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  1. I know that Dr. Bash is well respected on this forum, so I sought out his service to write me an IMO for my prostrate cancer . He took a long time to get up with me , even failing to call me after a call was scheduled. I had to email him again, and request another call. He was never specific as to the cost of his services. I used Dr. Anise's services in the past and his fees for two IMO's were $1500, in fact that is what he charges everyone. Another doctor Dr. Seiter has his fees listed on his web site and his services for an IMO are $500. Dr. Bash's secretary called me a few minutes ago and quoted me $10,000 for an IMO. She wanted $3000 down, and to arrange a payment plan. I informed her the the fee was ridiculous, explaining what Dr. Anise charged me in the past and what Dr. Seiter charges. She asked me what did I think was a fair fee. I refused to answer her telling her that I though that Dr. Bass was trying to get rich on the back of veterans. Maybe my opinion of Dr. Bash is wrong, I sure hope so. If anyone wants to get an IMO check out the following link from Watchdog.org , it list many doctors willing to provide IMO's. https://www.vawatchdog.org/imo-ime-medical-opinions-exams.html
  2. I was just diagnosed with stage 4 Prostrate cancer, which has already spread to my bones in lumbar spine in 4 small areas, and 1 small area my right thigh. There is no cure for stage 4 Prostrate cancer. Average Life expediency is 5 years after diagnosis. I had not had my prostrate checked since I was 33 I am now 66.. you do the math.. It was not anything I had though about. My doctor told me any man age 50 and above needs to be checked yearly with the finger test ( ouch) or Urine test. This cancer is treatable and can be cured if caught in the early stages... Get your Prostate checked. I had always though my Lungs would kill me....but we are all going to die sometime so it really doesn't matter what kills us... I have had my affairs in order for some time.. but I still worry about my wife of 47+ years... This has hit her hard, so guys if you care at all.... get checked....
  3. TDIU is never revoked unless it was based on fraud, once awarded TDIu regardless of a later 100% rating you cannot return to work... if you do you could be facing repayment of thousands of dollars.
  4. No.. because once your granted TDIU it that award is never revoked ( unless it was based on fraud) Also if you were granted T&P and chapter 35 benefits both times, your dependants have two separate awards for chapter 35.. which doubles the amount of time they can spend in school.
  5. I doubt this... simply because the va doesn't moot TDIU because you got a 100% rating later. You may think it was moot, because of the 100% award, but unless you receive a letter revoking the TDIU award you still have a TDIU award.
  6. I guess that is a matter of opinion, I have one combined 100% rating and one 1005 rating based on a single condition.... and for the heck of it I was also awarded TDIU for a different condition that the 100% ratings are for.
  7. I do not recommend confronting anyone that put information in your record that you do not agree with. There is a procedure that you can take to have information you don't agree with removed. I went thru this last year. A male nurse did not like the way I answered his questions and I did not like that he would not look at me when asking the questions. When he asked me what my weight was , I told him to look in the record, since this question had already been answered and I said why your at it .. look at the record and find all the answers to your silly questions. He told me to return to the waiting room and wrote in my record that he felt threatened by me, he wrote some other stuff but the just was that I scared him so bad that he wanted nothing to do with me. I found this in my record, and wrote a letter addressed to the Director of the hospital and in the letter I demanded his statement be removed. I explained that if he was so afraid of a fat, 65 year old man on oxygen sitting in a wheel chair then maybe he should not be working at the va since many of the veterans he will come in contact with are like me. I also indicated if this 35 - 40 year old man was really afraid of me he should of called the VA police.. I indicated he was rude would not look at me when talking to me instead had his back to me and his face looking down at the form he was filling out.... I also indicated, that he was asking me questions in the presence of other people that had no business hearing the questions let alone the answers... In the end ( about 4 months later) his entries were removed from my medical record, and he was instructed not to interact with me at all. If you confront anyone you could make matters worse.
  8. As long as you have a 50% or more rating you can receive medical care free of cost for any and all conditions.
  9. Richard1954

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Left ear Hearing Loss 0% SC (I asked for increase) - Tinnitus 10%

