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  1. Thanks for your help and support GBArmy, great advice, didn't think about "Laundry List" may slow the process down. Thanks again.
  2. I am preparing multiple "New" claims to be submitted on the VA Form 21-526EZ. Does the VA make an individual decision/rating on each claim; then sends you a notification for the individual claim that's rated (or) Waits till all the decision/rating for the claims submitted on the VA Form 21-526EZ to be rated? If I have an Intent To File Claim on File, once (1) of the claim has been decided upon or rated; will the rest of the claims on the form be treated as "Normal Claims" (or) Will they all have the same date as indicated on the Intent To File?
  3. Need assistance in where to find on ebenefits to File a VA Form 21-0966 (Intent To File A Claim For Compensation) ?
  4. I'm putting together a claim package to be submitted (hip replacement) , should I also file for my PTSD claim at the same time? The hip replacement is for a "New" claim PTSD is for a "New" claim
  5. As I have been putting a package together for a claim, I found my entrance medical examination and noticed a "Note" in regards to a clinical evaluation for Pes planus. I do not have a disability rating even for noncompensable condition for 0%. I researched how the Department of Veterans Affairs rates veterans with flatfoot under 38 C.F.R § 4.71a, diagnostic code 5276, and it stated that veterans can be rated between 0 percent and 50 percent on a scale of mild to pronounced for flat foot. Could this have been overlooked during my VA Medical Exam? How and should I bring this up now? Back
  6. 1. Current diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the hips. Prior to the Total Hip Replacement , I had a diagnosis of osteoarthritis. The replacement "fixed" the osteoarthritis and complex tear of the anterosuperior labrum 2. Documentation of an in service event which caused your current diagnosis. No documentation of a service event, only document would be in my job as working in Postal Operations and that state that the personal cannot have permanent physical restrictions prohibiting duty involving prolonged standing, walking, or lifting of weights up to 70 pounds (DOD Directive)
  7. How do I proceed on filling a new claim for hip replacement(s)? Retired in 2010 BENEFIT SOUGHT: Background - NEW - Service connection for chronic bilateral primary osteoarthritis of hip with a complex labrum tear (Right side). Was diagnosed with chronic bilateral primary osteoarthritis of hip with a complex labrum tear (right side, with moderate right and severe left degenerative changes of the hip. Evidenced by bony proliferative changes and subchondral sclerosis. Right, lateral, femoral head neck junction subcortical cyst, 8 mm in size (Radiology Reports).
  8. I was diagnose with Chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (309.81) in 2014.It was not included in my initial VA exam in 2009, as I wasn't even aware of it...I keep it in denial for many years. However, a time came when I broke. I went to see my Doctor and was referred directly to Behavioral Health.I was being seen at the Landstuhl Behavioral Health (Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany) for over two years. A change in both my Psychiatrist, and Psychologist but all went well with the transition. However, with personnel and budget cuts my time at Landstuhl ended and was told that I could
  9. Hello everyone, looking for advice on preparing a new claim for Compensation. My claim was filed as part of the VA's Quick Start initiative (Ramstein AB) on 6 November 2009 with disabilities shown to be in incurred in service 1 January2010. At the time of my evaluation, I put in for connection for lumbago (claimed as lower back injury and lumbar tendonitis: DENIED ) as I had previous had a few issues with my back during my 24 years + service as a Postal Working in the USAF. I had no idea, or even thought about arthritis. Now I have found out that I have moderate right (with complex labrum tear
  10. I recently received my decision letter from the VA for obstructive sleep apnea, which was currently 0 percent disabling, increased to 50 percent effective June 19, 2107. I submitted via e-benefits the intent to file on June 19, 2017, and actually complete the claim for decision on May 8, 2018 (within the one year time frame). The time that I submitted the completed claim (8 May 2018) to the rating decision (20 July 2018) was 100 days, which seem pretty good time to me. My combined rating evaluation was 30% (effective 2010) and was increased to 60% (effective 19 June 2017). My monthly enti
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