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    My interest to start a Homeless Veteran program to help veterans. Can you help me? Please

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  1. Can a 100% disabled apply for pain SC compersation?
  2. Maurice

    160% = SMC

    I'm 100% plus 60 %, Can I get SMC R 1?
  3. I was told that 100% veterans can not use the Legel service on the AAFB in Campspring, Maryland.. I call and that what they told me. I would love to know why not?
  4. Hi I'm still here with the Maryland DAV 17 helping veterans to get benefits from the VA. Thanks you for your service. Keep fighting for your VA benefits.
  5. I'm a member of MD. DAV 17. Still Here Hello to my veteran friends
  6. Go to the VARO to see the Vocational Rehab personnel
  7. Sometimes Ebenefits is Accurate. It seem that the VA take months to update its information.
  8. I received a note today from Ebenefit that the VA won't get around to see my claim until 1/15/2014 . Should I called the US President? I wish you well in getting your claim soon. God bless you.
  9. Maurice

    May Roll Call

    Still here with the Maryland DAV 17
  10. Welcome to the Hadit.com. I'm from Maryland. Keep in touch. You can get some good infro from the site. Take care
  11. I was not told by the DCVAMC that I was having a Full Dental C and P exam in Jan.12. I told that I was to have a TMJ C and P exam. I received a copy of the Exam and wrote to the Baltimore VARO that the Dental provider didn't asked me any questions why I had so many silver fillings and missing teeth. I Inform the VARO that the Base Mess Hall serve me boneless steak that had bones in the meat. I crack all the teeth in my mouth and receive treatment at the Base Dental Clinic.. This was a important issue that would have cause my rating to be rated 0%.....Veterans always request a copy of the C & P exam after the exam from the Medical Record Department. Read the report. If the Doctor missed something. Write the VARO to correct your exam if need to......Good Luck to all my Disable Veterans Friends. I wonder what my rating will be now?
  12. The Baltimore,Maryland DAV don't have enough V S O at that office,but they do the works. I used that DAV Office all the time.
  13. Keep up with the VA and see that they receive all your medical records to rate you highest rating. God luck. I'm from Morgan City,La. Take care
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