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  1. I myself have a medical miracle in february of 2005 I went to a local physicians office and saw the Dr. He had xrays taken of my neck cause I was talking to him about neck and shoulder pain. This pain started while I was in the Air Force. The xrays showed bone spurs on my cervical disk I believe number 5 and 6. I was revisiting the issue with my Physicians Assistant at the va on november16. She sent me up to xray and the xrays of my neck and spine showed good no deformities. I went to the local physician again (new physician the old dr. retired, same office). I asked the Doc if bone spurs disappear and told him why he laughed and said no. He looked at the xray report from 2005 and said the bone spurs can cause intermitent chronic pain like what I have had and gave me samples of skelazin to alleviate the pain when it bothers me. The reason I bring this up in I am currently battling a filed claim with the va. Any advice appreciated. This is not my only claim but one of a few. Thanks, Shannon
  2. The gout claim is a new claim I have just started in March of 2007. I have had one attack about a month ago. I am going through another right now. These are the ones I have seen a doctor for. I have had more. I had been taken herbs and MSM to control some of my attacks but stopped since I am trying to get service connected. I had a couple attacks at least last year but did not go to the doctor. For the last few years have had at least two attacks or more. The heart, shoulder and tinnitus is in a DRO appeal. I have service medical records showing shoulder pain while in service radiatig to trapezoid and myofacial pain. I also have documented in my SMRS low heart rates on occasions. Most of those occasions were when I was complaining of my sholder problems. I now have apical hypertrophy and mitral valve regurgitation. I also had sinus bradycardia but my heart rate has improved since I have been taking my medicane for hypothyroidism. Shannon C. Thompson
  3. I am not quite sure how to get an IMO. I have kind of moved around the country and not been seen by the same Dr. very much. I had jobs working on the road. The VA has all of my heart treatment records and copies of everything else. I am in the middle of a gout attack and went to the doctor on friday. If it still is red and irritated on monday I will go to the VA just so they can have it on record. I didnt go last year when it was hurting because I was fed up with them. I just sucked it up and took herbs to treat it when it acted up shannon
  4. I have hyperuricemia and gout. I had high uric acid level on march of 1990 while in the service. My shoulder consistently bothered me but they could not find or figure out why. After getting out in january of 1993, I went to the VA at FT Lyons Colorado and they diagnosed me with gout and hyperuricemia. I have had gout attacks and high uric acid levels throughout the years. Last year I did not go to the doctors even though I had two to three attacks cause at one point the VA put me on allupurinol and that made things worse. I had a gouty tophi removed from my knee in the summer of 2004. I have been to the drs twice this year for attacks. I filed a claim in March. I was in during the Gulf War. I did not go to the middle east. We loaded and unloaded the bombs from Spangdahlem in Germany. I worked in line delivery from the bomb dump. Ammo troop. I also have a DRO appeal going for my heart, left shoulder, tinnitus. I had a low heart rate while in service and left shoulder problems. I now have hypothyroidism, sinus bradycardia, but the thyroid medicine has helped bring my heart rate up above 60. My left shoulder still hurts a lot. While active duty they could not figure out what was wrong with me. In their records they have my low heart rate written down. I have had continous problems since I have been out. I am diagnose with apical hypertrophy and mitral valve regurgitation. O percent service connection so far
  5. I filed a claim in march for hyperuricemia and gout. I had a high uric acid reading in march of 90 while in the Air Force. My feet kind of hurt while I was in and I never thought much of it. Really my big toe felt like I jammed it. In april of 94 I went to the VA after getting out in January of 93 and they said I had gout and hyperuricemia. I have had continous problems with both since I have

  6. My question I guess is there anybody else out there that knows about this and have you filed a claim for it. I had shoulder problems about my third year in the Air Force. I went to the base clinic and complained about my shoulder. It did not hurt all the time but I was weak and fatigued not to mention constipated but they never made a relationship to my heart even though my heart rate at times when I was complaining was down to 52, 56 beats a minute. I got out and went to the VA hospital in fort lyons colorado and they showed on the ecg or ekg that I had sinus bradycardia. They never did an ecg on me in the service even when I got discharged or this would of showed. I seperated from active duty in January of 1993. I started going to school at KU lawrence ks in the fall of 93 and joined a reserve unit at Richard-Gebaur AFB MO. In the spring I went back to western kansas cause I wasnt feeling good and wanted to be closer to family after being in the AF for five years. I seperated from the reserve unit in dec of 93. I went to school at a juco in Garden city ks and my feet swelled up huge and hurt. I went to the va at fort lyons and thats where they diagnosed me with gout and also the sinus bradycardia. I am filing a claim on both. I currently get treatment at the kcva. I have a blood test when on active duty showing high uric acid level. I also have copies of records showing my heart rate being low. My status right now is DRO appeal on heart, shoulder and ear infections. Initial claim on gout started Feb of 2007. Heart started in Feb of 2006. I filed an initial claim when I first got to the va at the DAV office and was rated 0% in 1994. That was for deviated septum I had it operated on while in the service. I have had it operated on since then. I had never thought to appeal their decision since that time but as I have gotten older and developed problems I am scared that i will one time reach a point where I wont be able to care for myself financially. I have had several bouts where my legs and knees have swollen up on me and I have struggled through them. I have no other medical care right now but the va. They say I have gout but a couple of years ago the rheumatologist said it wasnt and might be rheumotoid arthritis. At that time both my knees were swollen up three or four times there size right now. They had me on alpurinol I think but with that my legs hurt bad and they were putting me on steroids at times but that is no good. I have gone to the health food store and when my feet, ankles, or knees start to hurt or swell I take some joint medicane and heart medicane not medicane but health food supplements from the health food store and msm gloucosamene. This has helped me. I still have the problem but this is my way to keep it under control. The heart is another story I went for a physical in 2003 for an environmental job we had to wear a gas mask. They took a ecg and said I had a heart attack. I thought they were full of something and anyway I ended up going to the VA. They confirmed that I had Cardiomyopathy, mitral valve regurgitation and sinus bradycardia. They sent me to KU Medical center and did a cardiac MRI. I guess my question is do I have a chance of winning my claim?