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  1. That doesn't surprise me, did he tell you that it is because of your BMI? I would take a copy of your SMR with you. Pull out everything to do with PTSD, Sleep Disorders, Respiratory issues, GERD (Acid Reflux) and Medication. Put them in order so that the Doctor doesn't have to search thru your whole file. Ask the Doctor if he could review them (along with your VA records) and if any of these conditions would cause your OSA. If he come back with your BMI, then ask if any of your Medications / Conditions ( I.E. PTSD / Depression / Sleep Disorders all can cause weigh gain) could be the reason for your weigh gain. I have attached information from @dajoker12 and @doc25 below. This information is outstanding medical documentation on the subject. Knowledge is key to winning your claim. Association of Psychiatric Disorders and Sleep Apnea in a Large Cohort.pdf PTSD deprssion binge eating.pdf Secondary Sleep Apnea Article.pdf Sleep apnea psychopathology and mental healthcare.pdf Sleep Disordered Breathing in Patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.pdf Sleep Disorders and Associated Medical Comorbidities in Active Duty Military Personnel.pdf SLeep Disorders in Combat Related PTSD.pdf Sleep Disorders in US Military Personnel A High Rate of Comorbid Insomnia and Obstructive Sleep Apnea.pdf
  2. I filed for non-combat PTSD but received a rating for Persistent Depressive Disorder with Anxious Distress. This has now changed to Persistent Depressive Disorder with Insomnia. Due to it being non-combat, they would not rate it as PTSD. I know that PTSD is not only an combat issue, but at least I am receiving help for my conditions. The first time I received a C & P Exam it was with a VA Contractor. Most of my questions were about my childhood and my marriage. There was no questions about what happened in the Military, which left me confused. I found it very hard to express myself with him. I was denied. I refiled and the Second C & P was with a VA Doctor. Before going into my appointment, they had me fill out a questionnaire. She reviewed my questionnaire and then started by telling me that she had reviewed my file. It showed because she truly understood why I am having so many issues with my daily life. We talked about many things to include, what happened in service, work history, marriage and what is going on in my life currently. She really made me feel comfortable talking to her. She suggested ways for me to deal with things that I normally don't do well at. I know that is not what a C & P Exam is for, but it really helped me. Then she pointed out other things in my records that I needed to address. My appointment lasted about an hour and ten minutes. I was awarded 30%. My third C & P Exam was with VES. It was for Insomnia. She also had reviewed my records before my appointment. She stated that it will be added to my depression / anxiety disability. She asked me questions about when I started having sleep issues and what are the triggers that is causing my sleep issues. We talked about why my depression / anxiety, sleep apnea, GERD and pain affects my sleep. She looked at my CPAP records and stated that I need to make an appointment to see a sleep Doctor, to get a handle on my sleep apnea. She was very nice. Even though they didn't raise my disability for Insomnia, I am happy with 30%. I do not understand why they dropped the Anxiety, because I believe that it is more of an issue than the depression. I may address it someday, but at this point, I don't have the energy to deal with it. I know this post was to late to help you and I hope all went well with your C & P. Hopefully this will help others.
  3. That is great information Richard, but I have had VA Doctors tell me right out no. One even told me that I should be 100% disabled due to Military Service. To be fair, my old MH Doctor (who has now opened his own Practice and no longer work for the VA) has been the only one to write a NEXUS Letter for me.
  4. I paid $1000 to have a GERD and Plantar Fasciitis done. I was awarded 30% for GERD without a C & P Exam. The Plantar Fasciitis is still pending. Both of the conditions should have been straight forward for the VA, but it was not, so I had to pay somebody to show the VA that I had the condition in service (not before) and the VA is still treating me for it. PTSD can be a lot harder to prove, so that may not be so far out of line. Hopefully somebody can give you advice on that. I did check out his website and nothing stands out as being a scam. I had a DAV VSO assist me with my MH Claim and I was awarded 30% (which I am happy with). I went thru 3 VSO's before finding one that guided me in the right direction. I am very thankful that I finally found a VSO that had my best interest in mind.
  5. Stress can cause GERD but you really don't need to know why you have a condition. Just tell them when it started and what you was doing at the time I.E. down range with poor living conditions, being attacked, etc.... Don't over think it.
  6. Stick Slinger - Since your C&P Exam was with a VA Doctor, you should be able to see the Doctor's report (DBQ) in MyHealtheVet. I have had C&P Exams that lasted only 5 - 10 minutes (with no real questions asked about my issues) and won the claim. I have also been awarded an increase with a NEXUS letter from a Private Doctor and no C&P. Best of luck!
  7. Reading a few of these BVA decisions, I forgot about getting a copy of your C-file also. It is very important to know what is in your C-File (Claim file) when filing a claim.
