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  1. My Marine neighbor has been 100% for the last three years of his ten year fight with prostate cancer. He was diagnosed by and continues to be treated on the civilian side. He was ill treated at Milwaukee VA when he was sent home injured from Vietnam and like myself cut ties with all things military. My wife and I got him going back to the Zablocki where she worked and I was a patient. He still does not trust the VA with his cancer. The medicine he is on now is very expensive and he was able to get a grant for it for a while but that has lapsed. We live five miles from the VA so there is no difficulty in getting there. In addition he was on a new prostate cancer medicine (civilian side) last fall that was given directly through a port or stent to his heart and during the last weeks of the treatment he developed a bad infection they have been trying to contain since. He has had two surgeries to excise it and has a huge hole in his back that is only now healing up. The VA helps with the infection medicine to fight an infection that they did not cause, why not the medicine for the cancer they agree is service connected? He has been basically house bound for over a year with tubes and pumps and wound care three times a week just for the infection. Shouldn't he be compensated at a different rate? Has he missed the boat or is he still eligible for help? thanks
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