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  1. hi all, this is not a question but information. Here is a link to a recent vidéo on french TV , talking about curing PTSD French Version https://www.francetvinfo.fr/economie/emploi/metiers/armee-et-securite/veterans-de-la-plongee-pour-surmonter-le-stress-post-traumatique_2976669.html#xtor=AL-54-[video] [Admin Note] Translated Article English version of text Hope this helps (see last comment on end of french version page) Ask me if need a traduction , no prob. Xav
  2. Hi guys, please listen to me. I have similar heat Stroke because of a disease called : Ocular rosacea , this occured next to a working choc accident. I found immediatly that the reason for heat strokes where the blue artificial lights (Neons / Eco lights from china / Led / Discharge Lamps Sports Halls) , more you are exposed more you will experience large tiredness on the 2 hours following the exposure. To recover from strong exposure like this if occurs, you can take some Beer yeast and stay 2 hours indoor into the dark, please stay cool and wait, this is temporary. If you feel curious you can read this here and consider that it is not only the eyes but all the face that suffer from blue lights : https://www.innovative-eyewear.com/bluelightprotection/ Natural day lights is not a problem for me because of blue natural exposure. Please do not drink much water because this does not help you in this desease. So change all your lights into your home with Hot filament Lights (olders lights) and believe me, your heat strokes will slow down. Fresh water on the head next to wake up comes like paradise ... and slow down or if possible disapear sugars (more inflamation to the brain) I told you all this in memory of my true friend passed away recently, he suffered from Gulf Warm Syndrom and PTSD, I had no time to explain all this to him, sorry. Hope this help some of you guys. X
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