  8. It can be done, as there are a number of people on here who has been awarded OSA as a secondary to PTSD. Please do your research and find out what has worked and what has not as far as being awarded OSA as a secondary. It is not a open and shut case. You can be in a long hard fight. I have been denied twice now. The first time I file the claim, somebody had told me to file it as being directly service connected because I had a number of sleep issues in the Military and the Doctors did not know what Sleep Apnea was back in the mid 1980's. The second time I filed it as secondary to persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia) with anxious distress (which is PTSD). The C&P examiner stated that there is no Medical evidences that links Depression / Anxiety with OSA. I thought this time I had all the evidences I needed, since it was a VA MH Doctor who sent me to the sleep study (due to my issues during Military Service) and the VA issued me the CPAP. Boy was I wrong. I will file again but this time I will be armed with all the information needed to win my claim. I have read a number of BVA decisions (like the one Tbird posted), Research Documentation and the 38 CFR. Now I will start building a relationship with a Private Sleep Doctor in hope he will write a Nexus letter along with the DBQ. Best of luck!
  9. Welcome to Hadit Jonathan, Getting Sleep Apnea secondary to PTSD is very hard to prove, but it can be done with a lot of work. I have been trying since 2015 with no luck. @doc25has posted a lot of very good information on the subject, so do a search. Do you have a Doctor's statement (nexus) that they are connected? The VA still believes that OSA is caused by being overweight and neck size, which is not a disability.
  10. That is funny! The VA MH Doctor who referred me for a sleep study said that it looks like the Army Doctors had no idea what is wrong with me. I filed for OSA secondary to Depression/Insomnia but was denied. When I get back from my next TDY trip, I am going to a Private Sleep Clinic and ask them to review all my records. After that appointment, I will decide which way I will go to refile my next claim. I have consider filing secondary to Depression, Insomnia, GERDs and URI, then let them decide. I am service connected for everything except URI, so I may need to file for URI first. I have talked to Doc25 on here and he has armed me with some very good information. Best of luck and please keep us posted.
  11. GBarmy - I agree with you, but do they see the whole picture or have they made up their mind the minute you walk in the door. They are telling me if I would lose 10 pounds I would be cured, which is BS. I was down to 177 pounds (BMI 25.4) and still was having issues. It is very hard to be motivated to exercise, when you only get 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night (and some nights no sleep) because my mind will not shutdown, fighting in my sleep and/or pain. Right now it is 4:30 AM and I have been up for 3 hours now and did not get to sleep last night around 10 PM. Then I am very limited to what I can do because of my Service Connected disabilities with my Ankle, Knees and back. I did have 2 VA Doctors who were very helpful, but they both quit to open up their own practices. So, I am not saying all VA Doctors are bad, but most of the good ones do move on to better things. I am now having more issues than I did before going to the VA. Yes I understand that I am older now and with age you are going to have more issues but do they really have the Veteran's best interest in mind? Sometimes I think that they believe that pushing more drugs on you will solve everything. I believe that this is causing more problems than it solves. The VA has even gave me drugs that made my stomach bleed (knowing that I have GERDs) and when I questioned them, they sent me to Mental Health? Sorry for the rant! shrekthetank1 - That is great to hear that you was able to Service Connect SA. I will never give up until I do also, it just going to take more work on my part to make it happen.
  12. I have a Plantar fasciitis claim pending in which the VA denied my claim stating that I was a no show for my C&P Exam. I called the VA and asked what is going on because I did attend. A week later, my claim was reopened (without me filing a new claim), so I talked with the BDD and they stated that the Contractor did not address the questions that the VA was asking for. They also stated that they could see that I had the condition in-service and that I am still being seen by the VA for it. Now I am pretty sure I will receive another C&P Exam and since I am in Germany it will be with the same Contractor. Hopefully they can get it right this time. The sad part of this is that I started this claim in 2015. I am going to refile for OSA after my current claim is resolved and I get more documentation. I asked the BDD to look at my records to see what they think about reopening a OSA claim. He said that the VA Doctors have not addressed the real issue and I need to make an appointment to address the real issue. He also said that OSA is a Respiratory issue and I have a history of Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) in my Military Medical records. He was a former Claims Reviewer. When I ask the VA Doctors about my URI issues, they tell me to take over the counter medication and will not document the issue. The VA Doctors are saying that my OSA is because I am over weigh (I am 5'10" at 190 pounds). I am also service connected for GERDs (30%) and Depression with Insomnia (30%). I am at a lost at how to get down to the root of the problem and get it documented properly? I have filed a complaint against two VA Doctors and requested a new Doctor. Nothing happen to either Doctor and they refused to correct my records. The new Doctors will not contradict the other Doctors. I am trying to set up an appointment with the American Sleep Clinic / Center in Frankfurt, but have not been able to contact them. I truly believe I had OSA in service but in the 1980's it was not a widely known condition.
  13. Humm… that is interesting. My wife does not work over here this time, but she did when I was station here. I believe she paid U.S. income tax not German. I need to look into this because she did work a Non Appropriated Funds (NAF) job and on the economy. She also worked in the States for a few years. So, she should get a retirement from the U.S. and Germany. It will not be much, but something is better than nothing. I fall under the 5 year rule, so I have to go back to the States in 4 years. I hope to get my high 3 there, and then I am going to retire. Can she use her ration card with her ID card? Please keep me posted how it turns out.
  14. It is really their choice which citizenship they choose. I have 2 daughters that are German Citizens and 2 with U.S. Citizenship. I have a daughter who graduated high school in Harker Heights, Texas and moved back to Germany. She applied for her German Citizenship. The German system put her through the apprenticeship program and paid for everything and then help placing her in a position that she is really happy in.
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