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  1. Thanks for the responses. I'll keep you updated. It's a slap in the face she gave me two perfect readings. I would have a better chance winning the lottery.
  2. I submitted a few years worth of 140/100ish from private doctors and the Detroit VA. The Detroit VA said I need to be and prescribed me lisinopril for my BP. I had my c and p exam and the doctor gave me two 120/80 readings. Impossible. I've never had perfect BP, even on meds. I went home and it was 140/90. I filed a dro appeal. Anyone have experience with this? I guess I'm saying... All of a sudden it's perfect at the exam?!
  3. Thanks all. I specifically specified hypertension secondary. I'll do some digging.
  4. I recently submitted a claim for hypertension secondary to my sc ddd lumbar. I went online and see the claim reads, "anxiety increase and sleep apnea new." I'm rated for anxiety but didn't ask for an increase. I filed a sleep apnea claim but was denied a fee months ago. What are they doing? Anyone have this happen to them? Again, all I claimed was the hypertension.
  5. I think the criteria for 70 anxiety fits me exactly, don't know I would qualify for the 100. Thanks though. My lower back ddd has made me depressed, weight gain etc. I was recently placed on Lisinopril for hypertension, a couple of 150/100 readings. Not too high, but high enough to be placed on meds. I read I can file for this, but don't have a nexus letter. They diagnosed me with sleep apnea a few months ago and gave me a cpap. Haven't read too many success stories about sleep apnea claims. I'm 90 sc overall, but I don't think my anxiety and ddd are going to improve anytime soon. I appreciate your input.
  6. I am SC 70 for anxiety. Can I file a claim for depression secondary to my sc lower back issues? Thanks for the help.
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