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  1. I have published studies for migraines that my Neurologist used when writing a nexus for secondary status so I could put with my claim at the BVA when my time comes for my hearing. He created a reference page for all studies he considered as well. The Rheumatologist is reviewing several as well.
  2. First and foremost thanks to everyone. Secondly the quota comment was poor choice of words. I had a C&P exam in 2015 for migraines in which military service was no reviewed very well by the examiner. He also told me after the exam that "You are not going to have any problems with this; I agree"; then less likely was on his DBQ he filled out. My wife now attends all C&P exams that I am invited to. I appreciate the insight and education on this. Should have mentioned the FM claim is related to PTSD/depression. I have read mixed reviews on this. My Dr. says it is most likely related to my depression, however my rating is based on PTSD due to pyramiding not allowed.
  3. I am considering filing a claim for Fibromyalgia on a secondary basis. I will have substantial evidence including: 1. IMO/Nexus from Rheumatologist relating FM secondary to my SC disability. 2. Lay evidence from a Chiropractor. This will state I have been a patient with musculoskeletal issues for several years. I look for the RO to ignore this and not even review it. 3. I will have additional evidence as well. My fear is that even though I have my eggs in a basket that the VA will send me to a C&P examiner that needs to meet their quota for rejects regardless of pending evidence. If this is the case will the RO then ignore the IMO/Nexus from my Rheumatologist and deflect like they are known to do? Has anyone had any experience with this or any secondary issue? I am trying to avoid a 6 to 8 year process. Thanks
  4. Great Post Broncovet! I am guilty of a few of those during my endeavors. Thank you!
  5. Thanks Buck I do have a SA claim in for over 6 years now and it is sitting at the BVA for the last 15 months. It will probably be another 6 years before it is resolved. I also have a migraine claim in as well. I was ordered NEW exams for these by the HLR officer because I had bogus C&P exams for them. The VA conveniently lost them for 6 months and then sent me a denial without receiving my ordered exams. They are a bunch of criminals and C-19 gives them a reason to wear masks. Just my opinion.
  6. I appreciate what you do. In my opinion insomnia should be separated from PTSD and not part of the pyramid scheme the VA has. Insomnia should have its own separate rating criteria. I do, however; agree that depression, anxiety, MDD, PTSD etc should all be one. I appreciate your response.
  7. Can you claim insomnia secondary to PTSD or is this considered part of the pyramid system that the VA created.
  8. KC3


    The USDVA will not give my representative at the ?DVA access to my file. I filled another POA out after 2 years and it was submitted to the USDVA several months ago. How do I get the USDVA to release my records to my rep?
  9. Has anyone had experience with the RAMP BVA? I elected to see a veterans law judge. I fought and got mine accepted by the BVA with a date of November 2019.
  10. Thanks Toddt I appreciate it. Also to all the other folks who chimed in. wow
  11. I just received a IMO from my pulmonologist for SC PTSD aggravating sleep apnea and vice versa. In the letter the term service “related” PTSD is used instead of service “connected” PTSD. Is this going to be an issue? This will be going to the BVA and possibly the CAVC.
  12. Just wanted to give an update on this. I received a letter from the BVA saying that they received my 10182 but states "VA had not made a decision in the modernized system for the issues that I identified in request" "If I have a different understanding of the course of events please notify the board ASAP so appropriate action can be taken". I did this through RAMP so there would be no Statement of the Case or Supplemental SOC issued. I called the BVA and put in a complaint for the letter basically calling me a liar. A supervisor is supposed to call me in the next 2 days. The VSO, who helps me says he might not be able to help me with this. He always sends it to the regional office who represented me in HLR and later the BVA if I get there. They are not working right now or ignore my emails. This is the third issue I have had in the last 2 years that has set me back with theVA. Do I need to get a lawyer or contact a lawmaker for help?
  13. Thank you Vync and Broncovet. My VSO helped me and then we sent to my representative out of the regional office. (Probably cost me a month) I will go through the checklist you provided.
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