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  1. Also I used Attorney Julie Glover...Gloverluck law Firm in Dallas Tx. Goodluck!
  2. I believe Dr. Valette offers video consultation's. I received 100 P&T with his help.
  3. Dr. Valette is an expert in MST claims. He will look at your c file for markers related to Mst/ PTSD. He is in Colorado but does do phone interviews for Va claims.
  4. Sounds good what percentage are they reccomending it be raise?
  5. I am a PTSD/MST survivor and I too have FIBROMYALGIA interesting I never thought of it being connected to PTSD. I guess because FIBROMYALGIA is a nerve condition after doing research on it perhaps it can be service connected or aggravated. If I were not 100 P&T I would definitely file a claim. Goodluck keep us posted
  6. Guys I am pre 911 if I apply for caregiver will I have another VA Comp exam or can I use my Private Dr. Unique11128
  7. Yes, The effective date is the date I filed. So yes it was correct. Thanks everyone! As James Brown says "I feel good" Unique11128
  8. Berta I followed your recommendation to see Dr V. For a Imo/Nexus I'm so glad I did. So I want to personally THANK YOU! NEVER LEAVE A SOLDIER BEHIND! Unique11128
  9. Unique11128

    SMC S??

    I was just rated today 100 PTSD P&T I already was rated 60 for other conditions not related to PTSD and the rater without me filing for it granted me SMC S1 ..So if you have 100 plus 60 percent in multiple disabilities he should be good.. Btw how much is SMC S1 per month?
  10. I am so excited to share the outcome of my appeal. I am 100 PTSD and 60 for other service connected disabilities. I was also awarded SMC S 1 housebound. Not sure how much HB pays. I am so happy it's been a long time coming. I want to thank each and everyone of my HADIT family members for all of your support. NEVER LEAVE A SOLDIER BEHIND! Unique11128
  11. Dajoker12 I was granted at the BVA for Ptsd/Mst I My sleep disorder (Rapid eye movement and acting out my nightmares ) breathing disorder was diagnosed at the Va and issued a CPAP machine by the Va. I had a Nexus/Imo with the rationale to support the opinion done from a Private mental health Doctor. The Bva remanded the sleep disorder and required me to attend a Comp exam with a General Doctor. I attended the exam only for the Doctor to tell me. She was not qualified to do the exam because she was not a mental health Doctor. She said the Va asked her if my sleep disorder was secondary to my already SC for Asthma. I had the Imo and nexus letter with me to show that its SC to PTSD she refused to read. She completed the report and said not SC to Asthma. I'm not sure why Asthma was even asked of the Comp exam doctor to opinion. 1. What are my options 2. How is REM breathing disorder rated. 3. I do think I also have sleep apnea although I did not experience the event at the Va sleep study . Can I have a sleep study done at a private facility using my on insurance. Will Va accept if I'm Diagnosed. Thank you
  12. Fearless The best part about this you have been SC. I am a MST survivor from 24 years ago i just got SC for PTSD/MST. Do not give up Please! That's what they want you to do. Making sure you get what's entitled is not wasting your time. I think with the right Doctor IMO you MAYBE able to get a higher rating but it's hard to say because I need to see the Comp exam. Stay strong! Unique11128
  13. Fearless Can you redact your personal info and upload the actual Comp exam?
  14. Born2dothis Can you upload the Comp exam remove your name and ssn. It's hard to advise if we can't see the Comp exam. Unique11128
  15. Keep the faith most of us have been where you are. I have one advise get a IMO for every denied claim. Good luck Unique11128 Ocean bound How is claim going? I hope all is good! Unique11128
  16. Bluebonnie I could be wrong but is sounds like you may need more development..meaning the rater may need more evidence to grant or rate the claim. Good luck! Unique11128
  17. Broncovet I did speak with AMC he said they now see the nexus letter in the file but I still need to have a Comp Exam. He said even though the VA did the sleep study and issued me the CPAP. I never had a official va exam for service connection. I did not know there was a Comp exam for sleep apnea. Unique11128
  18. Update I was approved for PTSD at the board i have been placed in a National que Waiting for the rating now. The sleep apnea is remanded even though I provide a private Doctor's Nexus and rationale connecting sleep apnea to Ptsd. There was no mention of the nexus or rationale in the the boards decision. When I called amc I was told there were missed by mistake and now they have me scheduled for a Comp exam with a General MD for the cause this week. Despite them looking in the record and seeing the nexus and rationale was in the file before my appeal went to the BVA basically they missed it. I hope this is not a development to deny Unique11128
  19. That sounds like the Va! Thanks for responding guys. Happy New year to you all
  20. Does anyone know if we receive interest on our retro back pay after we win our claims
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