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  1. Our body has a tendency to become accustomed to medications so that we have to notify the doctor if a medication is not working as well as it should but do not increase the dosage without the doctor's approval. Secondly our body changes so you may need another type of meds or a change in the dosage. I suffer with PN in my upper extremities worse than my lower because the VA rates my dominant arm higher than my left arm but they only add up to 50% together. Your heart surgery was apparently successful so it would not equal 100% either by itself.
  2. It is good and sometimes recommended by the VA to have a C&P outside of the VA. I have had the VAMC doctor during a hearing test to make two math mistakes. The VA claimed that I missed an appointment with another hearing exam when I did not. Missing an appointment is not good unless one has a very good reason such as moving out of town and in transient. Nurse Practitioners can be qualified in certain areas but one will never know unless one reads the NP's school records. The VA accepts their opinion and they are trying to cut the cost and maybe appear fair.
  3. First it is almost impossible to get a back date when we did not disagree or file an NOD only after a claim was filed. A military psychiatrist hand wrote a three page analysis about my mental status and requested that the military to discharge me. I have never had the time to read anything more than let me out in 1970. The CO refused and instead falsely claimed that I went AWOL every week for a year then he had me arrested. The psychiatrist wrote another request for the military to release me in 71 and I was after a Court Martial with a General Discharge that included all benefits. My PTSD was denied in 2009 but granted after an appeal in 2019. My effective was 2009 but I complained of how the VAMC doctors have diagnosed and treated me since 1972 and 2000-18. It is a fight but do not quit.
  4. I agree that claims should not affect upon appeal claims still pending and I wish anyone well but I filed for pain in my lower spine in 1990. My claim was denied after I submitted the day the x-ray diagnosed me with a Degenerative condition. I refiled the claim in 2008 after a 2005 x-ray at a VAMC and after a 2007 MRI at another VAMC. My conditioned had worsened causing Sciatica in both feet and other neurological conditions from the Nerve Compression in my neck. I filed a new claim again in 2019 because the VA had not made a decision about my spine or the TDIU until December 2019. Now in 2020 the VA is addressing my TDIU and other conditions that I filed in 2012. My back and hips were filed first and then second prior to the other conditions so it was easier for the VA to relate the second and other conditions to my spine. It may be possible to relate the knee and hip to the back but it may be more difficult. Good luck.
  5. The IBS is not in any way related to nor can be related to a AS condition. I know that working supports our family but I had to quit after I increased my education to make certain that I would or could do sedentary work management. AS just as many Rheumatic conditions only worsen the older we get and especially the longer we are physically active. I filed for TDIU because I had 90% and that increased my rating to 100%. Then I added SSDI twenty years ago as I am now 72 years old and I began to take better care of myself. Good Luck.
  6. You were told if I am correct to send some forms to your doctor to give an opinion except you admit that you did not follow through. We cannot tell if you have been rated for any disability(ies). It sounds as if you are attempting to file that you cannot work (IU) or what. I would wait hiring an attorney and ask more questions and ascertain more information first.
  7. In 2012 the Department of Education granted my T&P Disability Claim. I notified the VA. In 2014 the VA sent me a letter to inform me that had attempted to receive a response from the SSA of my SSDI in August deliberately waiting until August when the SSA had reclassified me at 67 as retired. Fortunately I had a copy of the SSA/SSDI letter dated 2012. All of this was for my TDIU claim. I notified Congress and they confirmed that the VA had received a 2012 SSA of my SSDI status. Now 2019 came and has gone and the VA still is telling me that my TDIU claim is still pending even though the VA has granted only my 100% mental and not my 90% physical rating as preventing me from working. The most recent 2020 VA documents does not list the SSA/SSDI letter. I am hiring an attorney because my patience has run out.
  8. Revision does mean the same surgery performed again. There have been some unsuccessful total prosthetics made by two to three manufacturers causing for Americans to have to have the prosthetic's removed which is not the fault of the patient. The veteran should be able to request for the VA to pay him or her the 100% again because the regulation does not state that if the surgery is not successful then the veteran should suffer the consequences. I would fight as far or high as the VA or court allows for 100%.
  9. While I was in the military I repeatedly visited the medical clinic for aggravated pain caused by working and the doctors gave me medications. I took so many medications that I suffered two hear murmurs. They stopped and my heart got better then I complained of pain so they started me back on medications until I was discharged early a year later. The contractors are a joke just to give the VA time to read our claims.
  10. First by you having your previous company to write that you were terminated or laid off was very good of them since they knew that you are a disabled veteran. I agree that you should present a copy of the letter as it is even though adding why would help; such as because your back or pain in your back is interfering with your ability to perform the job as you are missing work. As indicated previously that you need to file for a TDIU and if you have not filed for SSDI then it would help to increase your income. and I I do not trust the VA because I was turned down for my back claim less than after discharge and I did not receive a dime until my third try in 2008. Get one of the VFW, DAV or others first before you waste your money on an attorney. This business here is better too. File for your claim now as the VA will schedule the exam or re-exam when they get ready whether you ask or not. Don't wait.
  11. I agree with everyone except I read that we could receive only twelve months of 100% temporary benefits then it will reduce down to 50% regardless of how well things turn out because especially with fusion, one will be limited in bending. Fusion in L5-S1 is the worse there can be as it is the connection between the vertebrae and the sacrum especially if caused by an injury. If there are no other worsening cases with your other issues then nothing will change.
  12. Just in case if anyone is interested, the medical professionals have finally gotten the FDA ? to authorized artificial disc replacement(s). I read about and saw one surgery on the television show "The doctors tv show this month. It looks better than some alternatives in case anyone is interested. My disc in L5-S1 is bulging on an exit nerve. Thanks. CEW
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. The ROM is my biggest problem. I went an examiner for her to take measurements, except I cannot stand on my own without assistance (wheelchair, walker or rollator). As far as my w/c I cannot let go of the armrest or stand up erect. The nerve compression in my neck has caused an imbalance issue.
  14. I was diagnosed with a degenerative condition in 1990. In 2007 the VAMC's MRI diagnosed me with a DDD or IVDS in my thoracolumbar spine with Sciatica in 2008. In 2014 I was diagnosed with IVDS cervical spinal stenosis all of the way into my upper thoracic spine at T1. I suffer with peripheral neuropathy or radiating pain in both hands and in 2015 my private doctors indicated that I have loss my balance (imbalance) because of the cervical nerve compressions. I am having a difficult time rating my lower back as 5237-5243 and do the Sciatica separately and the cervical Spinal Stenosis separately with the nerve issues separately, or what? I have found a rating under nerves for my imbalance, because I cannot stand erect on my own unsupported to be measured. I have been classified unable to work by the SSA in 2001 and the VA retrieved that information in 2015. I asked for a TDIU this year again. I am looking at higher than 100% for my entire back injury after two helicopter crashes. Am I ridiculous?
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