm 99.9% positive my MOS is on the Highly Probable list but I would like to have a print out to take with me to my C&P. Thanks
  3. I log on to Ebenfits about once a week to check if the status has changed. The girl from QTC who is scheduling my C&Ps said the VA sent them 580 pages. They sent me 193 on the first disc and now are sending another 60 some on the second disc. From that alone I don't trust the VA. Since the VA sent 580 pages to QTC, wouldn't that mean that they already have all my records, I mean, they sent them to QTC. My status on ebenfits is "evidence gathering".
  4. I did file for my complete C-File. First back in January and again in April. I received a CD 2 weeks ago but it wasn't complete. I called the number on the letter and they said they would send it to a supervisor. I called again last Thursday and the extremely helpful guy who answered the phone (and I do really mean that) told me an additional 60 some pages were sent to me on 5/22 with my STRs, stuff dated from 1979 to 2000. I don't have that yet but it should be here by Tuesday. My VSO said he couldn't see any of my active duty medical stuff nor my initial claims from 1999. I had al
  5. So what do you recommend? Should I just go it alone, using this forum as my help line? I don't even know what the FL VSO is doing for me. I thought he got copies of everything I did and would be telling me the next step but he said he doesn't get the notifications. I also assumed he could see everything available on line, stuff I couldn't see, because he had some special log on. I do know he couldn't see my STR, I still don't have those either.
  6. I actually called my local VSO (in WI) to see if I could change. I'm getting mixed information from the VSO's on that. I filed in FL with my VSO there and am now in WI in a campground, I'm a snowbird. I'll be moving in to a house in a different county in a couple of months. I have been told 1) I have to stay with the current VSO and 2) I can switch but it has to be in the county I live. Unfortunately the campground and the house I will be moving to are in different counties. When I first met with my FL VSO he told me to make a list of all my current conditions. I ordered my VA health
  7. One other clarification. I did 6 tours overseas. I am a Gulf War veteran and my service records show this. 2 of my 6 month deployments were in the Gulf War zone. The ships I was on were never fired upon and I never fired my weapon during combat. I don't have any combat service medal. I have the armed service expedition medal for being in theater.
  8. I still haven't received my C-File but I think when I do it will be next to nothing. I never went because I didn't want to be labeled a sick bay commando. Heck, I was the one calling others names for going to sick bay instead of sucking it up. I used to joke around and say I probably wouldn't be able to walk by the time I turned 50 with all that I put my body through, well, I wasn't far off.
  9. Broncovet, I think I didn't make my comments clear. I don't consider myself a combat vet for training in boot camp. Although I was a drill instructor at both Parris Island and San Diego (not by choice), I am a Gulf War veteran. I was not in active combat but I was in theater. My question was simply because I didn't know which box to check since it is at the top of the form and not specific to each issue. Like, what does "Combat Activity Y/N" have to do with kidney stones? Nothing as far as I know, but it is in the Military Service Information section of the form I have to fill out for my
  10. More information....I was in theater in the Gulf War. I have looked up the qualifying dates and locations and I was there. I am considered a Gulf War veteran,. I was thinking that maybe I should ask for the specific Gulf war Syndrome review that I was reading about. I'll wait to see how my current claims come out first. My VSO told me not to put in for all my muscle and joint issues right now. I had an exit physical in 1999 and nothing since then. I thought after you got out you weren't allowed to go back and be reevaluated. I just found out that I could this January so I called the
  11. Broncovet, Sorry it took so long to reply. for some reason I didn't get any notifications that my question was being answered. I have a C&P exam next week and the form that QTC is asking me to fill out in advance has a question on it, "Combat activity? Yes/No" This question is not in the claim specific portion of the form. The start of the form is titled MILITARY SERVICE INFORMATION. Then later on the form there are sections for each specific claim. I have 8 active claims right now. I retired in 1999 and didn't know that I could and should have my disabilities reviewed periodical
  12. Berta, unfortunately that document doesn't pertain to me. I retired in 1999 and it refers only to veterans who were discharged on or after 2003. I am considered a Gulf War veteran but I wasn't in active combat. I trained for combat pretty much the entire 20 years. There is a question on my form that I have to fill in to take to my C&P and it simply says "Combat activity?" Yes/No. thanks
  13. I thought I read somewhere that the VA description of combat activity included "Preparing for combat" as well as actively in combat. I have looked for the legal VA definition and can't find it. Can anyone provide a link or past the legal definition in here for me? Thanks
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