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  1. What a trip you have been on. I started mine only two years ago. I have won sc at %50 MH and misc 30+ for other secondary connected issues. I am proud of you fighting so long. So did you get a huge back pay check?
  2. I am not sure if that the fact that he was not a service member matters. I know that if he was not a service member and it was off post then its a no go. But your case might be different. Their claim was denied as it was not a MST technically because it was non military related. Also, you do sound like you have the evidence needed to prove your claim. I wish you luck.
  3. Ummm I have proof. I have a letter from the Chaplin I talked to after it happened, a doctors exam with rectal truma noted and just got bumped to 100% rating. I even have court notes. I was jailed after complaining for failing to obey a nco commands...all on record. I also have my attorney at the time notes where he recommended me not to pursue it. I had an open and shut case with the VA, I was worried about it at the time thinking I didnt have enough evidence but apparently I had an over whelming amount. I'm not beating you down. How are you getting that? Because I gave you a trut
  4. I dont think anyones question the legitimacy of anyones claims. But its crazy to say a person dosen't have to be touched or raped to be sexually abused. It totally de legitimizes sexual assault victims who suffered horrific acts. Sexual harrasment and assault/abuse are two totally different things. Why would op ask a question and then complain about the answers.....I refuse to just lie to people to spare feelings if they have a bad case or are not going to get rated. Harassment 34 years ago is not going to cause ptsd. Rape or assault years ago will. Literally every women in the service would b
  5. Your private medical evidence is not the markers they are talking about. Its medical, therapists notes etc from when it occurred they are talking about in the marker list. Just being realistic. You said you requested a transfer, can you find those record's? Tbh they look over you c file and dod records pretty good. The Dr's they have doing mst claims are trained to do so now. Its up to you. Lots of people on here love to help and they do. They often seem to want to not hurt feelings and kid glove people and that dosen't help. You need to pull you entire service records. Work from there, unless
  6. Ok, I guess I missed the part that sc'd it? How many exams list issues but the vet is denied? Why give false hope? The examiner clearly says its not service connected.
  7. When you filed the claim there was a section on the form to add the markers you had. I'd simply ask your vso to make those corrections and see if they will just reconsider it. What did you write down as proof? Did your vso even ask you? Has your claim already been decided? You still need proof of the markers. Get your military service records.
  8. I guess I am confused. I though you were not touched? I know that words can be harassment, but words cannot cause "sexual trauma" but the va says harrasment can yeild a sc. You really are not being clear. My Psych doc saying men can't be raped is a major difference then what I said. You need to be more clear reguarding you situation becuase the way you described it nothing happened. You said that he never touch you correct? If thats the case then what happened? No need to lash out, you are asking questions...when you ask for opinions people tend to give them to you. Als
  9. How are you getting a 10% rating out of that? Theres no sc...
  10. Sadly it doesn't sound like MST. He hit on you? Technically as long as it was not on going its not harrasment...I might be wrong but it sounds like the dude creeped on you and you shut him down? I see you meantion the dead girl a lot...but then you say you were driving her car? So you weren't in boot camp?
  11. Tbh you have to have markers. No way around not having them. You need some sort of proof. You cant just claim a foot injury and then say of course I have one, you know we are and were discourged from reporting it! But I want to get paid now for it! The VA is not going to grant you sc unless there is a connection, even if you have private therapists or doctor notes. Its not fair to expect them to do so. Pull your c file and look for markers. Over the last few months I have worked with a lot of vets advocating with my local vso and vet center. If you experienced trama that warrants a ratin
  12. Denied. Looks like nothing in your file, no way to over come this tbh. I talk to a lot of people and am a survivor of mst. You have to have one or two markers. I have not seen someone over comethis unless they missed a marker.
  13. As an MST victim I don't think anyone has changed anything. I after being granted SC for MST/Depression I have been treated poorly by my Psych doctor who with a straight face asked me why I would have feared death during "my sexual encounter" with my drill instructor. I was violently raped and told multiple authority figures who did nothing. The DI got to retire and no action was ever taken. I saw a post in a forum from another one of his victims, he soon deleted it once Marines called him a liar online. I think I have suffered more mental trauma now then I did back then. I just would be
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