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  1. Thank you, I actually saw the notes she wrote....I think it's probably in my best interest to leave well enough alone.
  2. Hello All, I'm currently 100% unemployable. I was referred to the TBI Clinic by a VA rep that I spoke with n a call. So, I contacted the TBI and was accepted into the program. One day I received a call from a VA Rep that informed me that I need to file a TBI claim, so I did. The Doctor in the TBI clinic said that I gave mild TBI and set me up on a treatment plan. So, them it came time for my C&P appointment for TBI, I went to three different appointments concerning the TBI. Two of the appointments weren't bad, the last appointment, the Doctor was very nasty and treated me really bad. When she came back with her notes, she said really dogged me out and said I was malingering and that I didn't even have PTSD, the way she talked about me was very hurtful. Can anyone give me some advice on how to move forward. I’m really afraid to pursue this, although I am 100% employable total and permanent. Can someone point me to help in Tampa FL. Thanks
  3. I’m a little confused, if the VA says you are 100% and SMC (S-1), what does that mean? Thanks
  4. What does SMC (S-1) mean? And what is the additional pay amount for a veteran with spouse only?
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