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    I would also apply for smc l need of help of other if they don't granted it I had a comp exam for aid& attendance. Examiner just state all the things I can't do or need help doing. I was granted smc l I am now fighting for smc r.
  2. Yes I had some done by np but I never had to travel far or deal with a company that has no ideal how to do a va comp exam. I am see veterans get 3 exams for same thing it's seem like a mess to me. Why move va exam from the hospital just make no sense. What next close the va hospital and contract services.
  3. When comp exam were done at the va hospital. You seen specialist for your comp exam. Like a neurologist. Now many of the comp exam order by this contracting company. Are just done by anybody. I add more time to are claims and I am also seeing alot of reduction of ratings after these new comp exam. I could just be me tho
  4. If they denied your claim when u appeal. Point out they they are developing to denied. To bva By law there is no need for that many exam for the same issue. make sure u point out every exam date. It sounds like 4 exam in a yr. Just in case the us court will address it if it gets that far
  5. Yes I feel we need to do something about these comp exam. I don't feel ssi doctor should be doing our comp exams like I said they are to different program.
  6. Here is my tdiu cue maybe it will help. In December 2009, the Board remanded this appeal for additional evidentiary development. In May 2011, the Board again remanded the claim for corrective action regarding the previous remand. The appeal has since been returned to the Board for further appellate action. In addition to remanding the claim listed above, in December 2009, the Board also granted service connection for a left elbow disability, granted an increased initial rating of 20 percent, prior to August 16, 2001, for the Veteran's service-connected cervical spine disability,
  7. If u were 70 percent 2001 and u were not working yes you should have been look at for tdiu. Now do u have evidence that was part of the record back in 2001 that show u were not working. Doctor note or anything it must be part of the record at that time of the decision to be a cue. If the evidence was not part of your record back than it will be hard. I won a cue for tdiu but all the evidence was in my record. I use nothing new. It's post on here. My be it will help
  8. Ok so for the past few days the bva decision site has not work. I was told va 1800 now handle bva calls. So my ? Is it my computer or is the bva decision site down too. The old 8387 number no longer work. I don't like all this new stuff I remember back in the days we had numbers to bva appeal management everybody posted on hadit. Va got mad an change all the numbers lol. But it really help veterans get there claims moving
  9. Ok I fax the bva letter to not hold my case for the 90 day evidence period. Well that was 3 week ago call keep been told its in the mail portal. So It just sit there for 30 days smh. I call the white house hotline. Last week. There no more bva 1800 anymore. Smg I get a call from bva today took the guy 3 min an I was told it will not be on hold anymore. He put the letter in the system. So if I wasn't a veteran who understand the system. I would have wait the whole 90 day period. Before they even address the cavc remand to bva. Stay on top of your claim
  10. Well I agree but I like the va doing the exams. This new stuff from what I see is crazy now a veteran is to travel 60 100 miles to a exam. Yet right When the hospital that he use to is 15 miles. Now they are sending veterans to ssi doctor. These are two different programs with different rules Some veterans are waiting 2 months just for them to find a location for a exam Yes we need to do something.
  11. I say I use to believe in the bva I also won a big case before with them before But I had to go to Cavc to get it remand back to bva before they granted it. Now I have a different take on this new smc appeal I got. I was give a bogus bva decision. It was like it was done to make me go to court. I had to go to court again got it remand again because of the bogus decision. Now I am at the waiting to be send to the judge stage again. This is also a big case. So let see if they granted it this time or send me back to the court. Something else I learn is u
  12. So a buddy of mine has a claim that was just remand by bva for new exams. So for a month they offer exam 150 miles away. The va hospital is 15 min away smh. So it took them a month to get appoint with the place that does ssi claim exam. I don't like this it seem alot of veteran are get bad exams adding years of appeal time I don't understand the va hospital has ever specialist and has treated most of us all our disabled life. To me this seem like a step to getting rid of the va health system. And to denied more veterans
  13. I been really try to get ppl to explain to me why been permanently housebound. Is granted with tdiu. If the court stated been confined to one home is not been able to leave to make a income. What other group of veterans fall under this crertia I believe it tdiu veterans. A housebound in fact determination requires a Veteran’s inability to leave his /her place of residence and immediate premises in order to earn any income. However, it does not require a total inability to leave the place of residence and immediate premises for all circumstances. Leaving home for med
  14. He should apply right now just stated the accident and treatment in services. And the treatment after service va will order exams. List the condition as it is on his medical records. And I would also claim the mental health does he get treatment at va hospital. I was also let out told. Just told go to va hospital for treatment. Va Give me a 100.00 a month thought that was it and my medical care. For 9 year not working at hospital monthly. Old veteran at hospital told me I wasnt been paid right. When computer came around an I could get info. I apply an point out t
  15. I Never response to this buck. Smh. You get my issue. Nobody else see it. Well the court remand my cases for early effective date for smc s which has open this can of worms now for them buck. I am waiting to see what they do this time. I was also tdiu 60 pt 2001 based One condition. If 2006 howell came out a lot of veterans should be granted smc s by the date of the decision Va did not inferr it for them That all I been pointing out. Now the catch is tdiu had to be based one one condition. Is were I am a little confused. I did
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