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  1. In 1972 the USAF let me enlist as a troubled teen kicked out of school as a troubled student and no diploma or GED.The recruiter told me as long as i got GED after basic i could enlist..When i got to Travis AFB i was an AGE Driver Operator/Dispatcher.I waited a year to take GED test and without reading questions i filled in the first answer on all questions and made a high score on all subjects..In 74 when Nixon offered early out like many i took it with honorable and all benefits..On my DD214 it shows all my Awol days and time in brig.It shows my many Article 15s and says my equivalent civilian job as Taxi Driver plus my secret code or SDN number is AFM (703) and i do not know what that means .Im filing PTSD even though never seen combat just stayed at Travis for 2 years as a screw up and not proud and have my regrets. Any comments??Im ready for the humiliation to begin..
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