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  1. I have filed claims both ways.. multiple issues and once, and three or four claims for single issues... I learned that if you do single issue claims the VA usually combines them into one claim. Does it take longer if the claims are submitted separately and then combine maybe , maybe not.. In my case I filed 4 separate claims in one day... so time-wise it didn't matter. But I can see filing claims months apart and then the final claim holds up the first claim..... I think you should file all claims together, with the medical evidence... it should go faster ..
  2. I don't think you can actually request a new exam until you get the denial of the claim.. Then you appeal and have to find a way to discredit the examiner by going after the examination report, pointing our why the examiner was wrong. In the appeal request a new examination from a qualified examiner... If a contractor did the exam , it will not make it to your medical records at the va ,,, and you will have to request a copy of it from the regional office....
  3. Berta, I just had two new C&P exams scheduled thru LHI ... the first one was for my hearing... I really can't say much about the exam until I see the results. The second one was on my Left Knee.... it was a second C&P exam... initially I was surprised that than a new exam had by scheduled because I also paid for an IMO from Dr. Anise. I did discredit the original c/p examiner who was a nurse working va exams only as a PA. Now first I told her that my r knee which is service connected buckled causing me to fall and in the process I twisted my left knee tear my meniscus. Her original statement was that it was the slope In my back yard that caused me to fall and injury my knee.... and indicated it is less that likely that the right knee was the cause of injury..... 22 Days later she changed her statement to say there is no evidence that one lower extremity could cause damage in the opposite lower extremity ..and indicated again less likely.... she cited her reference... I found the reference she cited and there was't any such line in the reference, upon closer examination I found a line that had her statement in it, but she shorted the line .. in other words, she only quoted part of a statement that was in the reference, in fact the reference had nothing to do with knees, and every thing to do with gait, caused by a shorter limb.... I really torn into her examination as well as the medical statement and stated she had no business doing C/P exam that she was bias, and fabricated a statement a total lie , that to cite only part of a line and state not likely that she committed a fraud. She had an agenda, and it was to screw me ..... Really, has anyone every heard of a C/P examiner going to the trouble 22 days after the exam and come up with a whole reason for denial. The new exam I had today, was from a Chiropractor who also is a qualified NP. He seamed reasonable. He did not try to get me out of my wheelchair, he did not remove or request me to remove my AFO brace. He asked me questions, and I answered them. He examined the left knee and check the strength in both knees. He indicated anyone with a knee injury 40 years old is bound to have problems with buckling and he said that he believed it was very possible that I injured the left knee just as I had stated, The bottom line is no one can really state if my right knee buckled and I fell to the ground twisting the left knee and tearing the meniscus.. so the only logical statement to make is that it is as likely as not. In fact when I wrote my appeal.. I made the same statement as above, and stated to say other wise would be saying that I was telling a story. I indicated any reasonable examiner would indicate as likely as not .. I will send an email to the link you provided,, and send a copy of my c/p exam and appeal if it helps to get this examiner relieved.
  4. Richard1954

    I'm 100%PT my wife is being medically retired from Army

    Dental no, but yes for vision care.... in fact my wife gets her eyes checked yearly on Fort Hood, and then goes off to Walmart for her glasses.....Dental care is offered to retirees as an option.. I think thru the same insurance program for Federal employees.
  5. Richard1954

    Opt in Ramp or not?

