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  1. Thanks everyone. This is exactly what I was looking for in an answer. Hadit, once again is AWESOME! Fog
  2. I am 10% sc'd. I need an in-hospital operation that is not sc'd. I am priority 3 and I exceed the means test (because of my wife's income). Will I be charged for thiis operation? If so, how much? Fog
  3. Is there a place to get these electonically as full text or PDF. Are these the only laws that pertain to veteran claims? Are they available on CD/DVD? Fog
  4. Can anyone give me a search format that will limit my search to find "Allen V Principi". I try searching but I get hundreds of hits and sometimes over a thousand hits. This is related to Berta's response to me in my previous post. Any help would be appreciated. Fog
  5. Thanks a million Berta and Purple. Yes, I abused alcohol by self-medicating. But my kind of cirrhosis is from non-alcholoic steato hepatitis. My C&P exam was from a VA Psychiatrist who stated "it is likely as not that the PTSD was aggravated while in service". My current VA shrink says that I am at 50% "at-the-least" and that she is going to write a letter for my NOD. I wanted to present her with some backup documentation for this task. She has me excited with this new information. So, it is off to read Allen V Principi. Fog
  6. I just found this on the internet at: http://ncptsd.va.gov/ncmain/ncdocs/fact_sh...plate=factsheet Notice the bullets on Page 1, especially #5 fog
  7. If so, does anyone have any documentation or links you could provide.
  8. Does anyone know if mdd or ptsd can cause liver disease? Fog
  9. Rich, I don't have any expertise behind me, but your NOD looks quite similar to mine. The deference is two-fold. 1. I asked for a "de novo" review from the DRO which means that you want all evidence from the beginning to be reviewed and any new evidence to also to be taken into consideration. 2. I asked for a "face-to-face" meeting with the DRO. This will not be the same RO that made the orginal decisio, Thank goodness for "return receipt reqested". Others will add more or correct any errors I have made, but all-in-all the NOD looks good. Good luck and remember "de novo review. Fog
  10. just wondering if this table will ever be redone to increase the various levels of compensation. When was the last time that the base percentages were updated? I am not talking about December increases. For instance, 10% disabled is $117 for veteran with spouse. What is the chance that the base rate of $117 would be updated? Any talk about this in Congress? Fog
  11. I am a Priority 3 vet. I only have to pay an $8 co-pay for non-sc drugs. I just received my first billing from the VA, and they charged me $8 for 17 prescriptions = $136. They also billed my private insurance company, who paid them more than $8 per prescription. Why do I still have to pay the $8 co-pay if my private insurance already paid the $8 and then some? Fog
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