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  1. TLDR: Go Elsewhere - Doctor is CrazyServed OIF 2/3 & OEF as an infantrymanFound Doctor through -> HADIT1. First attempted to set up an appointment in late 2018 and office did not return my phone calls.2. Got a hold of the clinic in early 2019 and my attorney sent the clinic my paperwork and was told that the clinic would contact me. I was told that we would schedule a telephone evaluation by the clinic staff. The clinic also told my attorney this. Great.3. 2 weeks go by and nobody calls me from the clinic. I call the clinic and they stated that they will call me back.4. I call the clinic the first week of March and they schedule my appointment for the next week. Then, I am told that I have to be there in person. Irritated, I book a flight to OKC. Fine.5. I receive a phone call from the clinic 5 days before asking me "WILL WE BE MEETING BY PHONE?. I asked them to clarify if I need to be there and they said - yes come in. Fine. 6. 2 days before my appointment I receive a phone call from the clinic asking me again if I will be taking the appointment by telephone. I ask them what the heck is going on and to speak with Mr. Ellis. Mr Ellis starts to scream and swear at me on the telephone (good grief). Mr. Ellis continues to yell at me as I maintained a professional conversation. I maintain my calm and try to rationally explain to him the problem and then starts swearing and lecturing me about how he charges less than other doctors (I can see why). He might be a mediocre doctor (at best) and he clearly cannot manage his clinic. He and his staff are unprofessional. It's clear that his entire business model is pump as many clients through his office as possible. There is a special place in hell for people like this. Can you imagine this nutjob being cross examined or deposed in an investigation or in court?
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