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  1. USN 2/1979-12/1980. My question, beginning in service I have had near daily headaches. At least three or four times a month they result in throbbing, pulsating and radiating migraine that results in my missing work and staying home in bed in a dark and quiet room, sometimes for hours and sometimes for up to three days. They are diagnosed and treated through the VAMC, however they are not SC. One day when talking to my PCP about waking daily with a headache, she asked about my sleep and ordered a sleep study I have OSA and was put on a CPAP machine. This cut down on the daily wake-up headaches, but the migraines still develop. OSA was never diagnosed in the service (I was discharged a year before the first CPAP machine hit the market), so I' not sure how I was supposed to have STR's with sleep apnea in them if it wasn't a diagnosed condition at that time. I have a lay statement from my mom who obviously knew me before service, during and after discharge. wrote a lay statement and my PCP wrote an IMO note saying she believed it was more likely than not sleep apnea began, or was present during service. When I submitted my claim for OSA, I also claimed migraine secondary to OSA. Both were denied. Regarding Migraine, they were never diagnosed as migraine in service, but my STR's state the following "K/O Muscle headache c/o of throbbing headache everyday x 3 wks: does radiate, throbbing R side occipatal region, states relieves some when pushing or pressing hi head together with his hands" I was planning on submitting a new 526EZ to claim migraines directly as they are the same throbbing and radiating headaches as in service, but are now diagnosed at the VAMC as migraine. Is this enough for direct SC for migraine? Suggestions? Advice?
  2. I'm SC for IBS and have other abdominal issues. I'm going in for a C and P exam shortly to have my abdominal issues looked at and re-evaluated. My intestinal and IBS issues send me to the restroom, on occasion, 2 or 3 times per day, but usually at least once per day. These restroom visits frequently keep me on the can 30 minutes or more. My question is, my work is office type and is productivity based and I have minimums I'm supposed to hit each week. When I'm not stuck in the bathroom, I have no problem meeting my production goals, but when I'm spending so much time stuck on the bowl, it adversely impacts my job performance and I fall short of my work requirements and risk losing my job due to performance. Should I tell them that at the C and P exam? What are the rules if s disability effects my work? Thank you
  3. I had infant asthma with all signs and symptoms of asthma gone by the time I was 9 or 10 years old. On my pre-enlistment questionnaire, I marked I that I had had asthma (question says do you have or have you had) I had it as a kid and it was gone. I enlisted in the Navy in 1979 and based upon all the research I have been able to find, with any history of asthma, I don't think I should have been allowed to enlist. I have my service records and they are silent of any respiratory testing to enlist. The best I understand is they accepted me with a presumption of soundness. I had not had any sort asthma symptoms for at least 8-10 years prior to service. During rigorous running and physical training in boot camp, I had an asthma attack and had to go to the dispensary. I filed a claim recently for service connection for asthma because it was aggravated in service and I was treated for an attack in service. I also have a 40% rating for a knee condition and have not been able to do much to be active over the years. At my most recent yearly VA physical, my cholesterol and weight were both going up so I figured I needed to do something to get some exercise. Swimming laps is something suggested to me so I tried that and after about 20 minutes of laps I had to quit because I was having asthma breathing problems. I told my VA doctor who treated me with a daily inhaler and a rescue inhaler. Both have helped improve symptoms. The VA denied my claim for asthma saying it was preexisting. I had been asthma free for almost a decade prior to service. If regulations at the time I enlisted say I should have been disqualified for service, but they let me in with a presumption of soundness, what steps do I take in my appeal? My mother has written a lay statement of the chronology of my childhood asthma and when symptoms were gone. How do I show aggravation v exacerbation? What should a doctors IMO say? Thank you.
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