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  1. Never mind Buck. I re-read your response and I see that you mentioned a civilian (In Your Opinion). Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the information. Is it better to seek an opinion from an outside doctor or schedule an appointment with the VAMC?
  3. Roger that. Thanks for sharing your experience. This site is most helpful..
  4. Thanks for the rapid response to my question Broncovet. You mentioned I would need the following: 1. Current diagnosis (of depression). 2. Nexus, or doc's statement that your depression is "at least as likely as not" due to pain from your (service connected condition(s). So that I am clear, I don't currently have a diagnosis (of depression). Will I need to obtain that before the VA sees me? As for the Doctor statement, I understand it basically needs to say that more likely that not caused by the pain correct? What is Nexus? Thanks for looking out f
  5. I was discharged from the military December of 2004 due to multiple convalescent for Right Knee issues (4 Knee Surgery's). I am Service Connected for Right Knee Medial Meniscal Tear with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and Degenerative Arthritis that has been getting worse over time. Due to the nature of the pain, I am submitting a (Secondary) claim for Depression due to Chronic Pain. Any advise on what I should do before/after submittal to support my claim? Example: Should I see a Counselor about my Depression First or wait for the VA C&P Exam? Thanks in Advanc
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