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  1. Thank you Broncovet! Very interesting map. It appears that since I went HLR the first time that I must to to the BVA lane.
  2. With regards to HLR RAMP; I received a denial on 2 of my issues in December. The other 2 I was supposed to receive C&P exams per my rep at the IDVA and now no one knows where this part of my claim is. I've called Peggy 3 times, submitted a complaint to IRIS, and the white house hotline has 8 more working days to get back to me. I have also left 4 voice mails and sent 3 emails with read receipts to my representative without a call or email back. Everything I have discussed has been over a 110 day period not just a week. What is my next step on this if WH hotline can't help; congressman, an attorney something else??? If the part of my claim that is lost is mysteriously found can I still appeal to RAMP via the supplemental or BVA lane since I have already went this route? I've read info where it is no longer an option after Feb. 14.
  3. Please keep posted on that. I got denied on RAMP and now I can go supplemental or BVA via RAMP but not HLR.
  4. Thanks for the very valuable information. I received a bogus C&P exam in april of 2015 for migraines from a doctor who is Family Practice. He said I had no complaints of Migraines in service which was a lie. During my exam he stated he agreed 100% with all my records. I wish I had known about this info before because my rep said just to put it in the appeal. I have found this doctor at his regular practice and have thought about making an appointment and taking all my info and his report in which he lied. I have not went through with this. He has probably had it happen before.
  5. Fairly new but I just learned a ton. I just got denied at RAMP. I am choosing the BVA RAMP option next and obtaining additional IMO's following this format. Thanks
  6. Also, anyone, the peggy hotline put in an inquiry for 2 of my issues I have yet to hear about after my claim was closed in December. Should I wait for these results before putting in a complaint on IRIS?
  7. Thank you very much. My buddy letters don't diagnose but show observations about me and some of the stuff we went through. Here is a quick example; I fell through and open hatch about 6 to 8 feet and hit my face and nose area. No blood. The doc of the submarine was the first to respond. He didn't put in my record though. In his lay letter he says that I fell, some of the symptoms I had and that he wishes he had sent me for further evaluation. I have letters from 4 other shipmates about my issues as well primarily migraines and sleep apnea/disturbances. My rep told me that the HL reviewer conference, which I wasn't involved with, that they didn't take lay evidence into consideration.
  8. Good evening; I phoned the 1000 hotline Friday evening (peggy) after having an inquiry put in last month and the I was told that a supervisor will now attempt to find out about the part of my RAMP case that I have not heard anything about since it has been over 30 days. My claim was closed in December. Please note I have tried to contact my rep several times but have been ignored. My question is; Should I wait until I hear from this inquiry from Peggy before I submit a complaint to IRIS? I have one typed up and ready to send.
  9. I just changed the font size to assist in reading.
  10. Thank you, I am going to use this information to the fullest extent I can. I appreciate your assistance. They also ignored all lay evidence from personnel I served with
  11. Hello, My RAMP HLR claim was closed out on December 21st and I received a denial for 2 of my claims via the RAMP HLR; however I didn't receive any information on the other two issues that I had. My rep told me that I was to receive C&P exams for these two issues on December 18th. I have tried to phone my rep twice and sent 2 emails but am being ignored by my rep. In the meantime I phoned IRIS on January 14th and they put in an inquiry and apologized for this happening. I have yet to hear on this inquiry. Is there any other way I can find out about my other two issues? I feel the people who review claims are doing this on purpose in hopes that I will stop my claim. I wish they were not like that.
  12. RAMP denied 2 of my issues by ignoring credible lay evidence, which goes against their policy. They didn't accept 2 other IMO due to the fact they were submitted after HLR opt in which my rep said they would accept if before the conference. They closed my case on Dec. 21 and I have yet to hear about my other 2 issues. I think they intentionally didn't put them in any decision to delay my claim. I have an inquiry in as of right now. I'm ticked as well. I wish you could go after the person who destroys your character and basically calls you a liar even though you meet all 3 of the caluza elements; which I do.
  13. Great education here! I appreciate the information.
  14. Yes I have a vets.gov and ebenefits account. They both say that claim is closed.
  15. Hello, My RAMP appeal HLR was closed out on December 21, 2018 with 4 issues. I received a denial on 2 of the issues Janurary 2nd. I have not received any information on the other 2 issues, migraine HA and GERD as of yet. It has been sufficient business days. I go through a county veterans superintendent who helps me but is not authorized to represent me as a VSO would so I have a different representative who will not return email or messages with regards to my questions on the status of migraine HA and GERD. Any advice on how to proceed would be deeply appreciated on how to get the status. \Also with regards to the denials would it be advisable to go RAMP supplemental or RAMP BVA lane when that time comes?
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