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  1. I was recently service connected for sleep apnea, my DBQ, IMO, and nexus letter stated my COPD was exacerbated by my sleep apnea. I files a claim for COPD can anyone advise how this would be rated if approved?
  2. I am in the same boat, received my award on 8/23/218 still waiting on rating and retro. I will also try Broncovet's suggestions. Thank you all.
  3. I received a BVA Award direct service connection for sleep apnea 8/2018, I am currently waiting for a rating. I noticed on 10/2018 a new claim was listed on ebenefits Admin review back fill rating for Sleep Apnea. Does anyone know what this means?
  4. Hello Galen

    I've been were you are I got out of USMC 1975 nothing in my records, had a sleep study in 2011 diagnosed with OSA.

    filed my claim in 2012 and was denied non service connected, submitted I9 9/2012 in 2018 while waiting on my BVA review I sent in IMO, DBQ, and Nexus and was grant direct service connection. currently waiting on rating/retro.



  5. Hello Broncovet

    See attached IMO, nexcus, and DBQ.

    I am not sure how to post on the site, so maybe you can pass it along to those in need of a great contact.

    my cost for IMO was 800.00


  6. Since I am new to posting on this site I am not sure want I can post. I am not sure how to get the info to you.
  7. Hello broncovet I had a couple of buddy letters stating how loud I snored when I was in service. Also had a great IMO from a Harvard PHD. sleep expert who has been working in the field for 30+ years testing Military Pilots, NASA personnel etc. The Dr. also listed 6 secondary problems with explanations, so I just filed for them as secondary this week. If you would like the contact info email me. Also I was discharged in 1975.
  8. Again thank all who post their stories it is a great help, that and a great IMO. I will continue to report as I move forward.
  9. I have been lurking on the board for 7 yrs. and would like to thank all who offer there knowledge to help. After 6 plus years I have finally been SC'd for sleep apnea. Just received award from BVA 8/23/2018 claim started 7/11/2012. Now on to the secondary items.
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