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  1. Hello fellow veterans! My question is this. My psychologist at a VA facility told me he does "not provide letters with regard to unemployability." Not that he opined negatively, but that he simply doesn't do it! Now PTSD programs (Cinncinnati) in their brochure say they will not provide any letters with regard to VA benefits. I have now moved to Vietnam in order to be able to live (got my ticket right before my decision that gave me 70% arghhh!) so any ideas what I can do now? I have a truly horrible work history but mostly I would quit because the stress would be too much. This was before I had any benefits to lean on, I simply lost everything and became homeless. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Greetings, fellow vets! I am a 70% SC veteran married to a 90% SC veteran. Can I get the spousal benefit that would give me $100 more a month? What is disqualifying? For example, how much money in support, do I live with him. Can't find much information about this. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. My situation is a little weird. I filed 3 intents and the last time I was going to go through with it, my VSO filed when I thought I was just at the beginning of the process. They granted PTSD 50%. When I looked at the criteria I thought I have a 30-year history of social and occupational train wreck due to PTSD so I submitted my statement detailing that history and my social security record of work. It was filed as DRO review of level of disability. I am wondering is there always a hearing? Will they notify me if they don't want a hearing? I'm living overseas because I can't afford it here and just worrying about the timeline so I get can the hearing or C&P done before I have to leave. Any advice is appreciated.
  4. Sorry that this is a question not an answer but I get confused how to use this site.. I saw the posts were for 2010. It seems they are "restructuring" so that SC PTSD vets in specialized programs do not get temp 100% anymore. Is this true? Does anyone know if the "residential" label is preventing vets from getting 100%?
  5. I am SC 50% for PTSD. I applied in White City for temp 100% and they said no because "SORCC offers no hospital services. It is an IOP (intensive outpatient program) and is open to veterans in the area, not just those living at the Dom. There is no restriction on work. This is a rehab center. They do not have inpatient hospital services." I want to go to a PTSD program but want to get the temp 100% I am entitled to. I am considering Roseburg or Menlo Park. But I know they change the name of things so it is not "hospital services," and I have never been able to find a definition of that. I see an article that boasts they have a "home-like residential facility," but it also refers to it being an "inpatient program." So I'm wondering about that. I know they're trying to turn everything into outpatient. I am in a vulnerable position and really need my temp 100%. Any information from my veteran brothers and sisters would be greatly appreciated.
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