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  1. Well today did my weekly check of va.gov. It say smc grant smc granted can see anything else. Call told the decision should be in mail 7 to 10 days My mind is racing I DNT no what smc got granted. ? Can I go to regional office an get a copy of the letter. Smh
  2. Yea it say 1 2 month for decision on e benefit just was try to see other timeline from this point
  3. OK I did a advance on docket it was granted. Now ebenfit say it's with a judge today. Is this good or bad really quick to me now I am nervous. Smh What is the with judge the timeline on this. I haven't even got the my case was advance letter yet.
  4. The administrative error undo delay is new. Been comp shop due process are just a few I point out. An undo delay I was deferred two times. An than they never even at dress the issue. They deferred it for. Smh All to add undo delay. Some of the things I pointed out.
  5. Yea that was what I was guessing the counter disappear today. I am waiting for the decision for the advance. Think it might have a lot of info for us on it. There are new advance rules. I read about an used on my advance brief I can't wait to see the decision will post. .
  6. Check va.gov an the docket counter is gone. I was advance up docket does this mean it's with a judge. I was advance back in 2000 can't remember how it work
  7. Well sending my advance brief about a month ago call today told I was advance up docket. ? Any one had there case advance lately. What was your timeline to decision. Look at bva decision granted lately 6 month to year
  8. Well I been fighting ch 31 for item an services granted after a adminstrative review. Your cases can go to d.c if u DNT agree with the plan or services so never take the verbal no they have to put it in writing Well any way why I was down at ro the other day I put in a bid about all this an I wanted to finish the appeal. Well next day I get a call after 4 yr sign the plan or we will discontinue my program. Well 3 day letter I get this letter tell me I can get my file send anywhere else by default. Lol All I can do is appeal or let them review them self again. Lol guess I be goin to bva about this to smh
  9. Yes I am go to get it send to bva an show the care I need an show this decision is a cue. I am tdiu 60 and 70 mmd an 30 they combined them to denied smc that a cue. They were all granted at different times smh lol
  10. This is the in home care that is provided. The help I need my care plan not one thing about it on any decision. Cfr states an aid attendance decision is to be base of need of help. Not beddrin
  11. Dro just send me the same soc as the ssoc smh. As u can see not one piece of evidences talk about. He send me for a mmd exam doc stated it should be total nothing about it. I got send to 7 different comp exam during the ro process everyone was good like 5 different doctors I need the help more than the money but now the fight continue let see how long they take to send it to board. Lol
  12. Yea I think I will have to do a new one but we will see. Like I said I didn't have to do a new one for ro an it was advance. I just can't wait to see the denail Tdiu 60 one condition grant 70 mmd and 30 an still no smc smh
  13. Yea I was avanced on my last appeal. I was also advanced at ro I didn't have to reapply this time. I will just wait an It stated on VA.gov. the judge will review as soon as it is received. Is that normal word for appeals on VA.gov.
  14. Got a ? If you were advance on the docket before at bva. Will I have to be granted it again or will I be give on this appeal to board. I did have to do it at ro it was just stated. Just get my ducks in a row lol
  15. Yea I figure that they would play with it I just want it out ro. I had luck at both dro an bva but this is might be to much retro for a dro decision When I point out I been tdiu for 20 yr an never got look at for housebound when I have never been able to leave my house to make an living. The first word out dro mouth we can go back that far smh
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