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  1. *Jimka2

    compleated claim

    To VetQuest,I wanted nothing to do with the Nuke boats. Recent tests require 100% oxygen and breating tests numbers were below the 100% requirement ,(below 50) Mine were 44. Hope I do not have to wait so many months for a decision. Thank you very much for your fast reply. Jim
  2. *Jimka2

    compleated claim

    Thank you Vetquest. I already have a 30% rating for abestos in both lungs, after serving on several diesel boats.(submarines ), Was offered Quartermaster First Class if I shipped over
  3. What is the usual time frame for a fully developed completed disability claim to be approved?
  4. Hello again, Hope this will be my last posting about home oxygen requirement. Last hospital PFT test showed a FVC of 44%. VA requirements says 50% or less equals 100% disability. Outside doctor at the hospital doing the test also wrote full time oxygen required. The VA also is now supplying me with total home and walk around oxygen . Have 30% rating for abestos in my lungs.Do I have the VSO file for an increase from the 30% or file a new claime for the 100% only. Thanks
  5. Just received the medical paperwork today. Will file for an increase in the next 5 days with the VSO
  6. Current disability ratings=. One for knee =30% abestosis in both lungs=plural placks=30% Total allowance is 50% Now today new tests indicated in writing, 100% home oxygen required both at home and when walking around .New Test with FVC (forced vital capacity) of my lungs show 44%. Rating table says less than FVC of 50% equals 100% disability rating. What should I expect in a total rating? Is a claim increase adjustment considered a "new" claim? Thanks "
  7. I have two disability ratings. One at 30% for knee injury  and one at 30% for asbestosis. making a total of 50% using VA math. Will that change any thing ?

  8. Thanks very much Chief, but I do not understand what BVA and "specific DX means. . Please give me the docket numbers for 02 supplemental increase awards. Thanks again
  9. I have a 30% rating for asbestosis, 4 years ago. Now breathing much worse VA walking breathing test indicated 89% Can not walk farther than 100 feet with out breathing difficulitys. Does home oxygen given by the VA mean 100% rating?

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