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  1. Buck52 i will go back to the VA next week and talk with the VSR again. But yes he looked it up and also showed me the file and it shows my claim in 1992 and the two deferred letters they sent me and then my new claim in 2017 that was approved. He said that the 92-93 claim was deferred because the VA was waiting on my STR's, and since i was approved in 2017 with the same STR's that the VA was waiting for back in 92-93, then the effective date should be 1992. Thank you Buck52 for the help
  2. Thank you Buck52 for your answer.I talked with a VA rep and he looked into my file and seen the two deferred letters but no denial in the file. He said that the deferred claim was never closed. He said i should file a request for reconsideration for rating decision to change my effective date. Is this the right way to proceed ?
  3. I filed a VA claim in 1992 and was sent a letter 2 months later saying claim is deferred also got a letter the next year 1993 saying the the same thing. Went to my local VA office and they told me it was denied but never got a denial letter from the VA. I applied again last year 2017 and was approved. the Question i have is , Should my effective date be for when i just applied or back when i applied in 1992?
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