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  1. Thank you. I don't expect any back pay but dropping my payment down 200 a month sure will be nice. Now to get my champva insurance so my wife can drop hers and save even more money!
  2. That's great to hear. I'm in Illinois. The tax office said shed date it for jan 1 2019 so not sure if that means I'll get back what I paid this year. Also thank you. It was crazy, 4 years got 90%, 3 weeks later TDUI 100% pay with P and T. I couldn't believe it. I was about two weeks from losing my house, then I see my bank account and almost passed out lol.
  3. This is all fairly new to me. I turned in my paperwork for property tax exemption to my local tax assessor and informed my mortgage company. They didnt seem to have a lot of answers. Does the property tax stop the day I filed it? Really confused on how this works.
  4. Just a month ago I hit 90% from 30%, literally a month later got more back pay and generated a benefit letter on ebenefits. They upped me to tdui permanent and total disability. I went from almost losing my house two months ago to being debt free. Thank you everyone who answered my questions and helped.
  5. Okay that makes sense. VA said I've got more pending so maybe that's my updated payments, of course they couldn't tell me since I I havnt gotten the award letter yet.
  6. I received my back pay yesterday from 30 to 90 rating. Today I received my monthly pay and it's still at 30 even though ebenefits shows 90. Does it normally take time to update the monthly?
  7. Ok thank you and yes I'm happy with the DRO. Its more than I even expected. I'm just freaking out a bit since losing my Ltd benefits. I will go ahead and file financial hardship with the claim and be a little patient. Only other option is withdrawing my ssd claim and going on unemployment and trying to find work I can do which will be very hard to find. So even if you appeal one of the denials on the soc that wont slow the other increases down? Thank you so much. I've got a child and wife to take care of so if I seem a bit stressed that's why. Appreciate the help.
  8. The VA told me if I accepted my dro review soc that would cut down on time it would take to get my increases and back pay. I just lost my long term disability and my lawyers saying 4 to 6 months to be paid for my increases. They've been slow to respond to anything so it's hard to ever get an answer.
  9. If you agree with your soc and dont wish to continue to appeal do you have to wait the 60 days before they will finalized it? VA told me today I could accept and my increases and back pay would arrive quicker.
  10. Ok ya I can do that. So otherwise everything looks good then?
  11. Yes I will do that tonight. Why didnt it put my back and other issues on the soc? PTSD increase was granted and was on it but not ny back it pancreatitis even though those show on the va website as granted.
  12. I was army national guard as an 11b and spent a year in Afghanistan.
  13. Awesome thank you! Been waiting 4 years! Not sure how they deny a infantry combat vet tinnitus but I'll be happy with my PTSD increase
  14. Doesnt say anything about a remand. Just says increase from 30 to 70 then tinnitus denied. I checked the status claim online thing and it shows closed items and has granted above them on back and a couple other issues but still shows PTSD under appeal even though in soc it shows increase to 70. So confused.
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