    This is a argument that is going to require an independent medical opinion. For years the VA told me my hearing loss was not serious enough to be rated and that if it were it was not service connected ( 1986-2005) in 2005, a VA audiologist wrote a statement that my hearing loss was more likely than not caused during my military service. I was service connected at 0%, and given hearing aids, along with 10% for tinnitus. I have fought for years to get a compensable rating. My right ear is really bad , but the va says because the hearing in my left ear is still to good for a compensatable rating even giving special rules concerning the low levels in my right ear and I was again recently denied for a compensable rating. I find it ironic that anyone can have hearing so bad that the VA will purchase $5000 hearing aids and TV audio accessories every 5 years but the hearing loss is not compensable. A compensable rating for hearing loss is almost impossible to get unless you are close to or totally deaf. At my age, I have given up on ever being rated fairly for my hearing loss.
  10. You conditioni would have to be caused by an instrument of war ( such as a Jeep or other government property that was created to wage war) or it would have to be caused by an injury during war. In my opinion unless you could prove it was caused as explained above you would not be awarded CRSC. I am not sure who you would apply to being a member of the Army National Guard, but it seems to me you would submit your application and medical evidence to the CRSC under the Secretary of the Army. I don't know how arrhythmia could be caused by war, as I am not a doctor, my suggest is to submit your application and let those that know make the determination. Also, if you are approved, it will be awarded based on the 10% va award, and no more. It would be tax free, and the amount awarded could not exceed your actual retirement from the Army National Guard. If it is less that your actual retirement you would receive the rest of your retirement - the 10%. In your case it seems like the only benefit to applying would be a tax free check . Best of luck
  11. Richard1954

    SMC (k)

    I have a K rating for loss of use of a foot, ( considered to be part of my 60% rating for my back) but no separate rating at all
  12. Yes.. me too... no haven't called anyone.. I suspect it was just an internal review of some sort
  13. Paul it should be the date you filed the claim .. or the date you retired or left service which ever is most recent I have also seen the va state in one of my claims , " the day of your first treatment"
  14. I have two Regulator or procedure review claims listed at VA.Gov.. one opened on Dec 26 2019 and closed on 4 Feb 2020 another opened on Dec 24 2019 and closed on Jan 17 2020.... There is no other information listed in regard to these actions...... Does anyone know what the term Regulator or procedure review claim actually means.... I have never heard of Regulator or procedure review claim until I saw them at VA.Gov
  15. My personal experience concerning TBi and the C/P for a TBI.... I suffered a TBI in 1975, I was thrown from a moving jeep injuring my back and hitting the left side of my head on the pavement.. I was unconscious for 3 days in the Hospital. When i woke up I had severe pain in my back and headache with blurred vision and reduced hearing. Like an Idiot ( well maybe not since in 1974 Concussion was not called a TBI) I did not make a claim until 2018. I went to the C/P at the Local VA, I was shown some pictures that were hand drawn and asked to remember them, a minute later I was asked to draw the same pictures, I could not remember the pictures., I was asked specific questions about memory and I told the doctor, I do not remember names or groups of numbers like phone numbers ( I have to write my own phone number down). I also do not remember anything about the accident except what I was told after I woke up. I only remember what was going on before the accident, but I do not know how I ended up on the pavement or how I was injured. Later much later, many years after my retirement I had head scans done due to headache and not being able to remember names or numbers.... I was found to have brain damage on the left frontal lobe. Later still when I had to have eye surgery due to steroid use for my lung condition my left eye, was found to have been damaged , torn zonules , which hold the eye lens in place. . The doctors determined that in all likely hood the zonules were damaged when I hit my head on the pavement. And doctors also suspect that it was this same accident that caused my hearing loss. Anyway.... after answering some questions, and trying to recall pictures or write things I had been shown.. I ended up with a 40% rating... and it was determined that I had had a serious TBI based on all the damage to my body, but more important the memory loss and being knocked out for 3 days.. I did have all active duty medical records that proved the injury. It is important to know that the more serious the injury may result in presumptive service connection down the road for things like Parkinson disease ... Anyway.. my point was that the C/P exam as easy... To this day I cannot remember my phone number or names of new people I meet.....
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