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  1. Hi everyone, So I thought I would see if I can get an answer on this. So I got out in October 2011 and had a C&P Exam 5 days later where I got denied on a SC Condition. I reopened the case last year in July, denied again because of no new evidence. This year, reopen the case again, no new evidence but given a c&p exam and was rated at 10% on it. Now, should the effective date be from my original C&P Exam where I got denied, or from 2017?
  2. I don't know if the VA is just this screwed up or what or if its something I am doing or not doing, but I always seem to be having issues here dealing with them. I scheduled online about an hour ago to get an appointment for MH and put down PTSD as the reason why I scheduled my appointment. I get a call back from the VA about 20 minutes to go over the MH. So I tell her, that I'm coming in for PTSD to get a diagnosis, she tells me that is not the way it works. She looks into my account while talking and sees that I have a claim filed and says you can't schedule appointments for PTSD unless you are previously diagnosed and coming into come seek help. So I walk her back through the last 2 weeks, and she tells me that I can only have a C&P Exam give me a diagnosis, but I'm not able to go to a walk-in clinic for it.
  3. Okay. Thanks, I'll start making some calls.
  4. Exactly. One of the reasons why I kept getting denied. I was unemployed for 5 years after getting out of service, so I was unable to go to any appointment of any kind. Currently, I have a case that is opened under the status of "Gathering of Evidence" that is set to have a decision between 10-31-2018 and 3-18-2019. Under my in-service MH issues in my record, I have it recorded under depression, anxiety, physical assault, and other physical issues. I reported these issues, but when the Battalion Surgeon finished my paperwork while in-service, he didn't put anything else down underneath it or any testimony. My PTSD isn't listed in the in-service, but something started after service, which I'm trying to get seen for MH. It looks like I'll need to go to a walk-in clinic. I think I'm just worried about going to an appointment and getting locked up for a psychiatric hold.
  5. So from everybody's input, I understand that no matter which forms I submit, that it doesn't matter until I get a doctor to connect a nexus to it. So far, I have called the VA twice to try to schedule an appointment in order to do so. I was told no, you cannot schedule appointments to have your DBQ statements filled out, they have to be completed in a C&P Exam. You have to wait on the VA to schedule an appointment for you which they have nothing lined up (at all or so for the foreseeable future). So I then asked if I could get a copy of my C&P exam which I was denied. I'll need to upgrade MyHealthy Vet to see it under the blue button because they are controlled by the VARO. I just received all of my documentation and files for in-service. So I have everything to go off of. All I want to do is meet with a doctor but can't seem to figure out how. I don't have the funds for a private physician.
  6. Since getting out, I have never been treated, seen a doctor or anything of the sort from a private doctor or the VA
  7. So I finally got a hold of my previous denials when I was trying to figure out why I got denied. They said "med evid since service needed". Can I schedule the appointments on my own to get these DBQs filled out and submitted or do I have to wait on the VA to create an appointment for me?
  8. I was trying to see if I could get back in since the Air Force seemed like a cake walk and because I was only 40% for those issues, I figured it wouldn't be a problem for me to get in. As for my C&P Exam, Besides the anxiety/insomnia, she just covered work history, personal relationships, marital relations, but nothing else. My biggest concern was her just checking the box saying yes, I covered PTSD without ever doing the exam and just submitting it for the board to decide. I called the VA to ask what happened, he agreed that she didn't do her job correctly and he an inquiry in my file to ask why the rest of the exam wasn't done. I have all of the information, just not all of the paperwork. In our platoon, our Platoon Sergeant grew fed up with people going to BAS all of the time, so he had everyone line up and tell them what we wanted to go to BAS for to get seen. If he didn't like it, we didn't get to go. If I remember correctly, he said something along the lines of, "If I were to go to BAS for every single issue that I have, I'd be there all day, then I would never get anything done". I had back pain in Bootcamp that started acting up and kept flaring up over the next 4 years, but the only record is from that time. So I don't think I would get covered for that. I had somewhere between 150-200 pages of medical history just regarding stomach ulcers, colonoscopies, endoscopies, CAT scans, duodenitis, gastritis, GERD, Acid Reflux, etc., but none of it made it into the VA medical record. I spent somewhere around 2 years on light duty.
  9. Let's see if I can answer everyone's questions and suggestions. I currently don't have any of the previous paperwork from the past denial. About 2 years ago, I was wanting to go into the Air Force, and was told by the recruiter that I needed all of my service records and medical history to file in order to enlist. I first checked with the VA, and they only a sent small portion of my medical history was in their file. Then I went to try and get my entire history from the Archives which took several months, but only received a same information. All of my medical history for the 2nd half of my enlistment, to include hospital visits, and the whole nine yards, they had no record of it. I am SC for Insomnia/Anxiety and Memory Loss at 30% and Tinnitus at 10% so I currently am at 40% From what I can recall, my denials were related to not having the applicable nexus, even though I filled out every report for traumatic events, or ways that it would be SC. The lady I spoke with at the end of the exam said "your disability rating won't go down, but you will likely see it go up a good amount".
  10. I got scheduled to go get my C&P exam about little over a week ago. I wanted to reopen some cases for PTSD, Digestive disorders, Anxiety/Insomnia, back and shoulder issues. I show up to the VA Exam and get led into the room, to find out that the examiner is doing a Skype Interview rather than being in-person (and they are 45 minutes away). She goes over the basics for Anxiety/Insomnia, marital issues, etc. I start to try to bring up PTSD, but she brings it back to Anxiety/Insomnia category of topics to talk about. So, after about 30 minutes, she only covered that topic, and I felt a little frustrated, so I asked about going over all of my other issues which brought me into the exam like PTSD. She goes on to say "Oh, PTSD, yeah you are going to need another exam for that". So I think nothing of it until I go home and really ponder, how was a supposed to do a physical exam or anything else. So I called the VA today to try and figure out if I will be needed back for another exam. The guy on the phone says, "yeah I see the notes from the exam and she marked you down for PTSD, Depression, Anxiety/Insomnia but there are no notes about having you come back in". So I explain that I never went over 80% of the items I came in over. I am really uncertain and not sure what I should do.
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