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  1. First off, hello and thank you in advance for any help that can be provided. Also, I apologize if something is not clear, trying my best to keep things concise. On Friday, May 15, I received letter from the VA, dated May 11, proposing a rating reduction from 100% to 70% for PTSD. The only evidence for the change listed is Rating Decision - Narrative(17SEP18) and DBQ PSYCH PTSD Review(06MAY20), whereas on my initial decision letter there was an abundance of evidence used. The major takeaway appears that my medical records(both prior to and after the initial rating, also from VA facilities
  2. Update: The VA finally finished with my claim and I was awarded 100% scheduler for PTSD, however not P&T(I assume this is because I'm 36) and said I would be re-evaluated in 2020. I just want to say thanks to everyone who contributes here, the answers to my own questions and the answers to questions others have asked helped me quite a bit. Thanks, Thomas
  3. Thanks for the response, some followups 1. Q. Is there a way to obtain the medical records that are missing from my file so that I am able to claim the bursitis and joint issues? Yes, there are several. Ask the VAMC's where you were treated, ask your home VAMC (they may havE BEEN TRANSFERRED THERE), let the VA find them (ask for a copy of your cfile), or contact the JPRS to clarify the medical records I want to obtain are from when I was in service and they were not in my records(only thing in those was the medical exam from MEPS) that I request
  4. Hello all, Let me start by saying thank you in advance for any help or information provided. Quick backstory: The first time I filed was in May of 2012(I lived in El Paso, Tx at the time), it was for PTSD, bursitis in hips, carpal tunnel, and a slew of other joint problems, however life happened and I missed a C&P exam that I was unaware of and the claim was denied at the beginning of 2013. I understand that this is my fault, but I did learn that the VA found nothing in my army records to justify a claim for any of the physical problems. The second time I filed was in F
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