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  1. If u were already granted SC then your symptoms should already be documented. Another exam is not needed, for future reference the VA does not give one exam for service connection and another exam for rating. It's possible maybe if the BVA feels the exam is not comprehensive enough regarding how the disability is affecting you now.

  2. UPDATE!!!

    I received the statement if case which did deny PTSD claim. The reasoning was it was previously denied back in 2013 and since I didn’t appeal that decision was final. However it states:

    Note: Service connection was granted for other specified trauma and stressor related disorder. This grant of service connection for other specified trauma and stressor related disorder is considered a partial grant of benefits sought on appeal. If you feel the grant fully satisfies your appeal on this issue, please let us know in writing as soon as possible.

    So it is like I thought, PTSD was denied but I was granted Other specified trauma and stressor related disorder. I know I can only receive one MH rating, they all pay the same etc. So it really doesn't matter what they call it to me combat, non combat, natural disaster etc. 

  3. On 5/6/2020 at 6:53 PM, Hucast21 said:

    Get an attorney.

    At least you know if an attorney takes your case, there is a good chance he or she see an approval/win.

    edit: if memory serves me correct, law firms have a higher winning percentage for appeals than 

    I ran my case thru to a few lawyers for higher migraine rating and service connection for ptsd/major depressive disorder after three denials at the regional level. They refused to take my case for either of them.I ended up winning on my own and keeping all my retro.

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  4. Ok because when I google "other specified trauma and stressor related disorder". Cases comes up and the code is 9411:

    Criteria for other specified trauma and stressor related disorder (DC 9411).

    By looking at this code it is the PTSD code so why did they call it something else.

  5. 1 hour ago, GBArmy said:

    Check myhealthevet and get blue button for a copy of the medical info if the VA did the review. Or, you can request a copy of the C&P by sending in a request for release of info, VA form 3288 and request C&P with all notes. And, you can also request a copy of your C-file, which will take several months. You could also go to the RO and request to see your file, which may be the quickest route. You want to know what your diagnostic code is and if you are rated correctly. The VA often assigns a code and therefore a rating which can be challenged on MH grants. You need your decision letter first.

    Ok know u seem to be getting what I was trying to say. How important is the diagnostic code? What I was given with was Other specified trauma and stressor related disorder vs PTSD/MDD?

  6. 2 hours ago, GBArmy said:

    Hi justtryintomakeit I'm not sure what you have. You state that no increase or decrease, no rating for MH, but ebebefits now say rating now up. You need to see your decision letter; about a week or so in the mail. If it still doesn't make sense to you, come back with a redacted copy with your personal info removed and we can help (I think!)


    So like I said I filed for service connection for PTSD and major depressive disorder. That was not a increase/decrease. I was not previously rated for any MH, so i cannot increase or decrease for something I was not service connected for. 


    I previously stated I reviewed ebenefits And now have MH rating for  Other specified trauma and stressor related disorder. Not PTSD or MDD which I was previously diagnosed. To be clear the DRO NOW decided to service connect and rate my claim.  The question was why service connect Other specified trauma and stressor related disorder and not PTSD/MDD. 

    So I currently have a MH rating for Other specified trauma and stressor related disorder. I appreciate all the replies.

  7. Thanks again Buck...so I filed for PTSD and MDD is was denied twice and the regional office level. First for not having a diagnosis, second for having a diagnosis more than a year after service.  It was denied again at the first level, but I appealed. I got diag nosed with major depressive disorder and PTSD. Had another C&P and the DRO awarded Other specified trauma and stressor related disorder. Not PTSD or MDD. As for the percentage it was no a increase or decrease I was not rated at all for MH issues. I looked at ebenefits and my overall rating went up and I got a MH rating now.

  8. 33 minutes ago, Buck52 said:

    I would think they do make a difference  if the used the word specified?and not unspecified,  unspecified could mean you have  to many other conditions from the trauma situation so with different unspecified conditions  its hard for them to pin-point these conditions and separate them to be give a rating   if the mention a specified disorder  then they can have ways using the DSM 5 Diagnostic tools to make a specified diagnose disorder. 


    Ok I was not sure if something like ptsd could be deemed permanent but Other specified trauma and stressor related disorder could be viewed as temporary, hence most likely to be reviewed for a decrease.

  9. 1 hour ago, broncovet said:

    Probably not.  70 percent for MDD pays the same amount as 70 percent for PTSD, or the same amount for 70 percent combined for other disorders such as knees, back, etc.  

    If you were granted SC, then you should not receive a SOC.  A SOC is when one or more issues are DENIED.  I think you dont mean an SOC, I think you mean an implementation decision by the VARO 

    Disability compensation appeal updated on April 29, 2020


    Status: Please review your Statement of the Case

    Issue on appeal: Service connection, Major depressive disorder

    Submitted on: August 5, 2019


    It says statement if case I'm thinking they denied ptsd and major depressive disorder but granted the Other specified trauma and stressor related disorder. Thanks for the info, I am aware the all pay the same just wasn’t sure if theRe is a difference.

  10. U talk to your psychiatrist and psychologists for 2 years about how your traumatic experiences in the military changed you, u put in a claim and c&p examerror says less likely than not vets MR issues are from military service he sought help many years after he left service?? Is this common? I separated in 2012. Guess I wait for the denial and file a appeal. 


    Also what is the difference with claiming ptsd vs depression?? do they both have stressors??? Do the stressors have to be good enough in the examiner's eye to be called a stressor? U tell the examiner what u went thru and he probably thinking eh I heard worst no stressor for u.

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