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  1. Fearless Can you redact your personal info and upload the actual Comp exam?
  2. Unique11128

    PTSD Awaiting approval decision

    Born2dothis Can you upload the Comp exam remove your name and ssn. It's hard to advise if we can't see the Comp exam. Unique11128
  3. Keep the faith most of us have been where you are. I have one advise get a IMO for every denied claim. Good luck Unique11128 Ocean bound How is claim going? I hope all is good! Unique11128
  4. Unique11128

    C and p exam(need input)

    Bluebonnie I could be wrong but is sounds like you may need more development..meaning the rater may need more evidence to grant or rate the claim. Good luck! Unique11128
  5. I was recently denied in the Ramp HLR. I found the NOD and received a letter from the VBA stating we have received your NOD received and docketed. There was no docket number meantioned. My Attorney told me that there are 125 appeals to the board from the Ramp and half of them are going to a hearing so because I choose the lane not requesting a hearing I should be high on the list when they began in OCT 1st. Has anyone gotten there actual docket number for Ramp yet? Will we be in a different docket system from the legacy docket system ? Unique11128
  6. Unique11128

    Appealing a Ramp decision to the BVA

    Broncovet I did speak with AMC he said they now see the nexus letter in the file but I still need to have a Comp Exam. He said even though the VA did the sleep study and issued me the CPAP. I never had a official va exam for service connection. I did not know there was a Comp exam for sleep apnea. Unique11128
  7. Unique11128

    Appealing a Ramp decision to the BVA

    Update I was approved for PTSD at the board i have been placed in a National que Waiting for the rating now. The sleep apnea is remanded even though I provide a private Doctor's Nexus and rationale connecting sleep apnea to Ptsd. There was no mention of the nexus or rationale in the the boards decision. When I called amc I was told there were missed by mistake and now they have me scheduled for a Comp exam with a General MD for the cause this week. Despite them looking in the record and seeing the nexus and rationale was in the file before my appeal went to the BVA basically they missed it. I hope this is not a development to deny Unique11128
  8. Unique11128

    Va disability compensation retro pay

    Does anyone know if we receive interest on our retro back pay after we win our claims
  9. Unique11128

    Va disability compensation retro pay

    That sounds like the Va! Thanks for responding guys. Happy New year to you all
  10. Johnny drama, I used a Dr. B Valette in Colorado not sure of the cost. I hope this information is helpful. Unique11128
  11. I filed a RAMP APPEAL (HLR) in April 2018. I was denied so I filed another appeal to the BVA in August 2018 . So I recently recieved a call that the BVA Remanded the sleep apnea to ARC but granted My PSTD/MST appeal. I also filed for TDIU for the PTSD. I was told that the Regional office did not address the TDIU which was filed with the PTSD. So I'm being told by ARC the Regional office was emailed and I informed to address the TDIU. Can anyone share their opinion on what to expect. I meet the 100 schedule but filed the TDIU just in case. Can Regional office award or does it go back to ARC? Unique11128
  12. Soldier I agree leave it alone. Unique11128
  13. Vetquest I filed the TDIU/PTSD originally before the IMO private Dr. or Va comp exam. I am not currently rated100 scheduler. I have just recently been granted by the BVA for PTSD. I was trying to cover both bases if I don't get the 100 scheduler. So because the DRO didn't include the TDIU in the RAMP APPEAL it was not addressed at the board. So unless I'm incorrect the BVA would have granted the TDIU and once it went to the ARC. If the ARC decides to rate me 100 scheduler then the TDIU will be moot. I'm asking because I'm not sure. Does anyone have a opinion.
  14. Johnny Drama Yes, I filed it secondary to PTSD I had a nexus letter from a Private Dr. It was not denied but remanded meaning they want more information i guess they want me to see a Va Comp doctor even though the Va did the sleep study and gave me CPAP machine. I'm actually more concerned with them not including my TDIU in the Ramp even though I was told it was in the Ramp..They acknowledged they made a mistake by not including the TDIU when they decided my appeal...I was told today they will fix it. I'm not sure how or who when etc. I'm sorry to hear you were denied get a private Dr to give you a nexus letter and pray. Unique11128
  15. Unique11128

    Rating letter

    Pitman87 Congratulations! Go to Ebenefits and download the disability letter. Unique11128
  16. Paulstrng

    Update I received a call from the BVA telling me my Ramp appeal was on the Judge desk waiting for his/her signature. Also my Attorney told me she has already received a Ramp to the BVA deciding. So yes they are working the Ramp appeal as of OCTOBER 1st .





    1. paulstrgn


      That is great to hear, I hope you are awarded a very favorable rating. Good luck

    2. Unique11128


      I will keep you updated. Thanks 




    3. Unique11128


      Update on my Ramp appeal to the BVA. I received a call from my lawyer that PTSD was granted and the Sleep apnea was remanded by the BVA. I was told the RO has to implement the Rating on the Ptsd and they want me to have a Comp exam for the Sleep apnea. I hoping for the best!


  17. Unique11128

    Appealing a Ramp decision to the BVA

    Update I filed a appeal to my Ramp (HLR) after being denied in July 18..I recieved a call from the BVA that my Ramp appeal was with a Judge awaiting his/her signature. I hope and pray it's good news. Unique11128
  18. Ocean bound How is claim going? I hope all is good! Unique11128
  19. Berta How do I know if the comp exam (PTSD) was done by a Va doctor or a contractor doctor? unique11128
  20. Buck52 Va guidelines state the compensation level is determined based on the highest level of symptoms checked. Rather than the number of symptoms at a given impairment level. Although I can understand why you think 50% maybe 70% because we all know the VA don't follow their own guidelines. I hope that we all get what we deserve. Unique11128
  21. Hi Swag It looks like 70 % but if Total occupational and social impairment box was checked I would have have said 100%. However the box for inability to perform personal hygiene was checked and that should be rated 100%. Not sure why he didn't check total occupational and social impairment was not checked. Please let me know how it turns out. Good luck
  22. Navy4life I also have PTSD/MST and I have diagnosed with FIBROMYALGIA. How are you linking MST to FIBRO?do you have a nexus if so may I have the doctors contact information? Goodluck! Unique11128
  23. Paulstrgn I also was denied higher level review. I appealed the decision to the BVA. The letter I received from the Va said the BVA would start hearing cases from Ramp on 10/01/2018. So I'm confused about the Feb 2019 date. Unique11128
  24. Unique11128

    MST C&P exam contradictory

    Finajones I had the exact same thing happen to me. I made the mistake by requesting another Comp Exam. They granted another exam and got another opion almost identical to the first report. So I suggest you don't ask the Va for another Comp Exam..Get you a IMO it may cost you some money but at least you will hopefully get the benefit of the doubt..Meaning one Va comp exam and private exam...In this case the veteran should get the benefit of the doubt. Good luck Unique11128
  25. Hi oceanbound, You can call Julie or Adam they both have access to see what decision is in the system even though the claim is still pending decision Review. Goodluck! Unique11128

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