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  1. Thank you Gastone. I do understanding that the bilateral factor is 10% of the rating and not 10% overall. Is it true that the max rating is 40% per extremity? How would that look if they rated me 30% for the flat feet condition..? The evidence of my TBI (s) is based on my account and what I told them in 2009 when I exited from active duty, however, there is some evidence of the combat I was exposed to in my awards, and I have at least 3 buddies that I'm still in contact with that will write statements that they were there. I don't have any external damage or scarring, however, I was ex
  2. Gastone, It is my understanding that there is an additional 10% rating applied with the bilateral factor and I do not see that on the redacted award letter I attached. I have not filed for a copy of my C-file, but I will this week. I have been reading up on the new TBI rating policies and it sounds like PTSD is mental and TBI is physical, but the veteran has to really push to have it rated that way. Are you saying that unless there are visible signs of TBI it cannot be rated separately from PTSD? I do use my VMC for all my medical care, however, I have not been referred to OT/PT
  3. Thanks jfrei. Can anyone shed some light on the other questions? Thank you.
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