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  1. Hello All I would like to thank everyone over the last several years for the information I received an the encouragement to move forward with my claims. I just reviewed ebenefits this morning and was awarded 60% for CAD, this will put me at 100% P&T Scheduler. I still have a few claims pending BVA review. I wish everyone here good luck with your claims and keep fighting to get want you've earned, I know most of us would rather not have the health issues.
  2. Hello VYNC Thanks for your input, now it is all wait and see want the out come will be.
  3. Hello Vync I am sure how to upload files here but I attempted to attach a copy of the C & PCAD C and P edited 01082020.pdf
  4. Hello VYNC My EF rating on from the C&P examiner was 50%, my Cardiologist report said 45-50% and MET 5-7 which puts me in the middle. I wonder which way they will go?
  5. I just viewed my C&P results for CAD/IHD secondary to DMII on blue button after waiting the now required 30 days, I think they were positive for the most part. The examiner stated it was more likely than not 50% or more related to DMII. Items of issue are in ref. to MET rating of 5-7 and in ref. to scar from surgery I told the examiner it was still painful but he marked on the DBQ no pain. Do I just wait for the rating and file an NOD or is there something I should do ahead of receiving a decision, I have an appointment with my cardiologist this month an plan on asking him what my MET is. Any and all info is appreciated.
  6. I called Peggy this morning they have combined my CAD FDC with a secondary claim I have for hypertension secondary to OSA which was denied and is pending I-9 which is due by the 14th of Oct. They also change the claim to hypertensive vascular disease from CAD. I have a Cariac cath report stating Multivessel coronary disease and a transthoracic echo showing EF=45-50% which have not been submitted yet since I am having by-pass surgery on 10/1. I have additional testing being done before surgery next week Should I wait for more testing info and submit additional results as FDC for CAD again? thanks for any input you can provide.
  7. I filed an FDC for CAD on 9/11/2019 while reviewing va.gov working on a I-9 appeal less than a week later I noticed on 9/17/2019 the claim had already been decided. It stated CAD (HYP on Appeal) secondary, notice to be sent in 7-10 days, I also received notice on 9/17/2019 that they received my claim. When checking Ebenefits to review for any possible increase as stated on va.gov it did not show CAD or increase. As of 9/19/19 I checked va.gov again and the claim for CAD no longer is showing on the site? I realize it would be almost impossible for the VA to process anything in 6 days but I wonder why my claim is no longer showing on va.gov? I guess it's time to give Peggy a call. Any info would be of interest.
  8. Hello Buck Thanks for your input, and yes the NP's name and phone # are on the paperwork I received I will give them a call. I only have the secondary sleep apnea items pending at this time and the paperwork does not state want they are reviewing the records for. I just thought someone on the site may have already had a similar experience with VES records review only. Thanks again for your input.
  9. Hello Buck Thanks for your reply, I was recently (8/30/2019) service connected for sleep apnea by the BVA, after 7 years. All current items denied are secondary to sleep apnea, info supplied was nexus letter IMO from the same Dr. for sleep apnea listing all items claimed as secondary with explanations for ea. specialist in sleep medicine PHD. from Harvard with over 30 yrs. experience. also setup the first sleep testing center in Calif. for military personnel, astronauts, fighter pilots, etc. these secondary items were all submitted after BVA approval for sleep apnea as secondary, sent to VES for several C & P's Once denied, I requested DRO Review in April, in July I received a call from Minn. office saying I requested a call when sent in DRO request my claim was originally sent to Phila., then I received a letter from VES for review records only. I am not sure why A Nurse Practitioner with VES would be reviewing.
  10. I have requested a DRO Review after being denied, I just received a letter from VES stating they are reviewing my records. What doe this mean?
  11. I filed for a DRO review in April 2019 with the PHILA RO, I just this week July 21. 2019 from MN. Office saying I had requested a call. Please provide any info possible, I do not remember requesting a call, what do this mean? And Why a call from the MN. , office? I requested a review of benefits denied, and supplied additional evidence.
  12. Thank you all for the information it has been helpful, now just time to get back in line.
  13. My original claim for OSA was started in 2012, I finally received BVA Award on 8/2018 for 50%. My original IMO, and DBQ (see attached) also listed several other items as secondary/aggravated by OSA. I submitted a claim for these issues along with the original nexus letter and DBQ, all were denied. The Dr. is currently doing a letter for each item. My question is do I resubmit it as an NOD with DRO review or request a hearing? Or are there other options? Thank you in advance for any info you can provide. Denial was received prior to Feb 19, 2019 VA OSA Redone.docx
  14. Hello Nozzz's You may have already resolved your issue for IMO sleep apnea if not I can recommend a good one for you, I filed my original claim in 2012 and was just awarded 50% in 8/2018. contact me via email for info, I am not sure want I can list on this site.
  15. I was recently service connected for sleep apnea, my DBQ, IMO, and nexus letter stated my COPD was exacerbated by my sleep apnea. I files a claim for COPD can anyone advise how this would be rated if approved?
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