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  1. I tried the regular blue button on vets.gov but to no avail. I had a feeling since it wasn't conducted at the VA hospital or facility that these would be tougher to retrieve. Thanks. I will respond when this adventure is concluded.
  2. How do I obtain copies of my C&P exam results that were performed by contractors? One of these was 5 weeks ago and the other 3 weeks.
  3. I never was scheduled the exam. My representative told me on 12-19-18 that I was awarded the exam but my claim was mistakenly closed out and took several months to reopen. Now they send out a packet with a decision within 3 weeks of the claim being reopened. I have the form the HLR officer typed up ordering a new exam. Says " Establish EP 683 with claim label RAMP-HLR-DTA Error. USing ERB and ERRA submit a new exam and MO request for headaches.
  4. No not as of yet. I am sorry for the confusion. I am afraid I was denied because I didn't get the exam that was ordered for me by the HLR officer. Should I have received the exam for migraine headaches.
  5. My migraine claim from RAMP was finally reopened after it was lost for 5 months and then closed just yesterday. My C file has an order from the higher level review officer from my RAMP that I was to receive another exam due to an error for migraine headaches. I did not receive that exam. I have also showed the 3 Caluza elements for this claim and it appears that they were ignored which is against regulations. Should I have received this exam? Also; if ebenefits has me down as not SC still that pretty much means that I am to receive a denial in the coming days; Correct? Just want to get ready for my next step ahead of time. The VA is not going to degrade me or keep me down. Will see what happens but I think my next step is my lawmaker due to facts in my C file that were ignored.
  6. I have done that with all of my issues and the VA did not take them into consideration. This is just my situation though. It may work for others.
  7. my mistake LOL think I'll edit the question
  8. LOL That was a typo Broncovet . Thanks
  9. My ramp claim was closed 12-19-18. I was ordered new exams for migraines and GERD by the higher level review officer. This part of my claim was closed without me going to any exams at all and recently I finally got it re opened on 5-22-19. It now has an estimated completion date of 2021. On 12-21-19; (should have put 2018 as year) my rep told me that I will be receiving notification to attend exams at the first of the year per his conversation with HLR. How do I get this changed to get my exams like I was supposed to have in January? The Peggy line is not a very good resource for this. I also have the paperwork from my C file of the HLR saying new exams.
  10. Will do; I took a hearing exam as well and had negative checks for wax and fluid. Didn't tell me anything one way or the other. Hope it works out and Good luck to you as well.
  11. Thanks for the advice everyone. I thought the exam went really well. Only time will tell.
  12. I have a C&P for tinnitus tomorrow morning. It started 20 to 25 years ago as occasional ringing and now it is katydids and locusts constant. I have been honorably discharged for 22 years now. Does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom?
  13. Will call down there tomorrow and see what I can find out. I will tell them about that form I attached as well.
  14. I will give that a try. I have not dealt with C&P officer before. I will have to go to John Cochran is St. Louis. That is where I had my faulty C&P exam for headaches.
  15. My other 2 issues were flat out denied and I received a letter with regards to the denial. I have not received anything on the other 2. I attached a page with that info. There is no personal info on it and I whited out the DRO name. form 21-6789.pdf
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