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  1. Can you claim insomnia secondary to PTSD or is this considered part of the pyramid system that the VA created.
  2. KC3


    The USDVA will not give my representative at the ?DVA access to my file. I filled another POA out after 2 years and it was submitted to the USDVA several months ago. How do I get the USDVA to release my records to my rep?
  3. Has anyone had experience with the RAMP BVA? I elected to see a veterans law judge. I fought and got mine accepted by the BVA with a date of November 2019.
  4. Thanks Toddt I appreciate it. Also to all the other folks who chimed in. wow
  5. I just received a IMO from my pulmonologist for SC PTSD aggravating sleep apnea and vice versa. In the letter the term service “related” PTSD is used instead of service “connected” PTSD. Is this going to be an issue? This will be going to the BVA and possibly the CAVC.
  6. Just wanted to give an update on this. I received a letter from the BVA saying that they received my 10182 but states "VA had not made a decision in the modernized system for the issues that I identified in request" "If I have a different understanding of the course of events please notify the board ASAP so appropriate action can be taken". I did this through RAMP so there would be no Statement of the Case or Supplemental SOC issued. I called the BVA and put in a complaint for the letter basically calling me a liar. A supervisor is supposed to call me in the next 2 days. The
  7. Thank you Vync and Broncovet. My VSO helped me and then we sent to my representative out of the regional office. (Probably cost me a month) I will go through the checklist you provided.
  8. I opted into the BVA approximately 6 weeks ago. Will it be listed on vets.gov or ebenefits at any time?
  9. Thank you, it is in the physicians own terms. I just couldn't see posting it all.
  10. When obtaining an IMO from a specialist or family practice physician, is it advisable to include more than 1 reasons as to why the doctor thinks your issue is SC? My example is the following: the doctor uses a fall you took in service documented by lay evidence and says your migraines are at least likely secondary to the fall and then adds that your SC PTSD is at least likely a trigger for migraine headaches.
  11. I pray this Aimovig is the real deal. I've been given everything from verapomil, topamax and gabapentin. I wish I had started a migraine log many years ago. I am going to submit the log with my appeal to the BVA.
  12. Thanks for the replies; Yes I have had a sleep study with a CPAP necessity letter. My SMR says that I suffered from "acute migraine headaches due to stress "on my exit exam. My pulmonologist states in his letter that my deviated septum along with stress from service (as stated on exit exam) are backed up with medical lit and more likely than not cause my sleep apnea. I suppose this should say PTSD and not just stress. I have had these headaches 29 years and the neurologist I have been seeing this past year had me start keeping a log. Also gave me Aimovig which seems t
  13. Hello, Please bear with me for I don't want to confuse anyone. I usually do but can't help it. I was recently rated for PTSD which I filed for in May of this year with a July decision. I have a claim for migraines and sleep apnea in since 2014 and have been denied twice. My neurologist, pulmonologist and ENT doctor all believe my issues were caused by a fall I took of 6' in which I jolted my head plus hit my face and nose area AND now also from my PTSD. The only proof I have of fall are 3 buddy letter, one being from the corpsman who responded. Should PTSD be listed as
  14. I tried the regular blue button on vets.gov but to no avail. I had a feeling since it wasn't conducted at the VA hospital or facility that these would be tougher to retrieve. Thanks. I will respond when this adventure is concluded.
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