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  1. Stupid me then i guess. I should have began by saying the psychiatrist's business is 75% veterans and that he has helped many many many many many veterans receive the PTSD benefits that they deserve and will go to bat for you. He is very reputable. I guess I should have said " I heard from a guy" instead of a psychiatrist.
  2. Sorry paulstrng didn’t mean to alarm you like it did me.
  3. Good evening I just got out of my psychiatrist and we had a discussion about RAMP. He says you forfeit all back pay the day you enter and I swear I read you are entitled to the “same potential effective date” twice in the RAMP letter I was sent.
  4. Should a spouse mention and explain your stressors when writing a letter about how my PTSD has affected the family or stick to the symptoms before, in and post service?
  5. KC3


    Happy October; playing the waiting game for my RAMP and hoping for the best. AMEN to the temps cooling off.
  6. Yes, it was recommended that I enter on HLR. Maybe it is my ignorance for not insisting on Supplemental. I was informed that as long as all new and pertinent evidence in for my claim before the informal conference, that it would be considered. I was waiting on a couple of additional IMO's and had them within 2 weeks of opting in. My VSO is not authorized to represent me in this so he is in contact with another organization that is representing me. They also said I would be able to insert new and material as long as it was in before informal conference. I believe I will call my rep and see about supplemental although I think it is too late. Also my opt in was in play before new regulations (which are only proposed) and will let it be know in my conference if necessary. Who knows maybe I will get one of the 5% that are decent and read the evidence that proves I had these atrocious things in service.
  7. Perhaps I come off as a bit rude. My apologies I understand what you are saying with regards to the completion date. I hope that they one day get their act together as well.
  8. I opted into RAMP on June 12th and just now jumped from claim received to review(stage3).
  9. Thank you; my veterans superintendent for county I live in is going to investigate for me. I may see if I can change to supplemental; just costs you the breath to ask. He recommended HLR with the informal conference. I had plenty of 5 star evidence I gathered since my initial denial before I opted in. According to the letter for RAMP I received you can't submit new evidence after you opt in. I will read Comer vs Peake this evening. I should have just insisted on supplemental to ensure all evidence is considered. I might be overthinking this.
  10. So according to part 7 bullet 2 the VA will not even consider the additional evidence I submitted for my appeal. They will also take the defective C&P exam I had for migraines where the doc didn't take my SMR in to account. Am I correct in assuming this. I was told by my Veterans county superintendent and representative that the evidence accumulated for appeal and after while waiting 30 months would by reviewed in the HLR. I just couldn't submit anymore evidence after it was submitted.
  11. Don't know if anyone cares but, My RAMP estimated completion date went from December 4th, December 13th to January 8th now down to November 17th after moving to phase 3 which is review and evidence gathering. I check 2-3 times a week. Just an update to compare with my fellow vets.
  12. My VSO seemed to think I'd get new exams ordered. That being said I have 3 IMO each now for all 3 of my issues plus lay evidence. The caluza elements are proved. The FAULTY C&P exam and the gentlemen who performed my 90 second exit exam have both been discredited by a specialist. I did do all my stuff earlier and have my act together.
  13. Have any of you fellow veterans been sent to any additional C&P exams while on RAMP?

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