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  1. Well as an update I know it has been some time. The above claim was seeming to be 100% but then the RO kicked it back to the C&P and she added an addendum that she said made it Unlikely It was Caused. I had mentioned to my Psychologist that I took shrooms one time, long after the Panic, Anxiety, Agoraphobia ,MDD and PTSD had started as a way to see if it offered any relief. So the addendum stated since I had used an illegal substance that it my issues were less likely than not caused by a stressor. I got an attorney last November that handles only VA appeals. Attorney is no
  2. Well I agree. I waited maybe to long to start looking into any of this, but i was under the impression if I took benefits it would have taken it from the older vets, so I just kept declining to put in a claim every time the VA told me I should. I did not know the system was already funded whether i claimed or not. The knee has a service connected event but the Physicians Assistant did not even do a proper exam on that. I claimed for Serrobheric Dermatitis which is caused by extreme cold and my back which they have sent me to Spinal Specialists outside the VA.. but they did not even give
  3. Do you have any SC ratings now? I have just started this process. As of now I have no listed SC's and have completed exams ( if you call some of them exams ) for the knee, tinnitus, ptsd, panic /agoraphobia Ratings are based on how the disability affects/impacts your ability to work- (I thought the examiner would make a statement to that affect but I dont see it there in the C & P exam.) Hey Berta, the only thing this apparently says is Criterion G ( along with all of the other Criterion in the A-I list) and the part in the beginning where she stated " [X] Total occupati
  4. Hello Berta, Yes I actually was awarded an AAM for this. It is all in the military records. I guess I am not worried what they actually classify my issues as! I was diagnosed with multiple mental health issues over the past 20 yrs ( Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic attacks with Agoraphobia as well as PTSD) The Agoraphobia to me is the most debilitating. I just wanted any thoughts on how this looks as far as rating may go. I understand also that all of the MH issues are rated as one, and the most severe is the rating they use. I do appreciate ev
  5. Hey all! I just downloaded the mental health dbq from the appt i had the other day. As a precursor the VA for my whole time using the VA has me listed as having GAD, MDD, Panic Attacks w/ Agorophobia and PTSD. Below is the eval that was just done. Appreciate your thoughts as this was done by someone in the same field as my condition. They had scheduled me for 2 exams 1 for PTSD and One for GAD, Panic and Agorophobia.. only did this 1. Mental Disorders (other than PTSD and Eating Disorders) Disability Benefits Questionnaire Is thi
  6. Yea I agree 63Sierra.. They told me in the service it was a hole in my stomach, then this examiner said it was this weiss tear that caused stricture. The worst was i have been told for the last 20 yrs it was due to my mental health issues. Then one night we were eating dinner, and as I swallowed it felt like it got stuck ( has happened before), but this time it did not go down after a few minutes. After 3 hours of throwing up, i told my wife it was time to go to the ER. Sure enough food was stuck in my chest. An endoscopy, 2 biopsies later. The doctors were the ones that told me I
  7. Thanks for the help. I just do not think this is right. I mean why would they allow someone unqualified to do an exam? Why would the person doing the exam evade the main question that the VA looks for in these cases " Is the injury related to a service connection with More So Likely Than Not" evidence? All this is going to do now is drag me from the initial claim to now dealing with appeals for months if not years due to these examiners being unqualified or not caring if they answer the questions laid out beforehand. This system needs overhauled. The directions in the heading o
  8. I just looked the examiner up online, it gives his name and then states " MPH, PhD, PA-C " He is listed as a Physicians Assistant on the VA website. But told me he was in family practice .
  9. I agree that is why it is so confusing to me. I do take medications for the condition, due to an ER visit where food had gotten stuck in my esophagus. Then they finally referred me to the VA GI Clinic and seen that they have been wrong all of these years. The Weiss tear ( which I did not know i had, they told me in Seoul that I had a hole in my stomach and it would affect me for life) as it healed would cause scarring in the esophagus, which causes stricture. He stated that I have not seen anyone for this issue but then the next sentence states that the doctors have always told me th
  10. Hey everyone love the site. I was just looking over the C&P exams that came back in through the blue button. While my knee C&P exam was terrible ( Doctor laid me on my back and pushed all of his weight down on my knee, pushing it into my chest) hurt like hell, i even told him it was hurting. But that one looks like he just did not care. No tool used to measure anything, said I had no complaints since the service, even though my VA records shows imaging, offering of knee replacements and braces... but I digress. The tinnitus one they gave me ( MOS 11B ) said Does the Veteran
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