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  1. I got my decision and it came out favorably. Thanks for being there as I pulled my hair out.....
  2. You are not alone. I've been a few groups over the last 20+ years and it has been my experience that when folks go around the room talk about their experience by the time to get to me I really feel that I've got nothing compared to them I sit there horrified and ashamed of my trauma because everyone seems to have had it so much worse. This is not necessarily true but that is how you feel - you deserve the help that is available the Vet Center was a real God send for me. If you don't want to apply for compensation you don't have to but do get the help, I'm actually having a nice little life now with the help of therapy and family love something that I thought would never be possible. Wouldn't that last statement get you a pretty low rating ? I feel the same way myself, tried groups while an in-patient alcohol rehab in the military 2X, tried a couple of of others too, won't do any more. Always gets to "my war was bigger than yours", and it probably was. I just know that God has blessed me and kept me on this earth for a reason, still not sure what that is though.
  3. Hope the fruits of this website and all the help you have provided veterans in need means you are moving on up to that "deluxe apartment in the sky " !!!!......... or, mansion.......... Maybe just bigger home ?
  4. Thank you for the responses. You have created an amazing website TBird. I will keep my grip while I wait..
  5. I just noticed that my claim for increase in rating went from Preparation for Notification back to Pending Decision Approval and the expected completion date has slipped a week. Should I be concerned ? Does this mean they can't make up their mind or is it just a work around to give them more time to work on the paperwork because they coudn't meet the first completion date ?
  6. I went ahead with the rating increase request (4/26/18), did my C&P (6/15/18) and it is now in "Preparation for Notification" stage (6/27/18)/ I had another appointment with the V.A.Psychiatrist after the C&P and she reviewed my DBQ online. I heard a "oh no" at the very beginning of her reading and then a "wait a minute" as she continued and ended with a "it looks pretty good, I think will be happy with the outcome". Did she see the recommended increase ??? After driving myself nuts for a couple of days I went to the V.A. Outpatient clinic and got a copy for myself. Reading that really put the pedal to the metal on my psyche and I just folded it up and relegated it to my "V.A. stuff-save" drawer. I will be getting my answer hopefully soon. It just seems pretty quick to be positive........
  7. I am so sorry to hear of your spouses passing. God Bless him for his service and the hell he was put through.
  8. I have found these comments usually originate from a person who would not be able to complete the gauntlet the V.A. throws down for you before a decision is made. Hearing them talk like that is a stressor in itself and I have handled it in the past that usually puts the subject to rest.
  9. At the behest of my psychiatrist at the V.A. on more than one occasion, I was asked why I did not request an increase from my 30% initial rating 8 years ago. I have no answer for that other than I felt like I wasn't deserving. After a particular hard day, I changed my mind, again at her request, and started the process. My symptoms have gotten worse as I get older. I have been working with the V.A. Psychiatrist and a "Medication Advisor" for lack of a better title the entire time. This process is bringing back all the bad thoughts that have been plaguing me since my first round with my claim. I am scheduled for another C&P exam next month and my anxiety attacks are now just compounded. I guess this is just the nature of the beast ? am I wasting my time and the level of sanity I have managed to maintain ?
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