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  1. I am at day 64 with my estimated completion date moved from Dec. 4th to Dec. 13th. I am not near as far as you though. Good Luck my fellow Veteran.
  2. KC3


    Illinois Federal Senator Tammy Duckworth is 100%.
  3. Thank you so much; I will list the easiest ones to prove first. I was going to go in order.
  4. When writing a PTSD statement in form 21-078 and then adding 8.5X11 paper, would it be wise to just do a separate letter for each stressor/incident or should I make it all one letter? I personally think separate would be better but the VA might not think so.
  5. LOL wrong choice of words. I meant request. I'll just be patient.
  6. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks Could I have demanded another C&P right away for this guy not taking my SMR into consideration. It was in April of 2015 and I put in a NOD and just went into RAMP 47 days ago.
  7. pwrslm thank you very much for your update.I will keep posted. After looking at my post it appears that I might be a little inpatient. Will update as I find out information.
  8. I agree 100%. In April of 2015 I had a C&P exam(rescheduled 3 times) with a regular family practice doctor. Nice as heck, said he agreed with everything in my records. He did not take my SMR in to account. He stated that there were not any complaints of migraines in service(less likely than not) and it is in my SMR in black and white. Every time I brought up my SMR and time in service he would cut me off. I don't think it would be proper to post his name here. Anyhow I got a IMO from a board certified neurologist and 4 buddy letters plus 3 letters from people in the civilian world that attest to my affliction to show continuity/symptomology since service. A great paper trail of medical records as well. WE will see what happens. I have put it in God's hands.
  9. Don't know if you care but I got in RAMP on June 12 2018. I have an estimated completion day of Dec. 4th 2018. No movement on mine whatsoever as of yet. I'll keep people posted if they want to know.
  10. Yes I have heard that the BVA is extremely back logged so makes good sense. My rep has informed me that I can still go to the BVA in case I am denied again which is very possible just seeing the statistics. off topic a bit here but a friend of mine's father in law has a purple heart and bronze star from service in Vietnam and was denied for PTST. I'll bet the VA rep who performed the C&P gets a hefty bonus. Too bad you can't go directly after the C&P examiners(legally) who belittle you and basically say you are a liar when their report comes out. Defamation of Character is what the VA does to deserving Veterans.
  11. I don't know if anyone cares but I opted into RAMP on June 12th and just hit day 45 and just checking today I discovered it hasn't moved; still at the receiving stage. Don't know if anyone has had similar situations or not. Has there been any updated statistics on Supplemental and Higher level claims in RAMP that have been awarded and denied. Last good update I read was May 25th from CCK law.
  12. KC3

    DBQ optional or not

    Good morning; I have been blessed to have had physicians fill out DBQ's both family practice, specialist and a psyc doctor. In my humble opinion, during my initial claim I feel that the VA just put them in a pile to collect dust without any care.
  13. Would the same be true for a Higher Level Review Officer in the RAMP? I'm told they are more senior than the DRO's.
  14. Thank you, these are records from military facilities that I thought may have been put on microfiche. Unfortunately this will be on me. I keep excellent records but relied on the medical facility to keep these medical records so I will have to go another route.
  15. I don't know the circumstances of your case but I wish you the best of luck in future endeavors with it.

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