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  1. Just a quick update. After reading all your responses and getting advice from our VSO and doctors, we decided to make sure dad got to both C & P exams. Even the one that was an hour away. We figured it was better to not leave anything to chance, but do everything we possibly could. Hoping he receives 100% if not for his cancer diagnosis than maybe with all of his issues combined. If it gets denied at least we know we did all that we were asked to do. Thank you to all who answered my question.
  2. Thank you to all who have commented and shared your opinions. I guess I am just frustrated because I was originally told by our VSO that the multiple myeloma is a presumptive disease, which means you don’t have to prove a connection to service. So he should get awarded 100% disability for his MM. However, since the VSO listed other health conditions on his application; heart, bladder ca, ptsd etc. ...we need to do the C & P exams due those items. I was able to reschedule the exams to private office instead of the Urgent Care they wanted him to go to, too many germs there. However, the clo
  3. I am the primary caregiver for my father. He is a Vietnam Vet, recently diagnosed with a presumptive disease, multiple myeloma. I went through a VSO to file a disability claim on his behalf. She listed his myeloma, along with other health conditions on his application. We faxed all requested health records and needed information. He has now been told he needs to go to two different C & P exams. My father is unable to complete these exams due to his physical condition and extremely compromised immune system. He is in the middle of an intense chemo cycle. It is extremely difficult to get hi
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