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  1. Clarus Dermatology is on the evidence list. We did a DRO for not having proper consideration of the letter from the doctor or the corpsman. Unfortunately this is all the Dermatologist was willing to provide.
  2. I only filed for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, they opened up skin condition on their own. This is for a direct service connection.
  3. To be honest Berta I had a really hard time apply the example to my case on the psoriasis. I had a great word letter from my Corpsman and a "reasonable" letter from a private dermatologist. The only one in Minnesota I could even get to offer anything on it. My corpsman's statement was filed as a lay statement. In the decision they didn't reference either of the statements. Want me to upload them?
  4. Good evening. My claim was decided. My rating for anxiety with depressive features at 30% and changed to PTSD at 50%. My VSO said I should be furious at the denial for Psoriasis and Prostatic Arthritis. We filled a NOD with DRO. He said get ready for the long haul. Lastly the CUE on my shoulder was deferred. Considering this was going back to 04/2011 and my C&P went very well I am hoping this is a good sign. Any insights?
  5. I could look on my old claim again. But was denied on basis that there was no shoulder injury in my STR. I found a copy of my final physical where it showed in for different sections that I was being treated for my shoulder. I have the final physical to my VSO and he wrote down some of my compliant and said he would file a CUE. I haven't heard anything since then, until I was called to schedule a C&P for it this morning.
  6. Good afternoon, I had a call to schedule a C&P for my shoulder from LHI this morning. Generality speaking does that mean they agreed with my rationale for a CUE and are moving forward with the claim?
  7. They fixed my testicle by getting rid parts of it. For me it is tough because I felt really connected to righty, but overall I am just grateful to.. I am happy to lose the 10% rating to get the cure. I will always monitor it to make sure the pain stays away. But do you want the pain gone or money?
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