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  1. Everyone I've been down with migraine, eye, and cluster headaches for a couple days so apologies for the delay; and I never dreamed there would be this much help. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their help and kind words. I have an honorable hardship discharge in which something was going on with a close family member and it caused me a lot of stress. Stress is listed on my exit exam. I also fell 6' and have buddy letters to prove including the doc who wishes he'd sent me for further eval looking back. . I was assaulted on my submarine while in rack sleeping; someone held my feet and then another put a pillow over my head for around 20-30 seconds. I can't prove this because I was afraid to tell anyone but eventually told my wife. I am unable to find anyone who might be able to write me a buddy letter who may have been down where the E1 to E2 and a few E3 slept. Knowing the personnel on the boat I believe that no one would have investigated anyway; maybe the COB but it would have had to get to him. Laugh if you want but it bothers me to this day along with my hardship discharge reason. The Navy also turned their back on me turning my hardship. One thing that I will not submit because it doesn't bother me all that bad is I seen someone cut themselves up with a knife on their arms pretty bad. He had to be medivac off boat during heavy sea state on to a ship. I am finally seeking help and have been encouraged to file a claim by my counselor and psych doc. I have been run off jobs and made the first lay off due to my attitude and horrendous past. Right now I am employed around 8 months per year and my supervisor is a retired Marine and the secondary guy is a Marine both Rated PTSD. They understand and we talk stuff out. We all help each other out with our issues. These guys won't be around forever though. I believe I make over that amount listed on attachments that Geeky Squid left. Anyhow, my cup runneth over...
  2. I just want to get into the system and get a dx by the VA itself so it will be easier to file a claim when the time comes. Did my statement suggest that I had serious issues? I have my moments but nothing serious. I go to one psychiatrist to talk who also fills out DBQ's for vets and the other gentlemen I go to every 6 to 8 weeks prescribes me medication to help me out with the BS. I have problems in social and occupational settings big time The reason I asked this question is because I am told I am not eligible since I am not disabled; however I am a veteran.
  3. I am seeing 2 separate psychiatrists. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety from non combat. Both say it is from my military service. I would like to get into a VA facility and see a psychiatrist or other mental health professional. Is this possible or do I have to make a claim and be diagnosed by a VA contractor first? Thanks. I also conducted a search for this to no avail.
  4. KC3


    How do I check the BVA system to see where you are located? I have already opted into RAMP but was just curious
  5. Well put! I am on day 169 today with a scheduled completion date of February 3rd. I believe I got kicked back to the supplemental lane since they let me submit more evidence that I was waiting on before my deadline to opt into RAMP. I think this is why it is taking a bit longer. nonetheless patience is important.
  6. Mine has an estimated completion date of November 24th on vets.gov. Ebenefits has an estimate date of January to February. I started RAMP on June 12th and the 125 day window is gone as well. I guess it's better than waiting another 2 to 4 years.
  7. Will they eventually get to the personnel who deny claim after claim of disabled veterans and purposely tie them up so they go on for many years?
  8. Stupid me then i guess. I should have began by saying the psychiatrist's business is 75% veterans and that he has helped many many many many many veterans receive the PTSD benefits that they deserve and will go to bat for you. He is very reputable. I guess I should have said " I heard from a guy" instead of a psychiatrist.
  9. Sorry paulstrng didn’t mean to alarm you like it did me.
  10. Good evening I just got out of my psychiatrist and we had a discussion about RAMP. He says you forfeit all back pay the day you enter and I swear I read you are entitled to the “same potential effective date” twice in the RAMP letter I was sent.
  11. Should a spouse mention and explain your stressors when writing a letter about how my PTSD has affected the family or stick to the symptoms before, in and post service?
  12. KC3


    Happy October; playing the waiting game for my RAMP and hoping for the best. AMEN to the temps cooling off.

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