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  1. Thank you all for the information it has been helpful, now just time to get back in line.
  2. My original claim for OSA was started in 2012, I finally received BVA Award on 8/2018 for 50%. My original IMO, and DBQ (see attached) also listed several other items as secondary/aggravated by OSA. I submitted a claim for these issues along with the original nexus letter and DBQ, all were denied. The Dr. is currently doing a letter for each item. My question is do I resubmit it as an NOD with DRO review or request a hearing? Or are there other options? Thank you in advance for any info you can provide. Denial was received prior to Feb 19, 2019 VA OSA Redone.docx
  3. Hello Nozzz's You may have already resolved your issue for IMO sleep apnea if not I can recommend a good one for you, I filed my original claim in 2012 and was just awarded 50% in 8/2018. contact me via email for info, I am not sure want I can list on this site.
  4. I was recently service connected for sleep apnea, my DBQ, IMO, and nexus letter stated my COPD was exacerbated by my sleep apnea. I files a claim for COPD can anyone advise how this would be rated if approved?
  5. I am in the same boat, received my award on 8/23/218 still waiting on rating and retro. I will also try Broncovet's suggestions. Thank you all.
  6. I received a BVA Award direct service connection for sleep apnea 8/2018, I am currently waiting for a rating. I noticed on 10/2018 a new claim was listed on ebenefits Admin review back fill rating for Sleep Apnea. Does anyone know what this means?
  7. Hello Galen

    I've been were you are I got out of USMC 1975 nothing in my records, had a sleep study in 2011 diagnosed with OSA.

    filed my claim in 2012 and was denied non service connected, submitted I9 9/2012 in 2018 while waiting on my BVA review I sent in IMO, DBQ, and Nexus and was grant direct service connection. currently waiting on rating/retro.



  8. Hello Broncovet

    See attached IMO, nexcus, and DBQ.

    I am not sure how to post on the site, so maybe you can pass it along to those in need of a great contact.

    my cost for IMO was 800.00


  9. Since I am new to posting on this site I am not sure want I can post. I am not sure how to get the info to you.
  10. Hello broncovet I had a couple of buddy letters stating how loud I snored when I was in service. Also had a great IMO from a Harvard PHD. sleep expert who has been working in the field for 30+ years testing Military Pilots, NASA personnel etc. The Dr. also listed 6 secondary problems with explanations, so I just filed for them as secondary this week. If you would like the contact info email me. Also I was discharged in 1975.
  11. Again thank all who post their stories it is a great help, that and a great IMO. I will continue to report as I move forward.
  12. I have been lurking on the board for 7 yrs. and would like to thank all who offer there knowledge to help. After 6 plus years I have finally been SC'd for sleep apnea. Just received award from BVA 8/23/2018 claim started 7/11/2012. Now on to the secondary items.
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