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  1. I see u get a extra 240 if your kids in collage. I never received an both my kids are using ch35 benefits What should I do an is it a 50 month process lol
  2. I really hope so it's for smc k for my hand and mental for my aid attendance. I receive two day a week pay for by vha Man in the last 3 month I had 15 different aides come to my house it is driving me crazy I want to b able to pay someone an it b the same person my bad just venting
  3. Wow I got comp exam date its 11 day away I guess he is been truthful. Just don't understand why I am doing the same exam I did 1yr ago but what every.
  4. Well I choose the informal route did want to wait for transcripts of hearing. Me an dro talk for 2 hrs beening send back for 3 comp exam told they be done by next week yea right lol I think I got the smc for my hand When I ask if I will be getting my benfits he said u sure didn't need vso. An smile I feel good Told decision should be done 60days Last I call white house hot line over my issue dro told they got to get my case done so we will see.
  5. Well let see how this go little info apply for my smc under Barkley vs peake I get the decision stated my iu. Was base of more than one condition. This is a lie I was only granted one condition 2001. Lot off back pay smh than I apply for aid &attendance under smc l vha pay for in home care for me. Get decision nothing about help I need u are not bedderin. Lol . decision is to be base off need of help. Smh Well let see what they come up with next
  6. I have done all that an they still are playing. I am just sick of the ro playing games. It not a development issue an 2 yrs not one of my decision. Have anything about the help I need. I even have in home care pay for vha an not one word of it on any decision for a&a. Denied you are not housebound. That is my denial for decision. An that my iu is based on more that one condition. Which is a bold face lie dro grant iu 2001 for one condition. Its even on the court case I won. Smh
  7. Smh I am about to let my claim go the appeal management route. I apply for smc s an a&a. It has been 2 yrs 3 decisions. An not one was bases on the issue I am claim. Last decision they put a bold lie to not grant my claim saying my iu was bases on two condition. The other condition was grant 8 yrs after I was grant 60% iu. 2001 Smh I ask for a hearing. A 1yr and half ago never give. I had to file the form 9 before time ran out. But I still have the option to have it send for the new appeal route because my appeal started before they closed it. We are talk smc s 2001 and a&a 2010 by my record. What would u do to get your pay? O claim still with dro wait for a ssoc an the hearing. To me they are never going to do the claim at the ro. Because of the retro. Why keep waiting send it to tampa an let them make the decision . that my thought
  8. I put in for the hearing just try to see the wait time not bva hearing
  9. I am going to accept that idlv program is goin to give me my items. Or the decision that granted them. I get s call from v&re d.c. were the adminstrive review was done told my program been interpret status for 3 yrs. Try to explain about the review she see nothing in the computer about it tell me u are goin to have to deal with thm. But calls me back an tells me the buffalo vr&e will send me a copy if decision. Lol I been ask them for it for 2 yr smh Than I look on benefit your appeal of vr&E SERVICES CLOSED 2015. So now I appeal it how an when. Reg state adminstrive review nod appeal I am goin to put in paper to reopen that appeal. If that don't work forget it. That program seem to be a waste of time. It has no oversight.
  10. Glad u stay proactive they try the same think with my retro. Send it to appeal management were they just hold claims. Granted or not. An mist time board state it is to be handle by ro So u sit an wait for arc to send it to ro to handle. Va games smh glad u got movement
  11. I really feel vso that work in federal building are down with there games. Example I was 10% couldn't work for year. I go to the vso told they will not put in for my tdiu. Found one she want to do things her way I did it my way an won tdiu at dro level after hearing. I keep the appeal going.told let it go they may take away your iu. Well it get to board. An it was grant 1993 the date I got hurt inservice. 8 more yrs back pay I think she was aware as well as dro. Of the error. An said nothing. So no vso for me lol
  12. Ok I apply for ch31 independent living I was accept in program. Keep get told no to item verbally never write denial of items. Well final got write denial did a adminstrive review they grant bed scooter in home cooking class etc. It's been 2yr since that decision. I got nothing lol. So I put in for the hearing for smc under Barkley Guess who call ch 31 every 6 7 month they call an tell me they got to get a.coulser to purchase my items. Lol This is the head person. My ? I lost that decision va upstair say they have no access. There is no contact for anyone or head vr&e they dnt even give u a address were to send the adminstrive review by head vr&e services director. This is crazy I been enroll in this program almost 4 yrs. Because I fought there no an won. They are just holding my program. With out that decision I am just doing a bunch of talk. Them u have to get it from them. Well they ain't gave it to me in a 2 yrs of me losing it. Ever time I call or go down there they try to push my buttons. Hoping to end my program with out anything. The va game last hospital pay for 2 days of in home care an I can't get help with other days. Find out they are to be help me nothing. This director is just hold my case an there no place that look at what they do I was think if try to cue it an hope it move. Smh
  13. I have been a member for a long time Yulooking was the name than. With the help of everyone here I was able to win a tdiu cue back 1993 from 2001. The same decision this dude try to say my tdiu was base on more than one condition. This was won at the court. An bva that why I dnt feel like fighting again lol I will wait for the hearing an decision an ssoc I am happy with that I will win.
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