    Factually, every one will have a different opinion about ramp, when I asked this question ( should I opt in) two different lawyers told me to stay away. I had already had my claims denied, and had submitted an Notice of Disagreement requesting De Novo reviews. I had not received the Statement of the case, so I was just waiting on that, before they would actually do the de novo's. After much consideration I opted into ramp. anyway...... I don't think the ramp system is very good because you will lose some due process when it comes to appealing. I got a BVA decision back in July 2018, ( on a claim that was 10 years old) it had 3 item remained that were not even appealed to the BVA , anyway I received 2 denials on two ramp decisions just this month, and within that denial it listed the same three items that had been remained in July 2018 as needing more evidence... I am not a believer of ramp.... I don't think it was any quicker than the legacy system, and I think the only one who actually benefits from it is the VA when they list the stats saying claims are being processed faster... in my opinion all that is being processed quicker are the denials.....
  6. When I was granted A&A I did not have to go for any exams. I had been having problems with doing many of the things that people do daily. My biggest problem was putting on my AFO because I cannot bend over, and I could not do any cooking because I am on oxygen. I also did not wash my own clothing but my wife always took care of that anyway. I do have problems dressing my self because I cannot move like I use to move,. Anyway .. what I did was take some advice from VAWatchdog.org , there was an article on there that recommend veterans write their own nexus letters concerning anything in my case Aid and Attendance, then take the letter to your VA primary care doctor and asked them to review and sign it if they agreed. So basically, I wrote my letter that recommended aid and attendance, it covered all the bases concerning my disabilities, and the types of help I needed on a daily basis for everyday living. My Doctor reviewed the letter, then told me to take it to the Secretary, have her copy it to va letterhead, and bring it back to him and he would sign in.. Took me all of about 45 minutes to get it done. I was already rated housebound because of 100+60 so that may of helped, and getting rated 100% for COPd also helped, in the end I was awarded Aid & Attendance + 50 , so I got @ L 1/2 rates. Maybe the va rater considered the letter as my exam, but I was never required to take any exam it was just granted. Also you do not have to be totally dependent on someone else, for example, I can feed myself, take a shower without help ( sure I am sitting but I can do it)... and I can put my own shirts on, just can get my paints on without help because of my back, knee injuries. I also can't put my braces on by myself... the point you don't have to be totally dependent to get a&A....
  7. You really sound like a glass half empty kind of guy....... I get it that 100% va compensation doesn't cover all the expenses someone many have... you just have to decide what is a priority and forget about the things that are not necessary.. It doesn't matter if your disabled or not... 78% of all people live paycheck to paycheck , most people have to forgo something .
  8. I don't know of any Company that actually pay for the full cost of a dependents secondary education. Many companies will reimburse an employee for education cost, it the education is geared toward their job . Some may provide a benefit to help off set the cost, but again I can't think of any company that actually pays the full cost of a college education. The PVT E1 should get better pay that someone working at Home Depot... the PVT E1 is required to be available 24/7 and has volunteered to put his life on the line, when was a laborer at Home depot every called to work at 2AM....or put their life on the line, you can't make such comparisons between the two because they are apples and oranges.... I don't understand were your coming from.... tax relief is a big benefit for many veterans , at least in my case... my tax relief literally would pays for a new vehicle every 18 months... too some it is enough relief so that a veteran could purchase a home...... In Texas the only tax I pay is sales tax.. in Oklahoma 100% disabled veterans don't even pay a sales tax..... so don't discount tax relief because it is real money.
  9. .To be sure Champva is not always a 2nd insurance, many who have Champva only have Champva. Here is a link to explain what Champva actually covers.. https://www.va.gov/COMMUNITYCARE/programs/dependents/champva/CHAMPVA_faq.asp As to College no one ever said college was free ! You stated you heard it was free, where ever you received that information I do not know. Chapter 35 benefits help to offset the cost of education nothing more...and in many cases its enough of an offset that the student does not have to work while attending school
  10. NO! First what you should do is to go google chapter 35 Benefits if you want a full explanation of the benefit. Chapter 35 dependent education pays a stipend directly to the spouse or dependent child attending school the amount of the stipend depends in the level of study the ie: 1/4 or 1/2 or full time student it has nothing to do with any other program. In my son's case when he attended college he did not have to work to help pay for college like most students do.. because he had chapter 35 benefits... his benefits paid the amount that his scholarship did not cover.
  11. Richard1954

    I'm 100%PT my wife is being medically retired from Army

    Living a hour away from base may disqualify you from using Medical Services on base unless you sign a waiver. Typically the military wants you to live within 30 miles of the base to use tricare on base, or they may offer you a waiver depending on the local commands directives.
  12. Richard1954

    I'm 100%PT my wife is being medically retired from Army

    You do not have an option. Tricare is for active duty and retirees and their dependents. Champva is for veterans families that are not eligible for tricare.
  13. If you were able to download a letter saying your 100% P& T, then that is what your were awarded. A lot of times the rating will hit ebenfits before you get a letter. You should receive a letter within days of seeing stuff on ebenfits..... of course I have also seen things go to decision phase back to needing evidence, but in your case based on the letter you downloaded... I believe you were rated 100%.
  14. Yes I agree it would be better to document the medical issues while you are still in service, but even then that doesn't mean a claim will be granted. In My time, sleep apnea and PTSD did not even have a name so they would not be in the medical record. In other instances it took me years to get claims granted even when the service records showed treatment. In other cases, your can get service connection for secondary conditions as well, of course most of the time the secondary condition would not be in the service medical records either
  15. They did not extend the benefit to spouses of veterans rated 100% or TDIU this is one benefit that only the veteran gets.... I am retired so, my spouse can travel space A with me and when my children were young they could fly as well.

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