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    Voc rehab

    Yes my hip is a service connected injury . I just got a 0% for a bunch of secondary conditions such as feet , back, left leg. I got approved for a 10% increase for secondary hip bursitis to my opposite hip. I was told by my vet rep that in order to file for an unemployable claim I must first have at least one disability alone at a 40% rating. All my ratings are 20% does this sound correct?
  2. I'm going through the process of voc rehab, I have maybe one of the worst counselors I've ever met or dealt with and this is saying a lot since I've been in and around the va for at least five years. My counselor isn't helping me with any thing not giving me any useful information. I have a bacholars degree which I received before entering service . And of course was Injured while serving. At the age of 32 my hip went out. So when I got out of service it's been difficult doing any kind of work and of course I fell into default with my student loans. My counselor is telling me I can't use the education side of voc rehab only the back to work? My bacholars degree is in studio arts at a liberal arts college. I originally planned to use my studio arts degree as a stepping stone into a design field . But as it is now I have no job training and or skills in these fields and my counselor is pushing me to choose something that I don't have any experience in. How will this play out? None of what my counselor says makes sense and I feel like she does it on purpose to make herself seem higher than me. But when I step up and ask a question she gets threatened and snaps at me.

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